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Phoenix America''s R2 series absolute rotary position sensors suit heavy duty position feedback tasks

R2 series absolute angle sensors from Phoenix America provide accurate and environmentally robust 12-bit resolution position measurement with standard or user-specified output curves from 60? to 360? total range. Available in a choice of analogue or PWM output versions, this sensor?s completely non-contacting Hall effect design - comprising a compact reinforced nylon sensor housing and a separate magnetic position marker - offers exceptional durability and a practically limitless working life with operational temperatures from -40 to +125? C. Especially cost-competitive for larger volume OEM a ...


Börsig is the official distributor of C&K Switches

C&K offers a wide range of pushbuttons, rocker, toggle and rotary switches for a variety of applications. The high quality switches are recognized by electronic design engineers around the world, and almost a century after its foundation in 1928, C&K is still one of the best known and most trusted names in the E-Mech switch industry. The electronic distributor B C&K''s products are used in the automotive, industrial, medical and consumer goods sectors, among others. More than 55,000 standard products and 8.5 million switch combinations are available for electronic product ...


Dymax® Oligomers&Coatings Introduces New MechT E35A for ESD 3D Resins

Dymax Oligomers and Coatings, a division of Dymax, and Mechnano unveil MechT E35A, a stable dispersion of MechT discrete functionalized carbon nanotubes in Dymax?s urethane dimethacrylate (UDMA), BR-952. MechT E35A can be used in rigid, high tensile strength SLA, DLP, or jettable 3D printing resins to provide conductivity and decreased surface resistivity to the printed part. When compared to FDM-printed ESD parts, ESD resins produced with MechT E35A can achieve fully isotropic conductivity with high resolution and isotropic mechanical properties. MechT E35A is capable of achieving 104-109 ?/s ...


Plastic components with longer service life

23 percent of global energy consumption can be attributed to friction losses. Components with reduced friction therefore represent an important contribution to conserving resources and achieving climate protection targets. In the case of plastics, reduced friction can also reduce microplastics in the environment. With the development of microcapsules filled with liquid lubricants for plastics, the Potsdam Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP and the Plastics Center SKZ in W Whether it''s sliding doors, laminate, plastic gears or other moving components ? there is a v ...


Cool the tool? efficent cutting tool solutions

One of the main tasks in metal cutting is to extract the enormous heat in the cutting zone efficiently. This is quite a challenge, especially in turning work where there is continuous contact between the cutting edge and the workpiece. If process parameters cannot be sacrificed for the sake of productivity, there is only one solution: cool, cool, cool. The catchphrase with many external coolant supply systems is: ?A lot goes a long way.? But there are also smarter and more refined solutions. One of them uses state-of-the-art production processes and is so innovative that it also convinced the ...


Ecodesign: Lightweight, stable and resource-saving - this is how design and production benefit from digital simulation of the glass molding process

Gerresheimer has set itself the goal of applying sustainability criteria to 100 percent of new product developments by 2023. Eco-design means that sustainability aspects are included in the development of a product right from the start. For example, glass simulation helps to achieve perfect, uniform glass distribution. It can improve strength and contribute to weight reduction and the avoidance of rejects. The innovative simulation software used by Gerresheimer for this purpose tunes the production parameters based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics or numerical flow mechanics). In this way, ...


Compact system for liquid color dosing in plastic injection molding

One of the many advantages of using liquid color is homogeneous coloring even with small dosing quantities. However, if the component is very small, the delivery limit of conventional available metering systems may be undercut. HNP Mikrosysteme, Schwerin, Germany, has recently launched the colorDoS In addition to the option of small-volume dosing, the compact design enables another special feature: the dosing system is mounted above the injection molding machine directly in the feed area of the screw and can be easily integrated into existing machines. As a result, the colorDoS The resource-sa ...


Say goodbye to product degradation!

The temperature control of viscous liquids or melts in continuous processes is a challenge. The viscosity, which varies greatly depending on the temperature, favors an uneven flow. Consequently, this may lead to deposits, product degradation, reduced heat transfer and, in extreme cases, blockages of the heat exchanger. The P1 cooling mixer from Promix Solutions AG offers the answer to this challenging task and can do even more. Thanks to its unique design, it prevents product degradation deriving from long residence times and avoids deposits or temperature peaks in the temperature control proc ...


Variohm EuroSensor''s comprehensive range of piezo resistive pressure transducers

As a designer and manufacturer of measurement sensor components and a distribution partner for other leading sensor suppliers, Variohm EuroSensor offers a comprehensive range of pressure transducers that find widespread use for measurement and monitoring tasks in industrial machinery, medical equipment, science and research projects, automotive engineering and test, and many other areas. Pressure transducers, also known as pressure sensors or pressure transmitters, accurately sense pressure in gases and liquids and output the value as an analogue or digital signal in real time. The pressure, m ...


New Vertical Positioning System with High Dynamics, Large Travel Range, and Weight Force Compensation

From genome sequencing through multiphoton fluorescence microscopy, deep tissue inspection, laser materials processing, and wafer inspection to magnetic tweezers in research ? vertical positioning systems with large travel range, high dynamics and precision are required in numerous applications in microscopy and industry. With the new V?308 voice coil PIFOC, PI now offers a magnetic direct drive based solution that unites all these requirements. The core element of the V-308 PIFOC is a single axis slider with high-precision lateral crossed roller guides placed on the base body. The slider is d ...


