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Know Your Markets: B2B, B2C & C2X

For all the talk of the decline in physical shopping centres and the rise of internet retail giants, it is easy to forget the monumental logistical operation that takes place every day behind the headlines. With the rise of online shopping in all of its forms, availability of courier work to support the demand has snowballed, and as it continues to grow, there is a whole world of opportunity to take advantage of new markets as they emerge. Here are three key areas that you should know about, and ...


Grey Fleets: The Problems & Perks Explained

Put simply, nly feel like a win-win in terms of convenience and low taxation. However, as with any business-critical operation, there are risks to take into account when relying on this new way of working. Flying Under the Radar The very nature of grey fleets makes them difficult to keep tabs on, and therefore less easy to regulate or manage. The main objection to their widespread use is the environmental impact: industrial transportation systems can seem far more efficient, as they can be pla ...


It’s AI Time: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Operations

As futuristic as artificial intelligence may sound, the days of it being a distant sci-fi dream are long gone. Although we may not always notice it, artificial intelligence has become a key behind-the-scenes component of many aspects of our day-to-day lives, from the virtual personal assistant on your phone to the suggestions from your favourite music and TV subscription services. In essence, artificial intelligence just refers to the ability of machines to make data-driven decisions, and build ...


Some Weird and Wonderful Tales of Courier Delivery

Courier work can throw up some interesting situations, with drivers often finding themselves called upon to deliver weird and wonderful objects to a range of different destinations. But can you imagine arriving to pick up a medical item, only to find that it is a limb that is still attached to its owner, or that you were given a child to deliver to its grandparents? These are just some of the bizarre situations that drivers have found themselves in over the years. Here are four of my favourite t ...


Minimising Risks in Courier Work: The Paperwork

Though paperwork is most people''s least favourite aspect of their job, failing to stay on top of collection notes and delivery receipts is a risk that is not worth taking if you''re undertaking courier work. If a client raises a query about a delivery, the driver could be in big trouble if they cannot provide the right documents. It Could Happen to You Cast your mind back to a recent job that you carried out. Perhaps you were delivering a set of cartons to a client As yo ...


Getting to Grips with Reverse Logistics

Anyone involved in courier work should be aware of the term Why Do People Care About Reverse Logistics? People are concerned with what happens to a service or product after the point of sale for a number of reasons. The main aims are to save money and make the most of valuable resources by paying attention to what happens to a product once it has been sold. Therefore, both environmental campaigners and big businesses have a stake in this process. What Processes Are Involved? There are lots ...


The Most Important Things You’ll Need for Courier Work

Courier work can be fast-paced and demanding, so it pays to make sure that you are fully prepared before you set off. Make sure that you have all of the items that you are likely to need for your day Safety Equipment Whatever courier work youard include: If you are visiting a construction site as part of your route, you Route Planning Equipment Whether you use a Sat Nav, a smart phone or an old-fashioned paper map, always ensure that you have your navigation aids handy before you set off. ...


Click Away: Superb Software for Courier Companies

In the fast-paced courier work industry, keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest advances in technology is vital for companies that are looking to grow their business and stay relevant in a highly competitive environment. The following software packages are a few of the more popular solutions, which are designed specifically to make the management, analysis and operational procedures of courier work easier. WorkWave Route Manager This intelligent piece of software has a user-friendly inte ...


Listen To Lady Law: 2017’s Phone & Driving Regulations

When carrying out courier work, it can be tempting to glance at your phone to check your messages, especially if you’re stuck in traffic. If you do give in to temptation and pick up your handset, the trouble is that you’re not only putting yourself at risk of a fine, but are potentially risking your licence and your livelihood. This is because new and more stringent rules about the use of mobile phones when driving were implemented in March 2017. To make sure that you remain on the right sid ...


Hello, Impulse Buys! UK Parcel Market Booms

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you will have noticed that the amount of available courier work has continued to grow. If you’re wondering what has caused this considerable increase, you’ll be interested in a recent study by the global technology company Pitney Bowes. According to the Pitney Bowes’ Parcel Shipping Index, the amount of parcel deliveries has increased by a staggering 12% last year, amounting to a total of 2.5 billion parcels. All of this activity wa ...


