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Create the perfect user experience with high-end light measurement technology

At Display Week 2021, held as virtual conference from May 17 ? 21, Instrument Systems GmbH will put spotlight on applications representing the major trend in the display industry. Within its LumiTop series, Instrument Systems developed test systems with high-resolution camera and high-end spectroradiometer for unprecedented accuracy and high-speed 2D measurements. Different models are tailored to e.g. AR/VR applications, quality control, automotive applications, or production testing. Meet the complete characterization of AR/VR devices Perfect user experience for AR/VR headsets calls for exten ...


WITec Paper Award 2021 recognizes three outstanding publications

Three scientific publications have been recognized by the WITec Paper Award, an annual competition among peer-reviewed articles from the previous year that feature results acquired with a WITec microscope. The exceptional quality of the 115 submitted publications made it particularly challenging to select only three winners. The Paper Awards for 2021 go to researchers from the UK, Turkey and the USA who performed Raman imaging measurements on zebrafish embryos, meteorites and jet engine thermal barrier coatings, respectively. WITec congratulates the winners and thanks all the participants. GOL ...


Designed for World''s Biggest Eye on the Sky

Executing a contract signed in late 2017 with the European Southern Observatory, ESO, TOPTICA Projects GmbH delivers the first guide star laser system for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) that is being built by ESO in the Chilean Atacama desert. With a tight schedule for the delivery of the remaining lasers (ELT could use up to eight guide star lasers) and ?first light? for the telescope itself expected in the second half of the ?twenties?, ESO seems to lead the race for the next-generation super telescope. The guide star lasers for the adaptive optics system on the ELT are based on the las ...


Jenoptik secures new automation orders in North America

These automation orders reflect the successful execution of the new strategic global sales approach in the Light & Production division. Photonics company Jenoptik has secured new automation orders in the US and Canada in the first quarter of 2021 totaling more than 40 million USD that will help increase productivity in automotive manufacturing. The orders from Automotive Tier 1 key accounts consist of automation lines that shall produce structural assemblies for several major automotive OEMs and include cutting-edge technologies in welding, part handling and assembly. The engineering and p ...


Providing Strong Ties to the Scientific Community

LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group, Inc. has joined the prestigious Optical Sciences Center (OSC) of the University of Arizona as an Industrial Affiliate (IA) and is listed as an Associate Partner by the James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences. Shankar Baliga, senior product manager, will serve as the coordinator and contact person for the Detector Group. As a member of the Industrial Affiliate program, the Arizona based company will use its areas of expertise in strengthening its ties to one of the world?s leading institutes in optical research and education.ortunity to interact with a pool o ...


Highest Quality through Extensive Measuring Capabilities

With numerous measuring equipment, LASER COMPONENTS guarantees that the fiber optic assemblies manufactured in house meet customer requirements and fulfill its own high-quality standards. For 25 years, LASER COMPONENTS, a company from Olching near Munich, has consistently invested in the continuous expansion of its measurement capabilities: Centricity measurement.d to the fiber burning up. End face inspection.l power, even the tiniest defects can destroy a fiber. Testing the NA. as the injected beam. Stress test. ?Quality is not just a promise for LASER COMPONENTS,? says production manager Dr. ...


Jenoptik secures traffic safety equipment orders totaling over 24 million USD in North America

Jenoptik, a global photonics group, has received traffic safety equipment orders in the first quarter of 2021 totaling over 24M USD (approx. 20M euros) in the US and Canada. These help supporting Vision Zero initiatives and keeping communities safer. The orders consist of existing road safety equipment as well as Jenoptik?s latest release of the VECTOR camera platform. The new VECTOR camera platform was developed as a complementary enforcement device for the measurement of instantaneous speed detection and combined high performance ALPR/ANPR (?Automated License/Number Plate Recognition?). In l ...


Professor Hönle Award for Barbara Hopf

Dr.-Ing. Barbara Hopf, head of product development at LASER COMPONENTS, was honored with the Professor H The award, which was presented for the first time in 2021, was created by the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Mechatronics to recognize outstanding final theses in the fields of optics, lasers and photonics. Hopf received the recognition for her doctoral dissertation on "Fiber Bragg Grating-based Multi-Parameter Measurement in High-Power Generators." Barbara Hopf had already specialized in the field of fiber technology during her engineering studies at the University of Applied Sc ...


DOE Range of FLEXPOINT® Modules Expanded

LASER COMPONENTS has expanded the range of DOE pattern generators for its FLEXPOINTthe line patterns, versions with three, as well as eighty-one, lines have been added. Complementing the range of classic red lasers, a larger selection of IR wavelengths and green and blue light is now also available. DOE pattern generators are primarily used in industrial image processing, as positioning aids, and in medical applications. They can be integrated into all standard FLEXPOINT Further product information: Pattern Generators for FLEXPOINT Manufacturer: Laser Components GmbH / Laser Modules ...


NEW! B+W Basic Filter Line

Schneider-Kreuznach is expanding its B+W Filter range with the new Basic filter line and starting it with circular polarizing filters, which are now available. The filters of the Basic line feature a revised rotating ring with an optimized design for better grip, which makes it easier to align polarizing filters. The filter mounts are made of solid brass and have a special functional finish for smooth mounting and dismounting. All circular polarizing filters of the new filter line are provided with the proven MRC coating with 16x layer and thus enable high-contrast and color-neutral images. Th ...


