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A Haulier’s Guide to Jobs in Germany

Thanks to our freight exchange app, it has become easier and easier for haulage companies to advertise their vehicle capacity. Signing up to a freight exchange to maximise capacity can increase profits all round and is better for the environment as well. However, getting more jobs coming your way means that you’ll occasionally find yourself driving routes you are unused to, coming across new rules and regulations. Here is our handy guide to completing a job in Germany. Getting There: Germany ...


Radio on the Road: The Best Shows for Driving

Anyone who drives knows the importance of staying alert while in control of a vehicle. But for those who drive HGVs for a living (particularly long haul), the need to be on top form at all times is imperative. One of the best ways of keeping concentration is by having company in the cab of your lorry – and, if that''s not possible, your next best friend is the radio! With a new wall of sound blaring out of every digit on the dial it''s hard to find a show that can keep you i ...


Say ‘Oui’ to French Freight Exchanges

If you''re looking at taking on haulage jobs across the Channel, it''s not simply a matter of donning a jauntily tipped beret and saying "voila". France has its own rules and regulations and it is particularly important to comply when your livelihood and safety are at stake. ***The following is a guide only and you should do your own research. Driver Requirements When driving a lorry into France you must carry the following documentation: a valid passport, the ap ...


How Joining a Freight Exchange Helped FAT Solutions

There’s no time like the present to develop your small operations. With the help of a freight exchange platform, you can easily expand your business by networking with other companies and signing an increasing number of transportation contracts. Don’t believe me? See how FAT Solutions grew by joining the Haulage Exchange. About Fat Solutions Established in 1995 by Gary Armstrong, Fat Solutions originally specialised in the creation and selling of bio diesel made from cooking oil. As the busine ...


Freight Exchange Networks Are the Future

Freight exchange platforms have been around for years but, now more than ever, they are becoming essential business generators for drivers, and essential operations tools for haulage companies. The numbers speak volumes as the industry continues to see steady growth throughout, much of which has been attributed to exchange platforms. By consolidating the information needed by companies, both large and small, freight exchange networks have levelled the playing field and opened doors for a more lu ...


Overcoming the 4 Biggest Challenges of Haulage Companies Today

There are some big challenges facing the haulage industry today, from making hundreds of empty return journeys on a regular basis to the rising price of fuel, from shortages of drivers to keeping up with changes to legislation. All of these issues can leave large costs for your company. But there are some really great ways to solve them: joining a freight exchange, run by platforms such as Haulage Exchange, is perfect for sharing out the burdens with fellow professionals, and allowing you to sha ...


New CNG Fuel Delivers Cost Savings & Environmental Benefits

Many HGV operators will be welcoming the recent introduction of a new renewable biomethane fuel from Solihull-based CNG Fuels, the UK market leader in compressed natural gas. In much the same way as taking part in a freight exchange can offer great efficiencies, drivers who utilise this new fuel are set to benefit from savings in time, energy and cost. A Sustainable Background Announced by CNG Fuels last December, this fuel has already gained significant traction in the market with big name r ...


FTA Urges Logistics Industry to Embrace Innovation

In April 2017 the FTA (Freight Transport Association) released a statement urging their members to remain innovative and embrace changes in technology (for operational systems and compliance issues) if they want to stay on top of their game in a competitive industry. Speaking to some of the FTA''s 16,000 members at the Commercial Vehicle Show, held in Birmingham, their Deputy Chief Executive, James Hookam, said that failing to do so could prove extremely costly to both independent op ...


Optimising Your Fleet for Fuel Efficiency

With fuel prices unstable, and more often than not going up rather than down, it’s important to make sure that your fleet is running as efficiently as possible. Whether this means employing a programme of freight exchange to ensure that your trucks make as few unpaid journeys as possible or running regular maintenance checks to make sure they are running at their most efficient, it’s important to keep on top of fuel consumption. How to Promote Efficiency A well-maintained vehicle can actual ...


How to Fuel Success in the Haulage Industry

No matter what fuel-saving programmes you put in place, from vehicle maintenance and good driving to employing a freight exchange scheme to reduce unpaid journeys, diesel is still one of the most pressing costs on haulage companies. While your haulage business might not be ready yet to avoid diesel expenses altogether and go for an e-truck, there are ways to minimise fuel costs by ensuring you buy your diesel wisely. Buying in Bulk The cheapest way of buying diesel is to buy it in bulk, but t ...


Dashboard Detective: Installing Dash Cam Technology for the Fleet

In today’s highly competitive market, any edge a company can gain can end up paying dividends in the end. Thankfully, new technology offers haulage companies ways of enhancing their fleet and service without majorly, or expensively, overhauling the whole line. One feature that is proving popular on the freight exchange’s list of shipping company attributes is vehicles equipped with on board dash cams. The benefits are numerous, as are the options, and the total cost is fairly low. Is It Worth ...


Telematics and the Era of Connectivity

This month’s focus is on telematics and communication, both of which have revolutionised the haulage industry. Long gone are the days when trucks left the haulage yard and weren’t heard from again until the cargo was delivered. Every step of the delivery process can now be tracked remotely through a telematics system through which individuals, companies and freight exchange platforms can be coordinated. Telematics: How It Works There are three key advantages to telematics: • tracking locations ...


Haulage Companies to Benefit from New Fines Management System

I bet you are tired of the fuss of the administration involved in paying fines. Thanks to All Fleet Services recently-developed online fines management system, your days of filling out pages and pages of paper work are over. Just like the digital freight exchange system, ‘Fleet Fines Online’ is a new and improved web-based solution which will help you save time and money – and exonerate you from the administrative burden! Direct Communication, No Administration With successful online freight ...


The Truck of the Future: What Does It Look Like?

Haulage companies and freight carriers rely heavily on road transportation to complete their freight exchange. However, the environmental impact of these vehicles has become a major concern. Manufacturers are developing eco-friendly trucks to help decrease companies’ carbon footprint. Why Are Trucks Important? In Europe, trucks deliver 75% of all goods. The items in your home and workplace, from the clothes on your back to the food in your fridge, were all delivered by road transport. Trucks ...


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