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What Kind of Driver Are You? Find Out Here!

The haulage and logistics industry has felt the effects of our changing world and economies as much as any other industry. However, the demand for the process itself remains steady, which means reliable, consistent and somewhat lucrative job prospects for skilled workers. Drivers these days are also fortunate enough to have many choices regarding the type of haulage work they choose. Many are tempted by the greater income potential and freedoms of freelance jobs over contracted assignments. Howe ...


Smarter Driving with a Tachograph Smart Card

Digital technology has the potential to radically transform haulage work, and one of the latest developments to cause a buzz in the industry is the Tachograph Smart Card. If you’re not entirely sure how this innovation works or how smart it really is, here’s the lowdown on why you should have one and how to go about applying for it. What Is It and When Is It Needed? All drivers and people employed in haulage work will be familiar with tachographs, and will know that they’re used to monitor dri ...


Getting More Girls on the Road in HGVs

To all the women out there, this one’s for you! While I know the haulage industry is a heavily male dominated field and you might not have considered becoming an HGV driver before, don’t overlook haulage work as a career. In fact, you could be part of a brand-new generation of drivers where male and females are in equal numbers. The Her-GV Campaign In collaboration with Pertemps and the Road Haulage Association, professional racing driver Rebecca Jackson launched the Her-GV campaign in Cannoc ...


Taking the Plunge: How to Become an Owner Driver

It is true that truck drivers have a fair amount of time on their hands to think. As for anyone who has this luxury, thoughts and dreams of riches, success and ownership are frequent topics from the brain waves. Haulage work is hard, sometimes mundane and frequently frustrating. For seasoned drivers, who ultimately become haulage and road experts fairly quickly, it is not a massive leap of imagination to desire greater autonomy and more lucrative outcomes. However, before you head off to the ‘tr ...


Inspirational EFV Incentive Programmes Piloted in Amsterdam

As one of the most prolific creators of carbon footprints, haulage companies and freight forwarders have to take a substantial lead in becoming environmentally conscious. Not only is there a greater public demand for large companies to take responsibility for the side-effects of their industry, but haulage and logistic operations are seeing the technological and financial advantages of become environmental champions. Amsterdam has recently piloted an incentive programme to encourage the use of ...


Trailerlock: A Revolution in Hold Safety

We have had some laughs this month, but now it is time for a serious talk about safety. In haulage work, protecting your goods against theft is of primary importance. No one wants their freight stolen! To ensure your vehicle’s safe-keeping, try using the new revolutionary safety device that guarantees protection against theft and potential stowaways. Trailerlock: Protection Against Break Ins Trailerlock is an innovative protection system for the cargo compartments of your vans and semi-traile ...


Motorways are Getting Smarter and Smarter

Haulage work increasingly relies on cutting-edge technologies to keep the UK’s logistics wheels turning. We usually associate technological innovations with the lorries used to transport goods from A to B. But now modern technology is spreading into the roads we drive on, and, in particular, the UK’s motorway network. The Birth of the Smart Motorway The prototype smart motorway was a stretch of the M25 with a variable speed limit that opened in 1995. The first true, smart motorway was part of ...


Healthy Eating Options for Truck Drivers

A recent survey by the RAC found that, out of 500 businesses surveyed, more than 40 per cent reported that their drivers doing haulage work wanted to eat healthier food. So the question is: what’s stopping them? Well, as we all know, finding healthy eating options out on the road can be easier said than done. A recent report by Transport Focus, an independent transport user watchdog, found that the basic needs of drivers doing haulage work are not being met. The problem is at its worst, accordi ...


Doing Haulage Work Doesn’t Have to Mean Eating an Unhealthy Diet

A recent survey by the RAC found that, out of 500 businesses surveyed, more than 40 per cent reported that their drivers doing haulage work wanted to eat healthier food. So the question is: what’s stopping them? Well, as we all know, finding healthy eating options out on the road can be easier said than done. A recent report by Transport Focus, an independent transport user watchdog, found that the basic needs of drivers doing haulage work are not being met. The problem is at its worst, accordi ...


