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IDS NXT ocean makes it easy to get started with AI-based image processing

IDS NXT ocean is an all-in-one solution that makes it particularly easy for users to get started with AI-based image processing. From camera hardware including a self-developed AI core to intuitive training software for creating individual artificial neural networks and support, everything comes from a single source. This is unique in the image processing market. Users only need their application expertise and sample images to create a neural network. With the help of the IDS NXT lighthouse cloud software, even non-experts without prior knowledge of artificial intelligence or camera programmin ...


Cost-Effective Interferometers for Fiber Assemblies

With the new DAFFI series, DataPixel expanded its product range by three low-cost fiber and connector interferometers. The three instruments in this series are so robust that they provide fast, reliable measurements in all installation and laboratory environments. Each model is designed to meet the requirements of a specific connector family. With the DAFFI SF, the dimensions of single fiber connectors and individual fibers can be measured without contact. DAFFI MT instruments are used for multi-channel connectors. The MT12 is specially designed for MPO connectors with rows of 12 fibers, and t ...


Changing the recycling of plastic

In May 2019, an amendment to the Basal Convention concerning regulations on the transporting and treatment of toxic waste across national borders was passed by an agreement among about 180 countries. The main point of the agreement was to include exporting and importing of plastic waste in the scope of the regulations. It drew a great deal of attention because the responsibility of developed countries, which relied on third countries in the treatment of plastic waste, was made clear. Reduction of plastic waste is a pressing issue for the entire human race. Hamamatsu infrared image sensors will ...


Edmund Optics® Features New Products Including Near-Infrared (NIR) Precision Aspheric Lenses and TECHSPEC® LS Series Line Scan Lenses

Edmund Optics (EO),Near-Infrared (NIR) Precision Aspheric Lenses and TECHSPEC LS Series Line Scan Lenses. The Near-Infrared (NIR) Precision Aspheric Lenses are designed and optimized to eliminate spherical aberration. These aspheres are polished through a computer numerical controlled (CNC) process for high-precision performance across the NIR spectrum. Near-Infrared (NIR) Precision Aspheric Lenses are either available with low numerical aperture designs in order to maintain beam shape or with high numerical aperture designs for applications that require light-gathering. Edmund Optics? TECHSPE ...


Turbidity sensor with improved design

Thanks to design and productional optimisations, the turbidity sensor EXspect 271 can now be used up to a process pressure of 16 bar (235psi). The EXspect 271 from the company EXNER is an NIR backscatter sensor for measuring turbidity. The sensor is distinguished not only by its cost-effectiveness, but also by its compact and durable design. It is suitable for determining medium to high turbidity values in a large number of applications, especially in the field of the food and beverage industry. The cleaning and sterilisation by means of CIP and SIP procedures are of course possible. A further ...


Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a cubic, compact, lightweight image intensifier unit connectable to most camera types

By applying unique circuit and structural design technology, here at Hamamatsu Photonics we have developed cube-shaped compact, lightweight image intensifier (or I.I.) units ?C14245 series? that easily connect to most types of cameras. Mounting the camera connected to this I.I unit into inspection equipment allows low-light-level imaging such as for capturing images of micro electrical discharges from printed circuit boards caused by poor insulation and images of combustion inside engines. We start accepting orders for the C14245 series I.I. units from March 2nd (Mon), 2020. Sales are primaril ...


Solarius Deliveres 300 Millimeter Wafer Inspection to Taiwan

Already on May 21, 2019, the Solarius Group received another strategically important order from a top 3 semiconductor foundry for the optical inspection of wafers. Under the terms of the contract, Solarius Europe will supply a fully automated 300 mm wafer inspection system for the manufacture of complex wafer-based optical elements according to international hardware and automatization standards (SEMI, SECS/GEM). The inspection system was designed and provided by Solarius Europe and is installed and maintained by Solarius Asia in Taiwan. With the delivery, Solarius continues to join the semico ...


Topping-out ceremony at IDS "b39" innovation and technology centre

Only nine months after breaking ground for its "b39" Innovation and Technology Centre IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH celebrated the topping-out of the building with a ceremony of the on November 21. Around 3,500 m"The shell was completed on schedule," explains project manager Jan Hartmann with satisfaction. Work on the interior of the 23,000 m Hartmann expressed many thanks for the good cooperation and on-schedule execution to project developer Kruck und Partner, architect S-Projekt and construction firm Fritz Gauer Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG. - all from the re ...


Hamamatsu Photonics successfully produced terahertz waves at a wavelength of 450?m which is the world''s longest wavelength available from a single semiconductor laser

Hamamatsu Photonics has succeeded in producing terahertz waves at a wavelength of 450 micrometers (?m: micro or ? is one millionth) in the terahertz range which is the world''s longest wavelength available from a single semiconductor laser operating at room temperature. To achieve this breakthrough, we have developed long-wavelength mid-infrared quantum cascade laser, in which we designed the laser structure based on research and analysis results of the terahertz wave generation principle. Results from this research will be useful in applications such as quality testing and non-destr ...


Präzision Raman: Neues RM5 Raman-Mikroskop von Edinburgh Instruments

Edinburgh Instruments hat k Das RM5 ist ein kompaktes und vollautomatisches Raman-Mikroskop und eignet sich f Hamamatsu Photonics ist in Deutschland, Es baut auf dem Know-how robuster und erfahrener Bausteine auf, kombiniert mit modernen Hauptmerkmale: - Wirklich konfokal - Integrierte schmalbandige Raman-Laser - 5-Positionen Gitterturm - Integrierte Detektoren - Interne Standards und Autokalibrierung - 4-Positionen Raman-Filterrevolver - Ramacle - Hochleistungsmikroskop Roger Fenske, CEO von Edinburgh Instruments, sagt: "Das ist Pr Edinburgh Instruments Mehr Informationen bez ...


