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Coatings for Swimming Pools:

The company Strohbeck GmbH from Kernen-Stetten/Germany is specified on complex surface protection for different industries. Whether renovation or new coating for storage tanks of steel or concrete, industrial floors or swimming pools Concrete protection systems for swimming pools have to fulfill special requirements. Firstly, they build a reliable barrier and protect the concrete from humidity. Moreover, resistances against constantly elevated water temperatures and chlorine influences are demanded. A smooth surface and esthetic appeal are important aspects as well. Application of the prim ...


Elanix Biotechnologies AG has placed 301,763 shares of the current cash capital increase and is negotiating further financing opportunities

THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS RELEASE IS NOT TO BE PUBLISHED OR FORWARDED The Management Board of Elanix Biotechnologies AG ("the Company") announces the completion of the capital increase as resolved on July 24, 2018. Totally 301,763 shares were placed at a subscription price of EUR 2.75 resulting in gross proceeds of EUR 829,848. Thus, the full capital increase potential could not be used due to the share price development over the last weeks and due to rather unfavorable timing for capital increases during summer months. As a result of the cash capital increase, the share capi ...


ibidi Product News: Combining High Resolution With High Throughput

Lab automatization and high throughput screening are being raised to the next level with ibidi?s latest labware development, the This novel microtiter plate combines automated cell cultivation with high-resolution microscopy. The flat, thin polymer coverslip bottom allows for excellent cell adhesion onto the tissue culture-treated surface. For the highest quality images, the optical properties of the polymer bottom are comparable to those of glass. The innovative With a 50 -Plate 384 Well Clear in their own experiments can request free samples at ibidi.com. ...


Over 600 Partnering discussions at the first European Chemistry Partnering Summer Summit

br /> Opening by Michael Brandkamp, High-Tech Gr Industry ratio of participants over 70 % 3rd European Chemistry Partnering to take place on 26 February 2019 The first ECP Summer Summit ended today with an international get-together at the headquarters of the consumer and industrial goods company Henkel. 250 participants from 16 nations came together to exchange ideas on innovation across many disciplines: Over 600 partnering discussions took place within six hours. 53 companies presented their innovations in 6-minute short presentations (Pitches) and 18 exhibitors took the opportunity to p ...


Get In Contact With Unblocked Games Google! True Information Shared

United States (14-09-2018) Pc-games really are some other match that you just play a computer keyboard. On the list of plethora video games readily available now either downloadable or online, some enormous sounding matches is present at the Puzzle game titles section. These matches generally contain multiple degrees each and every bit more complicated and complex in relation to the previous degree, which makes for an entirely engrossing session of game play. Puzzles such as that PC include the exceptionally straightforward jig saw puzzles to really elaborate games which carry on for days ...


11 Chemistry Start-ups from the Netherlands will attend the ECP Summer Summit

br /> Brightlands Innovation Factory is an ECP Partner and Gold Sponsor Event location: Henkel KGaA in D Partnering has started: Several hundred Speed Dating appointments anticipated The first ECP Summer Summit / European Chemistry Partnering will take place on September 25, 2018 in Dstry as well as investors. The eleven chemistry Start-ups are as diverse as chemistry itself. They cover topics that include ultra-light carbon materials, metal organic frameworks, cement that can be processed by injection molding, and the use of chicken egg membranes as raw materials for the cosmetics industry ...


Minister Andreas Pinkwart is the Patron of the ECP Summer Summit

br /> European Chemistry Partnering now twice per year Participants from 13 nations already registered. Event location: Henkel KGaA in D Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, has assumed patronage of the first ECP Summer Summit. The summer version of the European Chemistry Partnering will take place on September 25, 2018 at the consumer and industrial goods company Henkel in its capacity as the main sponsor of the event. ?The chemical industry is a pillar of prosperity and employment. This is es ...


UroTiss Europe GmbH received funding from the EU for commercialisation of its cell therapy product MukoCell®

UroTiss GmbH, a pharmaceutical company based in Dortmund, Germany has recently received a funding of ?1.84 million through the Horizon 2020 EIC SME-Instrument program. UroTiss GmbH is a member of the innovation network ??Quality Control for Medical Cell Therapy?? organised by EurA AG. Complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), UroTiss manufactures MukoCellJournal of Urology published. The company have recently received the grant funding (?1.84 million) from the EU smart investment fund Horizon 2020 EIC SME-Instrument to further commercialise MukoCellhnology are recognised from ...


Elanix Biotechnologies AG getting confirmation of Outperform Recommendation by goetzpartners securities

br /> Outperform statement following webcast presentations to investors on 7 August, 2018 Statement is based on commercial roll-out plans presented by Elanix Management Share price target indicated by goetzpartners remains at EUR 6.40 Elanix Biotechnologies AG ("Elanix") has announced today that goetzpartners securities has confirmed their outperform recommendation for Elanix with a target share price of EUR 6.40. The outperform statement is following the webcast presentations for investors hosted by the Elanix management. Quotes taken from the Flash Note by goetzpartners securiti ...


ARTES and Minapharm joint forces

ARTES Biotechnology GmbH, Germany, and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries S.A.E., Egypt, jointly announced today the formation of a new strategic business pact. Aim of this new strategic business cooperation is to jointly out-license combinations of ARTES? and Minapharm?s respective proprietary technologies and products to third parties worldwide. Both partners own and control technologies for microbial and mammalian recombinant cell lines, processes and products. The already existing and established partnership among the companies bases on a successful, long lasting business re ...


