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Upgraded M3 Set to Make Life on the Road Easier

Regular lorry drivers in the south of England will be delighted to hear that the M3 has become an easier and safer place to drive on, thanks to the timely opening of a new fourth lane and the introduction of a raft of smart technology measures. The transformation of a 13.4-mile stretch of carriageway between Farnborough and the M25 into a ‘smart’ motorway looks set to substantially cut journey times by an estimated 15% – something I think we can all be grateful for. With the anticipated easing o ...


Aligned with Truckers: Haweka Axis500

Even the most experienced of HGV drivers find that achieving proper wheel alignments is often a challenge. However, it’s an essential task and has to be done regularly, either before you set off on an assignment or upon your return. Loads of problems will arise from failing to do so: tyres wear out more quickly and fuel efficiency is reduced, resulting in higher operating costs all around. A wheel imbalance also reduces comfort for you while driving. So if you’re going to be putting in the long ...


A Trucker''s Guide to Navigating Norway

For truck drivers, long distance haulage can be a highly lucrative aspect of the business – especially if you can pick up some return loads on the homeward leg of the journey. The Road to Norway (and Back) is Paved with Profit While Norway is not part of the EU, it is part of the EEA (European Economic Area) and, as an extremely resource-rich country, the constant movement of goods in and out creates myriad opportunities for those in the transport industry. If you''re not already a me ...


Plans for a New Dover Lorry Park Moving Forward

I come with an update this month. You might remember me mentioning, roughly a year ago, a proposed lorry park that was to be built at the Port of Dover. Well, as the council just approved the project this week, plans are now more concrete and on the move. I thought I’d fill you in. Details of the Lorry Park First things first: the essential information. I figure you probably have some questions about the practicality of the park and how useful it might be to you and your fellow drivers when yo ...


How Tyre Pressure Affects Fuel Consumption

For owner drivers and haulage company bosses, there''s no hotter topic than the cost of fuel and the rate of its consumption. Fuel (in whatever form it comes) is, quite literally, the lifeblood of the transport industry; the issue of how to get the most out of a vehicle or entire fleet''s mileage is the eternal question. With fuel costs on the rise, small and medium sized transport businesses wage a continual battle to reduce overheads, improve performance and keep clients ...


Hauliers'' Tips: Driving in the Republic of Ireland

For the long distance lorry driver, being able to adapt to the road rules, regulations and legislation of different countries is an essential part of working cross border haulage jobs. It might be tempting to think that a road is a road is a road, and that taking haulage work in a foreign country is just a matter of moving over to the other side (or not), organising some return loads to make the trip worthwhile and getting on with it. But taking the time to get familiar with the nuances of drivi ...


Fixed and Portable Weighbridges

For logistics managers, keeping an eye on the laden weight of every fleet vehicle is important in terms of compliance, fuel efficiency and, ultimately, profits. Government weigh stations are in position on the side of the UK''s main roads, and their high-tech equipment enables accurate and efficient axle weighing. In addition, some larger fleet operators invest in their own static and on-board portable weighing equipment – the latter of which is particularly useful for vehicles picking ...


Five Trucking Podcasts Every Haulier Should Listen To

Every trucker will have moments of boredom stuck in the cab and this is particularly true when delivering and picking up return loads. Modern day radio can be irritating and often plays little music and you don’t want to listen to the same albums over and over, so what is the best thing to listen to? I speak to many drivers who have found that podcasts are perfect for long hauls - and there are so many fantastic, funny, educational and thrilling ones to choose from! There are a handful of podca ...


All-Electric Delivery Vehicles to Hit UK Roads Next March

In the haulage industry, it is important that we all take steps to go green. Due to the nature of the profession, drivers are on the roads more than your average motorist and, therefore, it is the responsibility of operators to reduce their environmental impact. Return loads are a great way to do this as they make journeys more efficient, but soon there will be an excellent way to cut out even more harmful emissions. From March of 2017, all-electric delivery vehicles will be available courtesy ...


Swedish Volvo Trucks on UK Roads - the Latest Models

Volvo are a major player in haulage world and their trucks can be seen across the UK delivering goods with exceptional reliability and safety. In fact, many haulage operations that count on return loads to increase their revenues rely on Volvo’s reliability for getting the job done. Today the haulage industry is facing many challenges; if truck manufacturers want to “stay in the game”, they must constantly develop and provide new answers to issues such as environmental and safety regulations, t ...


Mercedes Benz Lorries for All Your Haulage Needs

Buying a new lorry is an expensive proposition. As a haulage operator, you need to make sure that your new vehicles can provide maximum output and generate maximum revenues whilst keeping running costs as low as possible. One way of ensuring that your operation generates maximum revenues is to invest in vehicles that are reliable and can also be used for return loads. Mercedes Benz vehicles tick all of these boxes. In this article, I’ll be looking at Actros (long distance), Antos, Arocs and At ...


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