Quick and Easy Tips for Enhancing Fuel Efficiency

With the price of petrol constantly increasing, here are my tips for enhancing your delivery work’s fuel efficiency and making your operations more profitable. Did you know that almost 20% of the total cost of your fleet is taken up by fuel prices? If you are looking to maximise your haulage company

Monitor and Encourage Good Driving Habits

Insume excess fuel, and will make your freight forwarders more environmentally friendly drivers.

Have an Open Line of Communication

To make your delivery work more fuel-efficient, you should communicate directly with your drivers. Instead of having them come back to the depot before embarking on their next job, you can simply send them to their next destination by phone, avoiding extra mileage while also saving time.

If you communicate regularly, your drivers can also keep you updated about their progress and inform you about delays, which will help you better manage your fleet and assign each driver to the nearest job.

Choose the Most Efficient Route

While many haulage companies think that the shortest route is the most fuel-efficient, it often turns out that finding the least congested route is better. If your drivers spend lots of time in traffic or drive down short but very windy roads, they will be using more fuel because they

Maintain Your Vehicles

It seems obvious, but maintaining your fleet is crucial to keeping your delivery work fuel-efficient. Things like checking your tyre pressure and engine or de-clogging the air filters and removing roof racks when they aren

Use Haulage Exchange

Another great way to maximise both your fuel efficiency and delivery work is to use an online platform. Haulage Exchange helps make your operations more effective by enabling you to reduce empty runs. When you log onto the platform, you can see what jobs need to be done and pick up a new load of freight so that your hauliers aren

Youery work.

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