Driver Safety: Choose the Right Shoes

Courier work for owner drivers can sometimes feel like a minefield of safety legislation and regulations, and keeping track of them can be tricky at times. But one of the most important safety aspects for a driver is often overlooked because it’s not covered by legislation, and that’s what kind of footwear drivers should wear. We’ve all driven off to a barbecue on a sunny day wearing a pair of flip-flops, or even slipped off our shoes altogether because they hurt or our feet are swollen. While ...


Your New Courier Van: Buying vs. Leasing

Whether you are thinking of undertaking courier work for the first time or it’s time to renew your current van, weighing up whether to lease or buy a delivery vehicle outright can be a tricky decision. Of course there are pros and cons on both sides. Buying a van will mean that you own the vehicle and so can do whatever you like with it (including selling it). Leasing a vehicle will mean you won’t own it, so you will be able to get a brand new one at the end of your lease period without worryi ...


Technology and the Courier Driver

From smart phones to GPS tracking systems, technology is revolutionising the way courier work is carried out. But just because the big delivery companies can afford the very latest software, it doesn’t mean the average independent courier needs to be left behind. By utilising the technology you already have (your smart phone can be your most useful business tool) you can offer the same, if not greater, level of service than the industry’s major players. Make the Most of Your Smart Phone Today ...


Why You Should Attend the 2016 FTA Transport Manager Conferences.

For over two decades, the Freight Transport Association has held a series of 12 regional Transport Manager Conferences that bring together road, sea, air and rail transport companies, industry leaders, regulatory bodies and many others to discuss the changes that the logistics industry is going through. Each conference is a unique opportunity for all those involved in courier work to meet with their colleagues, and others involved in the industry, to discuss views and problems - as well as bra ...


Print Wraps – Affordable Publicity for a Courier Driver

For a typical courier driver who is also a self-employed businessperson, their vehicle is a ready-made advertising platform. So, why aren’t you using it as such? Glossy Vehicles There’s nothing new in splashing your company name, and even proposition, across your vehicle. People have been doing it for well over a century. The problem for many a self-employed courier driver has of course always been cost. Sign writers and coachwork painters typically don’t come cheap, and sometimes just putti ...


Motor Industry’s Mid-Sized Van Survey Analysis

Some soothsayers are predicting the near extinction of the large van as the first choice of many companies providing courier work services. This is based upon the latest market survey which shows mid-range van sales sailing away on the crest of the wave, with sales in the bigger segments looking much less exciting. Some are arguing that big vans are being pushed to extinction by the successes of their younger mid-sized cousins. Where is the evidence for this projection? The Statistics The S ...


Where Have all the Compact Vans Gone?

It was widely predicted, just a few short years ago, that the increasing marketplace demand for courier work services would drive a massive increase in sales for all types of vans – including the small compact variety. Yet the latest figures from surveys show that this ‘compact van boom’ just isn’t happening, even though van sales overall are very buoyant. What’s happening? The Small Compact Van Some pundits will tell you that the very small van arrived in the early years of this century and ...


Larger Van Buying Trends Diversify in Courier Work

A large van sales survey continues to show that buying preferences within the courier work segment are changing. The old ‘top marques’ can no longer count on having the market to themselves. The Survey The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ survey has shown that things are changing at an ever faster pace. No longer can Ford and Vauxhall continue to assume that they have things all to themselves in terms of first preferences. True, the traditional and omnipresent Transit plus the new ...


A Guide to Invoicing

Invoicing is simply the process of formally asking for payment. Every legitimately operating company with clients produces invoices, although you may not have had to do much invoice management in the past. If you’re not self-employed, companies will often have people or departments who handle the invoicing for you. If you do go into self-employed courier work you’ll find that writing, sending and chasing up invoices quickly becomes a big part of your working life. The same goes for organisation- ...


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