High-tech camera products for the infrared range - Laser 2000 cooperates with Xenics

The Xenics product range based on InGaAs (Indium gallium arsenide) revolutionizes short-wave infrared spectroscopy and industrial image processing Thanks to this portfolio expansion, Laser 2000 can now offer its customers high-end sensors and cameras with high image quality for a wide range of applications. The Belgian company Xenics was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of the IMEC research center in Leuven. Today, the manufacturer is one of the leading suppliers of InGaAs based infrared imaging products for the vision market. The products are used to scientific research, transportation, process ...


Mount Optics Effectively with Minimal Cost

Edmund Opticssuch as educational use, optical table prototyping, and system integration. Their price point makes them cost effective without sacrificing quality. They offer a compact form factor, tip and tilt adjustment and alignment, and smooth movement. The E-Series Mounts can be used to hold optics with diameters of 0,5? (12,5 mm), 1,0? (25 mm), 2,0? (50 mm), 3,0? (75 mm), or 4,0? (100 mm). Here you get to a video describing the advantages, usage and functionality of the E-Series Kinematic Optical Mirror Mounts and get tips how to best use them, or check out the product family page on our w ...


Free Space on Your Optical Table

Today?s applications of high-end laser systems are increasingly complex and demand short time to market. TOPTICA addresses both of these demands with its highly modular 19" Laser Rack Systems. The broad product lines of tunable diode lasers and frequency combs are all offered in the new form factor. Available laser wavelengths are in the range from 330 nm to 1770 nm, some with output powers of several watts. Whatever your application demands, we will find the optimum combination of modules for your personal rack system. Adding new modules is simple. The rack system has been designed from ...


UHV-capable Products for Fiber Optics

LASER COMPONENTS has expanded its product line by vacuum-capable fiber optic products such as fiber optic feedthroughs and patchcords for vacuum and pressure chambers. The areas of application primarily include the high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chambers of research facilities and industrial applications. The use of optical fibers under UHV conditions places special demands on cable assembly. To maintain the vacuum, outgassing of the fibers must not occur. Special processes are required to manufacture these assemblies. Among other things, the connectors are attached using a special, v ...


Fiber Assemblies for High-Power Lasers

LASER COMPONENTS, a company from Olching near Munich, has been manufacturing high-power fiber optic assemblies for 25 years, specializing in individual custom solutions for industrial applications. In this area, laser powers of several hundred watts ? cw ? are not uncommon. To ensure that the fiber cables can withstand this load, LASER COMPONENTS relies on a mixture of technology and precision craftsmanship. One of the main problems in transmitting high laser power are so-called cladding modes. Adhesives in the connector system especially can lead to overheating. In a worst-case scenario, the ...


Prism Award: White Light Source and IR Emitter in One

LaserLight SMD W-IR, the world?s first white light chip with a switching function, received the Prism Award 2021 from SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. On command, the light source transforms into an IR emitter with 905 nm or 850 nm. Both light sources are housed on the same 7 With a luminous flux of 450 lumens and a luminance of 1000 Mcd/m The IR wavelengths of the SMD W-IR are mainly used in motion sensors, night vision cameras, and other professional security systems. This new development opens up numerous application possibilities. Instead of placing motion sensors ...


Expanded IR Window Offering Provides Solutions for Nearly Every IR Application

Edmund OpticsGallium Arsenide (GaAs), Barium Fluoride (BaF2), Cadmium Telluride (CdTe), Thallium Bromoiodide (KRS-5), Lithium Fluroide (LiF), and a chalcogenide material called AMTIR-1, resulting in a one-stop shop for IR windows. Each substrate material has some numerous advantages and disadvantages compared to the others. GaAs is a very tough and durable material which is useful as a protective window in laser material processing where abrasive debris particles are expected. BaF2 has a wide transmission that extends from IR, through the visible spectrum, into deep ultraviolet (UV) without th ...


IDS cameras ensure quality of vaccine containers

Combating the Covid-19 pandemic is at the top of the global agenda. Providing vaccine to populations around the globe means providing around 8 billion doses - with only one for every person in the world. In addition to the availability of the vaccine, a decisive factor in the race against time is the disposability of the glass vials. To ensure that the mass vaccination against the coronavirus does not fail because of the container, the producers of the vials are massively ramping up their production so as not to become the proverbial bottleneck in the supply chain. However, medical-grade vacci ...


Pass/Fail Analysis of Multi-fiber Connectors in Seconds

The FOCIS Lightning connector microscope provides a complete pass/fail analysis for a 12 or 24-fiber MPO connector and each individual fiber in just 15 seconds. This easy-to-use instrument captures the entire connector surface in one step. This saves valuable time when setting up and maintaining multi-fiber connectors in data centers, for example. During analysis, the user may choose between all common telecom standards according to IEC, IPC, and AT&T. However, he may also define and configure his own specifications. The FOCIS Lightning works completely autonomously and does not need to be ...


Strong light - innovative high-performance LED Module

The market for professional LED-lighting solutions is growing continuously. The constant technological progress on the basis of innovative new and further developments forms the basis for expanding the use of the LED as an alternative to conventional light bulbs. The maxim is clear: smaller, more efficient, more specialized. Further developments in technology, such as the Sevengine LED module by the Bavarian manufacturer, expand the applications and benefits of the LED. Sevengine combines seven high-power LEDs in a compact, robust housing (L26 x W32 x H10 mm) and its distinguishing feature, ab ...


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