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Tentamus facilitates Global Hemp Commerce with validated testing

The use of hemp from commercial hemp (poor in cannabinoids) is becoming increasingly popular. Hemp seeds, hemp protein powder or other processed products can be found on the market. Due to the different hemp varieties with sometimes significant amounts of anaesthetics, it is crucial to know the exact content of these substances. Tentamus offers robust analysis of hemp and hemp-based products in the USA, Europe, Asia and Israel. This global group of experts provides unparalleled knowledge and consult on different market requirements. With the support of Tentamus, clients from around the world c ...


VITROCELL® AES for toxisity testing of airborne particles

DOI:10.3791/61210 Hedwig M. Braakhuis1, Ruiwen He1,2, Rob J. Vandebriel1, Eric R. Gremmer1, Edwin Zwart1, Jolanda P. Vermeulen1, Paul Fokkens1, John Boere1, Ilse Gosens1, Flemming R. Cassee1,2 1National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) 2Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) This article provides a method for culturing and exposing the human bronchial epithelial cell line Calu-37 at the Air-liquid Interface that mimics realistic, repeated inhalation exposure conditions that can be used for toxicity testing. By applying a continuous airflow using the Automated Expos ...


Symbiotic Research Acquired AB SCIEX?S Latest in Accurate Mass Platform X500B QTOF

SRL is heavily involved in regulatory sciences C-14 metabolism studies (i.e. animal, fish, plant) and Environmental Fate (E-Fate) metabolite ID and characterization hence the need for the latest in accurate mass platforms from AB SCIEX. In addition to WATERS QTOFs and Agilent G6530 Accurate-Mass QTOF LC/MS, the X500B will enable Symbiotic Research quality team to elucidate structures of a broad mass range of compounds with optimal mass accuracies and resolution meeting or exceeding current global regulatory requirements. ?Combined with Agilent?s latest in chromatography (Agilent 1290 INFINITY- ...


Renolab can help to bring order into the biocides regulation

. With more than a decade of experience in agrochemicals and its GLP certification, Renolab can support all the needs for biocides registration analysis. The European legislation defines a biocide as a chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism. The category is very broad and now divided into 22 categories according to ECHA guidelines. Both the introduction of Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 on biocides and the COVID-19 pandemic have led to new regulatory requirements and created the perfect storm for the introduc ...


BluTest Laboratories LTD joins the Tentamus Network!

Together, BluTest Laboratories LTD (?BluTest?) and the ?BluTest is not only our first step into Scotland but immensely expands our expertise in the anti-microbials, biocidal, disinfectant, infection control and biofilm market, serving all of our key industries as a key R&D, NPD and TIC provider. Located in Glasgow, the state-of-the art facility enables us to expand our global reach, especially in virology?, emphasizes Abgar Barseyten, CEO Tentamus Group. ?It is an exceptional opportunity to grow the network and widen our joint presence well beyond what could be achieved independently?. Chr ...


Innovations In The Field Of Laboratory Autoclaves

The new, improved generation ofautoclaves In addition, the new autoclaves come with an Ethernet port as standard and optional Wi-Fi hardware to optimize updating processes, remote maintenance, and remote control of the devices via a computer network. An integrated USB port allows the automated export of documentation data in CSV or PDF format. The expanded internal memory also allows storage of up to 10 years of documentation data, eliminating the need for separate documentation and archiving programs. The integrated documentation function is also interesting from a regulatory point of view, b ...


Sartorius Foam Transmitter

Developed in cooperation with Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, Sartorius has launched BioPAT A good deal of current pharmaceutical production relies on cell cultures with single-use systems increasingly becoming the preferred manufacturing solution. Cell cultures usually require constant stirring and gas feeding, which in the presence of proteins, leads to the formation of foam inside the bioreactor. Although foam formation is not a problem for the cells, if the foam level is too high, it can clog the outgas filter. Current systems for monitoring foam formation require direct access to the ...


Minerva scientific expands its honey adulteration testing capabilities

Honey has been reported as one of the top 10 most adulterated food commodities. It is a diverse natural product sourced globally and traded internationally and, as a high-value commodity, it may be targeted by fraudsters who extend the product for commercial gains using cheaper sugar syrups. Minerva Scientific, the UKs leading honey testing laboratory, works closely with major importers, packers, and bee farmers to ensure the quality of honey in the marketplace. Currently, the only officially approved test available for checking honey for sugar syrup addition is the ?C4 sugar? test using C13 E ...


BioEcho erhält CE-IVD Zertifizierung für ihre SARS-CoV-2 RNA Extraktions-Kits

Die EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kits des K ?Die CE-IVD Markierung unserer viralen DNA- und RNA- Extraktionskits ist nicht nur eine offizielle Best In der aktuellen Situation ist das CE-Zeichen besonders wichtig, da die Validierungsprozesse in den diagnostischen Laboratorien zeitaufw EchoLUTION RNA-Extraktionsmethode beschleunigt SARS-CoV-2 PCR-Tests Das EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit erm BioEcho hat eine flexible Arbeitsumgebung einschlie Die Produkte sind in Deutschland BioEcho Life Sciences ist ein innovatives Unternehmen, das 2016 in Deutschland von einem Expertenteam aus ...


BioEcho receives CE-IVD mark approval for SARS-CoV-2 RNA extraction kit

BioEcho Life Sciences announces that the company has recently received CE-mark approval for their EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit product line, which has been classified as a medical device Class A IVD in the European Union. To obtain this certification the products have to comply with the regulation 2017/746 of the European Parliament and of the Council from April 2017 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR). "Receiving the CE-IVD mark for our viral RNA and DNA extraction kit does not only officially substantiate our internally set quality standards but also facilitates the globa ...