Always adhere to tolerances during machining thanks to white-light interferometry

Tools used in machining are expensive, and therefore need to be optimally utilized to achieve a high degree of profitability and all that without endangering the workpiece. It is also critical to monitor the tool wear, especially when machining workpieces made of gray cast iron or highly heat-resistant cast steel. With the NetGAGE3D product range, ISRA VISION ? the world?s leading provider of surface inspection systems ? offers a precise white-light interferometer that enables the accurate monitoring of machining processes in manufacturing. The reliable and non-destructive inspection of workpi ...


Vacuum ensures safe storage of Corona vaccine

Vaccination is currently a major topic worldwide. Only widespread vaccination against COVID-19 seems to make a return to normal life possible. Production of the vaccine is therefore running at full speed. The liquid vaccine is filled into small glass bottles. These are produced with the help of vacuum. To guarantee the full effectiveness of the vaccine, the choice of the right glass container is crucial. Only borosilicate glass has all the necessary characteristics. This special glass is highly resistant to chemicals and particularly to external heat, which is crucial for storing the vaccine. ...


ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH - RS POWDERTECH powder coating machines Trim d.o.o. Serbia? our agent in the Balkan region

Trim d.o.o. is a leading company in Serbia and offers solutions for each individual operation for the wire and cable and the pipe industry as well as complete turnkey solutions. Furthermore Trim d.o.o. offers a wide range of equipment for industrial marking and inspection of products in the food and beverage industry as well as measuring and testing equipment for the wire and cable industry, pipe industry, metallurgy, railway and auto industry. In one place you can find a complete service and innovative solutions to improve your business. Our agent for RS POWDERTECH powder coating machines inc ...


Stable process and improved surface finish thanks to vibration-damped boring bars

Quality and efficiency in the machining process are measured using an extremely wide range of parameters. Naturally, surface quality and process security are among them. The new vibration-damped boring bars by Team Cutting Tools from the CERATIZIT Group ensure that these criteria are met. These boring bars reliably reduce vibrations and, together with the flexibility of the brand-new exchangeable head system, guarantee top quality at a low price. Uncontrolled vibrations have resulted in the demise of many an expensive workpiece and reduced efficiency for the machine operator. But long tool ove ...


Food contact materials: Expert webinars by TÜV Rheinland

Before food is consumed, it has often been in contact with many different materials and articles, for example with packaging, kitchenware and household goods, food electrical appliances and food and packaging processing lines. Those materials and articles need to be developed and manufactured in a responsible way so that they do not release hazardous substances into the final food. Newly developed sustainable materials are more and more used in food contact materials (FCM) with a limited understanding of their compliance status and safety behavior with regards to migration into the food. The r ...


Modular Sigma 05 Sensor Platform with Interchangeable Sensing Probes

The Sigma 05 acts as a sensor hub for E+E Elektronik?s intelligent Modbus probes. It makes it easy to set up a modular sensor platform with up to three probes and five measurands. The Sigma 05 supports E+E sensing probes for CO2, humidity, temperature, ambient pressure and air velocity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Plug-and-Play Sensor Platform with Automatic Probe Discovery The Sigma 05 can centrally manage up to three sensing probes with an RS485 interface and the Modbus RTU protocol. Compatible E+E sensing probes are automatically identified by the sensor hub and are ...


CLOOS and FerRobotics offer forward-looking solutions for automated grinding

CLOOS and FerRobotics have been cooperating in the field of automated grinding technology since 2020. The first systems are already being used successfully by customers in various industries. The specialists for highly complex manufacturing solutions in welding and robot technology from Haiger in Hesse and the experts for sensitive robotic elements from Linz in Austria combine their core competences. As partners at eye level, they offer the best of both worlds in one complete package: While CLOOS contributes its robot and system engineering know-how to the joint projects, FerRobotics contribut ...


Short-pulse testing for temperature-sensitive, high-power LEDs

Spectroradiometers with minimum measurement times in the micro-second range and precise triggering are required for conducting short-pulse measurements. For this purpose, Instrument Systems developed the new CAS 125 spectroradiometer with CMOS sensor and specially tailored readout electronics. This enables significantly more precise characterization of high-current-density LEDs, high-power LEDs with reduced heat-dissipation capability, or high luminance LEDs in development and production. Newer applications in the fields of automotive lighting and machine vision rely on state-of-the-art LEDs t ...


New flange monoblock with shut-off valve

WIKA''s new monoblock with flange connection has been designed for applications in the process industry. The compact design integrates a shut-off valve to separate the process from the instrument side. The one-piece construction and the double sealing (metal and plastic), tested in accordance with BS6755 / ISO 5208 leakage rate A, give the compact instrument the greatest possible safety. Its high-quality manufacture ensures smooth handling, even at high process pressures. The model IBF1 can be fitted with either a ball valve or needle valve. The new instrumentation valve complements ...


Bizerba 2021 once again awarded as Top Supplier Retail - for the installation of its Smart Shelf solution at BILLA MERKUR Austria

At the reta awards 2021, Bizerba was again awarded the coveted Top Supplier Retail 2021 seal by the EHI Retail Institute. This year?s reta award went to the REWE Group subsidiary BILLA MERKUR Austria for its use of the Smart Shelf solution from Bizerba in MERKUR bakery shops. The networked Smart Shelf solution offered by Bizerba enables completely new applications for efficient inventory management of shelves. From the back office, shelves can be managed, processes automated, and sales increased at the same time. In addition, they also help to significantly reduce food waste. This is accomplis ...


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