InflaRx raises another $ 63 Mio in primary shares

The NASDAQ listed company, InflaRx NV (Nasdaq: IFRX) from Jena informed the markets of a primary and secondary share placement in total of $ 117,3 Mio. $ 63 Mio. worth of shares were sold as primary shares with the proceeds going to InflaRx and $ 54 Mio. worth of shares were sold by existing shareholders as secondary shares. All selling shareholders remain invested in InflaRx. InflaRx develops therapies for the treatment of inflammation-related maladies, which target the complement system, a key component of the body InflaRx intends to use of proceeds from the capital raise to finance the furt ...


New technologies for the highly parallel optimization of cell culture processes

The EU Commission and the ?European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations? (EFPIA) will be funding another joint research project called iConsensus. The project has the aim of developing new scientific methods for the optimization of cell cultures. Cell cultures are used especially in the development and production of complex pharmaceuticals. In this way, highly effective substances can be produced in a biological manner. Environmental pollution which could be linked to chemical production processes is, for the most part, avoided completely. Within this project, m2p-labs Gmb ...



You are looking for a natural, handmade and individual product? OLIVE WOOD meet all this needs and is the perfect material especially for cutting boards Cut, slice, chop, - for this tasks every kitchen requires one or more kitchen or cutting boards. So ideally you reserve one board for bread, one for meat and sausage and one for salad and vegetables. But if you do not have enough space in your kitchen, we recommend olive wood as the ideal material for your "master" chopping board. Such a chopping board is not only a real eye-catcher in your kitchen, but also really useful. Why ? B ...


The Well Known Facts About Debt Collectors

US (29-MAY-2018)Are you currently informed when trades owed get directly to classes, they normally don't expect you will become paid off. Debts made that movement into two classes could commonly be negotiated in to a proportion of what was basically rejected. Being a means to negotiate the absolute best price that you must understand how in which the group strategy functions, your debt collector’s state of mind, and also know your own rights and also the best way to start your conversations. This alternate social gathering purchases your financial debt to acquire some of what is in fa ...


European patent granted to m2p-labs for microbioreactor device

The European Patent Office has granted a patent to m2p-labs of Baesweiler, Germany, for an innovative microbioreactor device to facilitate high-throughput bioprocess optimization in the life science market. 48 microbioreactors are placed on a standard microtiter plate which is about the size of a smart phone. This is key in order to optimize a multitude of cultivation conditions in parallel. m2p-labs is marketing this device under the trademark ?FlowerPlate?uorescence. The FlowerPlate can be combined with m2p-labs? microfluidic technology allowing for an automated optimization of complex bio o ...


ARTES successfully completed EU funded poject Plurivax

Under the titel: ?ERA-Net EuroTransBio-8: PLURIVAX, development of a virus-like-particle (VLP) based vaccine platform and stable formulation especially suited for the veterinary applications, the EU cooperation was part of the 8th EuroTransBio call and was funded in the time period from June 2014 to November 2017 by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Flanders (Belgium) agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT). For the development of vaccines for human applications it is state of the art to use virus-like particles (VLPs) as a vehicle. The use of t ...


Lahnau Akustik built the first and only seamless cooling ceiling made of expanded glass in the United Arab Emirates

The Louvre Abu Dhabi was officially opened in November 2017. Abu Dhabi, also the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, is implementing one of the most important of several planned museum projects with the Louvre Abu Dhabi. With exhibits dating from antiquity to the 21st century, the Emirate has created a cultural monument of superlatives with the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The construction of the museum is remarkable. The architectural studio of Ateliers Jean Nouvel from Paris was given the task of combining modern architecture with the tradition of the Arabian building styl ...


New possibilities for researchers - enhanced cell-based assays with microplate readers

Cell-based assays have become an important application in the life science sector, from basic to top-level research. They are widely used in biotech companies and academic research institutions to monitor cell health in real-time. As experiments with living cells require constant physiological conditions, a precise gas control is essential. Our latest Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) is now also available for the Omega series, BMG LABTECH?s budget-friendly product line. When running cell-based assays on a microplate reader, specific atmospheric and temperature conditions are required to keep cel ...


2nd European Chemistry Partnering 2018 Event Report

97 percent of all products contain of at least one chemical process step. Chemical value creation processes are changing in the face of renewable raw materials, enzymes, industrial biotechnology, new processes, products from residual materials, digitization etc. This affects purchasing logistics and manufacturing as well as sales and marketing. The European Chemistry Partnering was conceived and initiated by Dr. Holger Bengs, Managing Director of BCNP Consultants. The European Chemistry Partnering is an event format focussing on discussion about innovation along the chemical value chain. It is ...


T-Track® CMV is a Highly Sensitive Immune-Monitoring Tool for Risk Stratification of Renal Transplant Recipients

Lophius Biosciences GmbH today announced the publication of a peer-reviewed scientific paper covering the company?s CE-marked in vitro diagnostic test T-Trackinical complications. The paper was published in Transplant International1). In this prospective longitudinal multicenter study, 86 kidney transplant recipients were followed over 6 months post-transplantation. CMV-specific cell-mediated immunity was monitored using T-Tracke significantly higher in patients with a protective immunity, compared to patients requiring antiviral treatment, highlighting the potential predictive value of the as ...


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