Tee Off in Style: A Checklist for your Luxury Golf Break

Planning your luxury golf break need not be a hassle, with these steps you’ll be on the green in no time. With a range of countries and courses to choose from, deciding on where to go for your luxury golf break can at times feel like a daunting challenge. However, by keeping in mind the following key points, you can make sure to arrive at the perfect

Location Location Location

The destination of choice for any golf player will be shaped by numerous factors. The principle factor is of course weather and needs to be taken into account when deciding the best area. It is important to bear in mind that courses in southern Europe and America may become very hot in summer months. On top of this, if a quantity of courses is what you are after, then high-density course locations such as the Algarve will be a must. Conversely, areas such as Scotland may be better for bigger, more diverse courses.

The Right Companions

Although it is likely that you already have in mind a group of friends for your luxury golf break, a moment of reflection wonit''s also worthwhile to invite people who you can rely upon to help with bookings.

Choose your Courses Carefully

This is undeniably the most exciting part of planning for any golf enthusiast. This trip is about all things golf and the array of courses at resorts can vary dramatically. This means that it is worthwhile checking before travel for what your cohort wants. Ensuring that the links are achievable is a major necessity for creating a holiday that provides wholesome satisfaction amongst participants.


When you have settled on a location with the ideal group of people the next thing to consider should be starting the booking process. Luxury accommodation is the ideal way to add that special touch to your golfing get away. Superior villas and apartments are available across a range of courses to ease you into a superb stay. It is important not to assume that time on the green is guaranteed, so booking well ahead can save you a last minute panic.

The decision of whether to take your own golfing equipment is also an essential component. Many experienced golfers will want to bring their own clubs and clothing to settle them into the course. If this is not possible, then decent quality hire options are also available.

Off-Course Action

As this is a luxury golf break, it is important that any of the off-course action meets and exceeds your expectations. A holiday such as this will almost certainly involve playing far more golf in a week than you do usually. Therefore, after a number of days on the fairway, it might be a good idea to check whether the prospective destination has alternative options for relaxation. This may involve a spa, pool, or local historical sites to visit.

All in all, a week or two away on the green is the perfect holiday destination. So start planning well in advance in order to achieve the luxury golf break of your dreams.

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