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Fend Off Fires: A Lorry Driver’s Guide to Safety Equipment

Let The Legal Requirements First things first, here If you Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher As Ilatile liquids. Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Yous water and dust. You can easily install it in your lorry and its high-visibility casing will help you find it, even amongst the panic caused by the flames. Fire Blanket Kept in a hard, plastic container, this 1mx1m blanket can be used to choke small flames and prevent them from spreading. Fire Safety Log Book This little book will help you keep you ...


Stop Press: Safety Permit Scheme Coming in 2020

The start of the Mayor of London Under the original proposal, HGVs were due to be assessed with a first in these vehicles. However, opponents have argued that direct vision was an insufficient measure, and the Mayor of London has responded to these concerns. Drive for Improved Road Safety The Safety Permit Scheme is anticipated to be in place from 2020 and forms a central part of the Vision Zero initiative, a joint scheme between the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL). Its imple ...


Stay Safe and Sound with AutoMonitor

Today, I take a look at AutoMonitor, an innovative fleet managing system that What Does AutoMonitor Do? Whilst youy safe. The Managing Director of AutoTest Products said that his vision is How Does It Work? AutoMonitor combines four different technologies into one useful product. Though it is known to some as the What Makes AutoMonitor So Special? If you stay up to date with what The jewel in the crown of this product is the Rollover Prediction System, which is a world first. It use ...


5 Areas in Which You Can Improve Your Fleet’s Aerodynamics

If you''re a fleet manager dealing with vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW), aerodynamics is not just an impressive term to drop at your next networking function. If your business depends on keeping haulage jobs profitable, it can be a life-changing word. Aerodynamics and the Bottom Line The aerodynamics of fleet vehicles can affect almost every aspect of the supply chain – directly or indirectly – and, consequently, the bottom line. By making adaptations, fuel consu ...


The Bowers Sisters: The Youngest Female Lorry Drivers

In the male-dominated transport industry it''s great to come across a good news story on some of the UK''s talented female lorry drivers. For any ladies and young people out there with aspirations to make it big in the world of lorry driving, it doesn''t get much more inspirational than the story of Holly and Kate Bowers. The two sisters have become the third generation of their family to gain their HGV driving credentials and, at just 20 and 22 respectively, the gi ...


Summer Seminars with the RHA

If you hold a role in the management sector of the transport industry, ensuring your drivers are well trained and compliant with legislation and industry standards is vitally important. With the need for HGV drivers to undergo regular training sessions every few years to maintain their license, knowing what courses are available will help to ensure every driver''s credentials are up-to-date. Courses with the RHA The RHA (Road Haulage Association) runs an intensive programme of course ...


4 Great Gifts for Lorry Drivers

If you''ve got a friend or loved one who makes a living as a lorry driver, chances are you''ll understand just a fraction of what life on the road is like. They''re often away from home for extended periods of time doing long distance haulage jobs, so anything that makes them feel a little more cosy and comfortable in the cabin is always well received. If you''re looking for a practical, thoughtful gift for a hardworking truck driver, we''ve go ...


The Haulier''s Guide to the Channel Islands

During the course of your working week as a UK haulier you may travel the length and breadth of the country delivering and picking up goods. But if you take on haulage jobs abroad, there are extra challenges to face in terms of foreign road rules, regulations and by-laws. It''s vitally important you stay abreast of these to ensure you don''t risk running foul of the law or compromise your own safety and that of others. But aside from the rest of Europe, there are places clo ...


New Speeding Fines in Place - Re-think the Need for Speed

The vast majority of hardworking lorry and van drivers carry out their work within the letter of the law, but for those who may be tempted to exceed the speed limits on UK roads, recent changes to legislature mean the consequences are now far more severe. While for small infringements the changes are not too substantial, drivers caught exceeding the limit by more than 10mph are in for a very expensive lesson. UK Road Speed Limits Anyone who undertakes haulage jobs for a living (and in fact any ...


Looking to Be an HGV Driver? This Is What You Can Expect

In haulage, jobs are not exactly thin on the ground; in the UK, it’s estimated that there is a current shortage of around 60,000 HGV drivers, and this could be as high as 150,000 by 2020. Those are some staggering figures that will have a heavy impact on the industry’s ability to deliver top-quality services, but most staggering of all is why there are so few people keen to take up jobs in this sector. Being an HGV driver carries a hefty load of perks and benefits, and the government is doing mo ...


Top Tips for New Hauliers

As our world continues to shrink and expand in a variety of ways, industries, such as shipping and logistics, are having to stay one step ahead of the game. Our industry as a whole is seeing this evolution on all fronts but none so apparent as on the human resources front. Haulage jobs are appealing to a much more diverse group of individuals. Hauliers of today are required to be technologically savvy, patient and have a skill set that can quickly assess and react to any given situation. The job ...


