HYLA Mobile CEO, Biju Nair, Honored with the IEEE CQR Chairman’s Award

MINNEAPPOLIS, May 16 2017 - HYLA Mobile, one of the world’s leading providers of mobile device trade-in and reuse solutions, today announces its President & CEO Biju Nair has been presented with the Chairman’s Award by the IEEE Communications Society Technical Committee on Communications Quality & Reliability (CQR). This award is in recognition of Biju’s sustained contribution in the field of Quality, Reliability & Security of communications services. It includes acknowledging the value he has added to the professional society, and for being an effective role model in the telecommunications industry.

Biju has been honored for providing basic technology services to those less fortunate so that they can improve the quality of their everyday lives. This includes his part in driving technology innovation that has enhanced the user experience and for his stewardship in focusing technologists on improving the human element and byproduct of new and existing technology.

Under Biju’s leadership, HYLA Mobile has worked diligently and tirelessly to create and extract the latent value in used mobile devices. This includes maximizing the positive impact the redistribution of these devices has around the world. Nowhere is this better illustrated than by HYLA’s partnership with Facebook’s Smart Restart Program. By using reused smartphones to bridge the digital divide, this initiative is transforming the lives of remote communities in Africa.

In partnership with HYLA, Medic Mobile and Facebook are playing an important role in ensuring frontline health workers in Kenya are equipped with smartphones to deliver valuable mobile health services to remote communities. These lay beyond the reach of fixed broadband connectivity. Supported by Christian Aid Kenya and the Kenyan Ministry of Health, community health workers are using these reconditioned smartphones, preloaded with the Medic Mobile app, to register pregnant women, receive automated antenatal care visit reminders and report danger signs. They can also be used to register newborn children and receive immunization reminders to ensure that children are receiving necessary and lifesaving vaccinations.

Along with Facebook, HYLA is also working with a number of other organizations in North America including mobile operators, retailers and OEMs. The aim is to collect devices and use device buyback and trade-in as a standard part of their business operations, to help bring devices to consumers in emerging markets like Africa.

“I am truly and honored and humbled to receive this prestigious award and to be mentioned alongside the luminaries who have received this award before me,” said Biju Nair. “This is truly a reflection of the outstanding work that the HYLA team has performed since its inception – using technology to not only improve sustainability but to give devices a second life where they can make a real difference to the lives of others.”

“Biju’s award is richly deserved, and it’s a privilege to acknowledge his tremendous achievements,” said Scott Poretsky, Chairman, IEEE CQR. “Biju’s work as a pioneer for the rapidly growing used device market, continues to improve the lives of remote global communities as well as offer strong commercial advantages to stakeholders closer to home.”

Past recipients of the Chairman’s award include U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chief of Staff Stephen Malphrus, AT&T President of Network Operations Bill Smith, AT&T CTO Hossein Eslambolchi, Verizon CTO Dick Lynch, BT CTO Matt Bross, Chief Marketing Officer of AT&T Kevin Peters, Bell Labs President Gee Rittenhouse, and other distinguished contributors.

Biju has been a member of the IEEE for more than 20 years and has served as executive at various technology companies, including startups, focused on telecommunications solutions for the past 23 years. More details about the IEEE CQR Chairman’s Award can be found here http://cqr.committees.comsoc.org/awards/chairmans-award/.

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