Latest addition to the product range: Industrial cameras with 20 MP Sony sensor

When the smallest details are important for applications, high-resolution images with particularly low noise are required. Both are features that make the Sony IMX183 20 MP sensor stand out. IDS now offers this sensor in the uEye CP camera family with USB3 Vision interface. The new models are well-suited for challenging image evaluations and are also extremely compact thanks to their dimensions of only 29 x 29 x 29 millilitres. The rolling shutter sensor from the Sony STARVIS series delivers fast 19.5 fps and, thanks to BSI technology ("back-side-illumination"), ensures outstanding i ...


Edmund Optics® presents this years Educational Award winners

Edmund Opticsprofit colleges and universities worldwide. The EO Educational Award Team evaluated hundreds of applications to select 30 global finalists. In total more than 35.000 Euro in EO products will be awarded to the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners in the Americas and Europe to support their research. The remaining finalists will all receive a 250 Euro product award. Additionally, the recipient of the Norman Edmund Inspiration Award, which best embodies the legacy of Edmund Optics? founder, Norman Edmund, is chosen from the 20 global finalists and will recieve an additional 5.000$ in EO ...


Retractable probe housings are shaping the operation of measuring points to be safer and more economical

By using retractable probe housings, for example in pH measurement technology, the Retractable probe housings offer plant operators many advantages compared to traditional, fixed measuring points. When used correctly, they can significantly reduce the maintenance work at the measuring point in pH measurement technology, for example, extend the lifespan of the sensors used and increase the reliability and availability of the measurement value. Here, the retractable probe housing separates the pH sensor from the active process fully automatically and moves it into a separated rinse chamber where ...


Edmund Optics® Features New Products Including TECHSPEC® Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses and TECHSPEC® Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors

Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, continuously expands its product offering to reflect market developments and customer needs. New products are added each month to better serve the industry. This release features details about the recent additions including TECHSPEC Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses and TECHSPEC. The new Edmund Optics TECHSPEC Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses are used to focus laser light from Nd:YAG lasers and other laser sources in the wavelength range between 500 and 1100 nm. These focusing lenses are manufactured from N-BK7 glass and are mounted in a ...


Custom Quartz Glass Lenses

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures high-quality custom quartz glass lenses within a very short time. At the production site in Olching, substrates with diameters from 0.5 to 2 inches can be shaped into plano-convex, plano-concave, biconvex, biconcave, and meniscus lenses with radii of curvature from 12 mm to 15,000 mm. After grinding, all lenses are given a fine polish. LASER COMPONENTS guarantees its customers a surface accuracy of ?/10. Each individual optic undergoes an interferometric check at outgoing goods inspection. At the customer''s request, LASER COMPONENTS creates a measuremen ...


Laser Focus World Honors LASER COMPONENTS, USA with Awards for Innovation

LASER COMPONENTS, USA, Inc. well known fors criteria that includes impact on designers, systems integrators, and users. In addition, the award panel also decide if the submission will fill new market needs, leveraging of a novel technology, or increases productivity. This year, ALBALUX, white light module, first introduced this year at Photonics West, was givenm our renowned product?, stated Huyen Vu, sales director for Laser Optics, Diodes and Modules. Industries such as medical and industrial endoscopy, spectroscopic diagnostics, defense, and law enforcement to name a few, all benefit from t ...


Characterization of laser diodes, VCSELs, and displays for time-of-flight and AR/VR applications

As a participant at the German Pavilion at Photonics West / USA, Instrument Systems will be presenting its premium-class spectroradiometers and combined measurement solutions, complemented by absolutely calibrated cameras. Since a clearly defined error budget of the measurement system is required, in particular for eye safety assessment in the measurement of lasers, e.g. VCSELs, Instrument Systems offers absolutely calibrated measuring instruments with traceability to the PTB. Systems consisting of integrating spheres, connected photodiodes and spectroradiometers can perform spectral and perfo ...


New CEO in Scandinavia

On November 1st, Fredrik Wikfeldt took over as CEO of LASER COMPONENTS Nordic AB. He holds a master?s degree in engineering physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and brings more than twenty years of sales and management expertise in the electronics and manufacturing industry as well as a deep technical knowledge of industrial image processing and measurement technologies. Before joining LASER COMPONENTS Nordic AB, he held positions of Product Manager, Sales Manager, and Chief Operating Officer for local and international companies such as Stemmer Imaging and Carl Zeiss. ? ...


Opportunities and Challenges in Detector Technology

What are the biggest challenges in the mass production of detectors for IR spectrometers? Johannes Kunsch will address this question in his keynote speech at the 7th European AnalytiX Conference in Berlin. As long-time head of the IR components division at LASER COMPONENTS (which manufactures detectors), he is not only familiar with the promising possibilities offered by the near and medium infrared spectrum for spectroscopy but with the practical problems that have prevented the use of these technologies in the mass market as well. Johannes Kunsch is certain: ?As part of the move toward minia ...


Edmund Optics® wins inspect Award for the 4th year in a row ? 3rd place for new CA lens series

Edmund Optics (EO), leading global manufacturer and distributor of precision optics, optical assemblies and imaging components, has once again won the inspect Award. This acknowledgement is awarded by the imaging and machine vision magazine inspect from the publishing house Wiley on a yearly basis. After selecting the most innovative products amongst the applications, readers have to choose between the shortlisted products and select the product they find most trend-setting and treasure most. This year Edmund Optics applied with their new CA lens series designed for the new APS-C sensors by So ...


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