Long-term sample storage service at EPL Bio Analytical Services - EPA-GLP care and 24/7 monitoring

As of February 2021, EPL Bio Analytical Services expanded its capabilities by introducing a long-term sample storage service to local and global Ag industry clients. EPL has provided EPA-GLP and Non-GLP high quality analytical services to the Agrochemicals, Ag-Biotechnology, Crop Protection, Seed, Food and Feed industries for over 30 years. With that level of experience, EPL truly understand the importance of a safe and reliable long-term sample storage program for its clients. ?We store any type of plant based samples such as plant tissues, sample extracts, purified DNA, protein, and much mor ...


faCellitate strengthens its international distribution network

faCellitate, a venture team of Chemovator GmbH, the internal business incubator of BASF, and a specialist in the development of polymeric surface coatings for cell culture consumables, announced today their first distribution agreements. ?Fueled by the positive customer feedback on our first product line ? BIOFLOAT, we quickly identified best-in-class partners to increase our global reach?, explains Dr. Veronique Schwartz, team leader of faCellitate. ?Therefore, we are proud to have entered into a distribution agreement with Swift Analytical for the British cell biology and pharmaceutical mark ...


L.A.B. introduces in its multi-residue analysis the active ingredient Karanjin

L.A.B. | Laboratorio Anal Karanjin is a type of flavonoid obtained from the seeds of the karanja tree (Millettia pinnata or Pongamia glabra Vent.), a tree that grows wild in southern India, and has insecticidal functions. Regarding its legal status, the active substance is currently not registered as a pesticide in the EU. Therefore, that the application of a default MRL of 0.01 mg/kg, as set out in Article 18 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005, would not legally apply. The legal assessment of the active substance in organic farming also raised questions, since, for example, the use of plant extra ...


Mitsubishi Chemical Merges Group Companies in Germany under Mitsubishi Chemical Europe

On 31 March 2021 Mitsubishi Chemical has finalized the merger of group companies in Germany under Mitsubishi Chemical Europe. The merger strives to create innovative and sustainable solutions for its customers and the realization of cross-business synergies. This regional integration is part of a global Mitsubishi Chemical initiative that is also occurring simultaneously today in the UK and the US. The new company offers an extensive portfolio of innovative and sustainable solutions. Among others it includes carbon fiber and composites, polyester films, aluminum and metal composite sheets, alu ...


Thiamethoxam banned for use in the UK

Thiamethoxam, a neonicotinoid pesticide, was banned for use by both the UK and the EU back in 2018 due to the adverse effects on bee populations and other pollinators. In recent years it had been approved in the UK for emergency use due to the presence of yellow virus. Growers of sugar beet in particular were seeing much lower yields of crop due to the presence of yellow virus and as such the substance was given emergency approval for use, this approval has now been revoked ? which means thiamethoxam once again ends up on the list of banned pesticides and is no longer authorised for use in the ...


Precison Analysis NW LTD joins the Tentamus Network!

Together, Precision Analysis NW Ltd (Precision) and the ?Precision widens the northern UK expansion in the food and environmental testing market. Located in Liverpool, the state-of-the art facility enables the optimal proximity and service to our customers?, emphasizes Abgar Barseyten, CEO Tentamus Group. ?It is an exceptional opportunity to grow the network and widen our joint presence well beyond what could be achieved independently?. Mike Hope, CEO and founder of Precision adds: ?it was our goal to win an international strategic partner who follows a similar entrepreneurial spirit as we do. ...


MIKROGEN Acquires Lophius Biosciences To Expand Into T Cell-Based Testing Market

Mikrogen GmbH today announced that it has acquired the assets & technologies of Lophius Biosciences GmbH. Combining Mikrogen?s expertise in diagnostics and automation with Lophius? technology for pathogen-specific immune stimulation will enable novel diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases and complement the Mikrogen portfolio. Mikrogen will expand operations by taking over the entire Lophius team and Lophius? laboratories in BioPark Regensburg. In the future, the Lophius-developed in vitro diagnostic kit T-Trackeatment decisions. In addition, Mikrogen will pursue Lophius? development ...


New test to detect COVID-19 in the air

As of today, Laboratorio Contol provides a new analysis (PCR) to detect SARS-CoV-2 in air samples to all its customers. This service is a powerful tool for the early detection of possible outbreaks of COVID-19 in the population. The laboratory started its research when the WHO (World Health Organization) updated the latest findings on infectious pathways with SARS-CoV-2 in July 2020. Through its infection prevention unit coordinator, Benedetta Allegranzi, the WHO acknowledges evidence that the coronavirus remains airborne. These infectious agents are transmitted in particular through airborne ...


The NEWµ-Slide 8 Well high: Our Most Popular Product Now With Advanced Features

. ibidi?s top-selling, all-in-one 8 Well chamber slide now has extra high, individual walls to keep cross contamination between wells as low as possible when performing high-resolution, cost-effective cell culture experiments. With its thinand DIC. For scientists who perform special microscopic applications, such as TIRF and super-resolution microscopy, ibidi has created the The entire ments can request free samples at ibidi.com. ...


The New VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha MAX

The VITROCELL2- and 24-well). Its functionality enables fully automated processes with an all-in-one control unit. Everyday experiments at the air/liquid interface have never been easier. The new Cloud The Cloud system is suitable for nebulization of solutions and Exposure at the Air?/?Liquid Interface In response to the scientific need to expose in physiologically relevant conditions, the VITROCELLubstances with the culture media. Cell systems cultivated on membrane inserts are exposed at the Air/Liquid Interface (ALI) so that the test substances are received directly. This approach allows f ...


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