Getting More Girls on the Road in HGVs

The Her-GV campaign encourages women to pursue a career in haulage work, providing the unmissable opportunity to win an exclusive HGV drivers training deal. To all the women out there, this one’s for you! While I know the haulage industry is a heavily male dominated field and you might not have considered becoming an HGV driver before, don’t overlook haulage work as a career. In fact, you could be part of a brand-new generation of drivers where male and females are in equal numbers.

The Her-GV Campaign

In collaboration with Pertemps and the Road Haulage Association, professional racing driver Rebecca Jackson launched the Her-GV campaign in Cannock last month. She is hoping that the competition will encourage more girls in the UK to get behind the wheel of Heavy Goods Vehicles.

What is the Her-GV Campaign?

Her-GV is an exclusive initiative that aims to increase the number of women in haulage work by giving you the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: an all-expenses paid HGV drivers training course and work placement (worth £3,000!).

Benefits of Becoming an HGV driver

Sounds good, right? If you’re still hesitant, here are some benefits of haulage work that might convince you:

• Flexible Hours

I understand that you may already have a busy-life with responsibilities, but that’s the beauty of haulage work. You can fit your shifts around your lifestyle and/or family thanks to the flexible working hours.

• Job Guarantee

There is currently a shortage of drivers in the industry, so by obtaining your HGV licence, you’re almost guaranteed to find work!

• Demand for Diversity

The industry is trying hard to attract more women. The campaign, and its various supporters, certainly show that. Even the director of operational motorways, James Hodson, has emphasised his enthusiasm for more female drivers.

Importance of the Campaign

Women are severely underrepresented within the industry, and they are finally being encouraged to pursue their interest in vehicles. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate that your driving skills easily match those of men.

The Competition

• Who is the Competition for?

Short answer: any woman! You don’t need any experience to apply. Many female HGV drivers have a completely unrelated profession before discovering the buzz of hitting the road and cruising in a large vehicle.

• How do I Get Involved?

If you want to apply (fantastic!), you just need to follow these two simple steps.

Step one: record a video explaining why you want to be a HGV driver. Start by introducing yourself, perhaps including an anecdote about what makes you interesting or what your family life is like, then explain what attracts you to the competition and why you want to get into haulage work.

Step two: upload the video to the Her-GV website and provide a few details about yourself on the ‘How do I apply’ page.

After the deadline, a panel of experts (including a female jurist) will select the shortlisted applicants. They will then be invited to a fun family activity day where the winner will be announced.

Excited? You should be! It’s a terrific opportunity, so don’t miss out.

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