National Lorry Week to Encourage Others to Climb Aboard

It is no secret that there is a shortage of HGV drivers in the haulage industry at the moment. Retirement beckons for 35,000 drivers in the next 5 years, while it’s predicted that only 17,000 people will be recruited for haulage work in that time. It is appropriate, then, that the Road Haulage Association’s National Lorry Week, which was such a success in 2015, will be returning in 2016 with a fitting theme: ‘The Next Generation’. ‘Love the Lorry’ The RHA’s week of events, which will be happen ...


Keeping Your Hands on the Wheel: Drivers and their Mobile Phones

I was surprised to read earlier this month that there has been a significant increase in the use of handheld mobile phones while driving on British roads. You would have thought by now that everybody, especially those of us involved in haulage work, would be aware of the dangers of taking your hands and your eyes off the wheel. The RAC has released some shocking figures in its annual Report on Motoring. The Stats • In 2014, 8% of people admitted to using a mobile phone while behind the wheel; ...


The Future is Now: Self-Loading Trucks

The 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show, to be held in Germany next month, will play host to a truck that can automatically drive itself into a bay in order to load or unload. Are those dubious mumblings I hear from you? Too close to sci-fi dystopias for comfort? Well, I thought I’d look into the recent drive for full vehicle automation in haulage work and share my findings with you. Moving Towards Automation As you well know, automation is not a new concept in the transport industry. Driver ass ...


Upcoming Safety Roadshow Hosted by MiX Telematics

Calling all UK service, delivery, utility, haulage and passenger transport operators! (That’s us!) MiX Telematics, a specialist company working in the field of telematics and fleet management solutions, is putting on a one-day safety roadshow next month. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of all the exciting innovations in automotive safety happening at the moment, this may be an event to pencil in to your diaries. When and Where The event will be held on Thursday 20 October 2016, ...


Figures Show Increased Haulage Work Efficiency

Most people involved in haulage work will take some pride in the RHA report, in response to ‘good news’ figures from the Department for Transport, which clearly indicates that the industry is getting more efficient. Good News The figures are certainly impressive. They’re a little detailed and the particulars needn’t concern us here, but the headlines are: • In 2015, the mileage covered on the UK’s roads increased by 9% (to an eye-watering 18.4 billion kilometres - that’s further than the dis ...


FTA Brexit Priorities

Britain’s recent vote in favour of leaving the European Union is predicted to impact all parts of the UK economy, and the logistics industry is no exception. With a majority of those surveyed assessing the short-term outlook of their prospects negatively - in light of Brexit - and half of all surveyed sharing a similar outlook for the long term, it is vital that the FTA acts in favour of the country’s haulage workers. They have identified a few priorities that they consider key to the health of ...


FTA Truck Driver of the Year Award

The much-anticipated Truck Driver of the Year 18-tonne competition finished on the 13th of July. The final was intense, showcasing some of the best examples of high-quality haulage work in the country, with 12 finalists battling it out for the coveted crown. Eventually, the title went to David West, of Total Foodservice Solutions, who came out at the top of a dozen finalists. The Truck Driver of the Year 18-tonne award was introduced in order to honour the achievements of the haulage industry’s ...


My Worst Nightmare On the Road – Losing a Wheel!

I’ve been doing haulage work for years, and my worst nightmare is losing a wheel when I’m on a job. I’ve heard about it from other unlucky drivers but so far, I’ve been spared -and that is thanks to proper care and maintenances of my truck’s wheels and tyres. Riding On Our Wheels Let’s face it, it’s the wheels that keep us rolling. They are what make our industry possible and they are also perhaps the most overworked part of our trucks. They also play a crucial role in keeping us and the road ...


Why A Daily Walk About Around Your Truck is So Important

The “Daily Vehicle Walk About” is a visual check of your truck’s parts and systems carried out at the start of each day. This daily visual check is very important, legally, to your haulage work. Is The Daily Walk Around a Legal Obligation? In a word – yes. Before the first journey of the day, either the truck’s driver or a mechanic must perform a visual check of the vehicle. If you work for a company, perhaps driving different vehicles, this can be seen as a way of familiarising yourself with ...


The Truck Driver’s Daily Walk About

A profitable haulage business depends on many different factors. One of the more vital of these, that to a large extent will determine the owner’s profit margin, is the safety and roadworthiness of their vehicle. In fact, the law requires that all haulage work operators, big or small, have in place a system for the regular inspection and maintenance of their vehicles. Daily Visual Inspection While some aspects of a trucks operation can only be properly checked in a workshop, there are many thi ...


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