Visit the Museum of Illusions in Zadar

Book a speedy airport transfer straight to your hotel in Zadar and then head to the mind-bending Museum of Illusions. Zadar is one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities. After a speedy airport transfer to your accommodation, set out to explore Zadar’s beauty and cultural curiosities. Situated on the Dalmatian coast, it boasts medieval churches, Roman ruins, chic hotels and cafes, and a number of intriguing museums. After absorbing as much history and culture as you can you might enjoy giving your mind a break and a workout at the same time! Be sure to head to the Museum of Illusion for a unique mind-bending experience that will thrill kids of all ages.

Museum of Illusion

Zadar’s appeal is apparent from the moment you set foot on the town’s ancient marble streets. The city’s rich history and heritage greets you at every corner and it is easy to spend many of your days of your break admiring historical beauties and soaking un the sun on one of the quiet pine-scented beaches. However, one of the most common questions asked of us drivers is ‘what is there to do after all the historical sight-seeing?’.Thankfully, although the airport transfer is generally quick and efficient, we have plenty of time to fill you in on some of the best, but lesser known, attractions in the city. One of my favourite recommendations is the Museum of Illusion.

Located in the heart of the old town, this museum will thrill your mind and trick your senses. There are a number of unique exhibitions on display within the attraction all determined to boggle your mind and leave you questioning your reality! The museum is open daily from 9am all the way to midnight and could easily fill half a day with entertainment and excitement. However, these hours are seasonal so if you are travelling at off peak times be sure to check the museum’s website for their opening times.

What is Inside?

The Museum of Illusion is a fascinating (and educational) experience into a person’s perception of reality. It will basically be a rollercoaster for your mind! There are numerous exhibitions to choose from, but be sure to visit these particular ones:

The Vortex Tunnel – Although the ground through this mesmerizing tunnel is flat and stable, the spinning illusion of the tunnel will challenge your sense of depth, balance and perception. The mind-blowing effort it requires to take a single step forward is hilarious!

The Chair Illusion – This room challenges a person’s perception based on the context of surrounding objects. So take a seat and see just where it takes you!

Anti-Gravity Room – Escher would be proud of you as you enter this room that exploits the illusion that what is up is down and what is down is up! Challenge your mind and balance as you watch balls rolling uphill and water flowing upwards!

The Mirror – Do you ever see the REAL you? This display deliberately makes sure that you don’t! It will entertain your self-perception with perfectly placed mirrors at odd angles to distort and contort what you thought was your reflection!

The Kaleidoscope – This curious instrument can provide entertainment for all ages for hours. The beautiful and magical patterns reflected in the kaleidoscope are created by you in a completely mesmerizing manner.

How to Get There

Zadar is a key transport centre for the northern region of Croatia and also offers numerous ferry connections to the surrounding islands. Our professional drivers will meet you at the airport and fill you in on all the best sites and scenes while you sit back and enjoy your quick and easy airport transfer.

Flights from the UK to Zadar are fairly inexpensive and frequent, helping to make Croatia a new favourite destination for travellers and particularly families. Zadar airport is only 8km from the city centre and Shuttle Direct can provide safe and efficient transportation to wherever your accommodation may be. So be ready for a fun and relaxing visit with a mind-workout when you visit the Museum of Illusion during your stay!

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