Overhead Powerlines Trial for E-Trucks in Germany

In 2016 Sweden became the first country in the world to actively test a prototype ''electric road'', using electricity to assist HGVs travelling on public roadways – the so-called E-Trucks. This year, Germany has become the next country to begin testing their version of a similar system, with continuous trials expected to run into 2018. The trials are seen as an important step in a long-term vision to make haulage jobs throughout Europe more environmentally friendly, by achie ...


Staying Alert for Longer: Tips for Drivers

One very common problem that you hear many drivers talk about is staying awake on long haulage jobs. Truckers have extremely long days with little company and erratic sleep schedules; this can make staying awake very tricky late at night when there is little to keep you stimulated. Listen to your Body It can be very frustrating when your eyes begin to feel heavy when you are on the job, but it is, of course, absolutely essential that you listen to your body. If you become sleepy, you must pull ...


Improving Life on the Road for Lorry Drivers: Truckers Toilets UK

The life of a lorry driver is not always an easy one and this is particularly true on long hauls. There are a handful of issues that this hard working group face, including one which has caused every single trucker a great deal of stress, discomfort and even anxiety during long haulage jobs. This is the severe lack of suitable toilet stops around the country. A Cause for Concern This results in long haul drivers having to go for hours without using the lavatory or even having a rest break. In ...


Hot Haulage Career: HGV Drivers Needed

If you, or somebody you know, is seeking a new career then I have some news which may be of interest to you. The UK is currently suffering from a severe lack of qualified HGV drivers, so anybody seeking employment should consider the haulage industry. The current situation could see those joining the workforce benefit from great prospects, plenty of work and the ability to earn well. There is such a shortage, in fact, that the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has announced that there is a s ...


Growing the Haulage Industry: Minister Promises ‘Radical’ Approach

Newly appointed minister for state at the Department for Transport, John Hayes MP, used the launch of the Road Haulage Association’s National Lorry Week last month to deliver a rousing speech directly to the haulage industry. Promising to ‘look at every kind of option’, he said he would sit down with members of the industry to talk about the effects of Brexit and what the industry could do to make the most of the opportunities and challenges it presented. Introducing John Hayes Hayes was give ...


Minister Promises ‘Radical’ Approach to Growing the Haulage Industry

Newly appointed minister for state at the Department for Transport, John Hayes MP, used the launch of the Road Haulage Association’s National Lorry Week last month to deliver a rousing speech directly to the haulage industry. Promising to ‘look at every kind of option’, he said he would sit down with members of the industry to talk about the effects of Brexit and what the industry could do to make the most of the opportunities and challenges it presented. Introducing John Hayes Hayes was give ...


The Speediest Truck on the Road

As those working in the industry will tell you, haulage jobs rarely start and end with the work itself. A career in haulage is frequently underpinned by, and in turn reinforces, a deep love of the road and the ins and outs of HGVs. Those who take a special interest in the technical workings of lorries will want to look into The Iron Knight, the spectacular new development by Volvo Trucks. Initially built as a tech demo for Volvo Trucks’ flagship I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission, The Iron Knight ...


Turning Your Used Truck Parts into Cash

As any haulier can tell you, a career in haulage jobs means lots of maintenance and frequent upgrading in order to meet changing safety standards. When you upgrade a component, or an upgrade elsewhere forces you to change other components to maintain compatibility, you’ll find yourself with spare parts. All too often, these parts are left to gather dust in sheds and garages “just in case”, or they’re sold as scrap in exchange for a pittance. Neither option is particularly beneficial to the owne ...


New Guide to Help Employers Ensure Safe Coupling and Uncoupling

A recently published guide aims to help hauliers avoid injury when coupling and uncoupling trailers. Produced by a working group comprising certain members of the Transport and Logistics Forum, the guide aims to reduce the incidence of injury resulting from vehicle runaways and trailer rollaways, which, in rare cases, can have very unfortunate consequences. Regrettably, there are a few grave injuries happening yearly to those in haulage jobs as a result of incomplete coupling between a trailer ...


IMHX 2016: Intralogistics Showcase

The International Materials Handling Exhibition, or IMHX, is the country’s leading event in the intralogistics world. For four days, from the 13th to the 16th of September, the entirety of the intralogistics field, including haulage, supply chain management, and materials handling technologies, will be on display at Birmingham’s NEC. In addition to over 100 intralogistics suppliers, at the IMHX you can expect supply chain management solutions experts, packaging firms, automation specialists, an ...


What is an Operator Licence and Why You May Need One

As a truck driver spending long hours on the road, you’re aware of the rules and regulations of the industry. For the most part, these are there for yours and the public’s benefit. But knowing and understanding the web of regulations can be difficult in the extreme, and cause drivers and operators problems down the road. I hope that this brief article will help refresh veteran drivers’ and operators’ knowledge about their Operator’s Licence, and help newcomers better understand the licencing re ...


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