Prepare for a Summer Surfing Safari!

Plan your ultimate summer surfing trip and get ahead of the wave with this guide on where to go and what to pack! So you’re preparing to make a summer surfing trip? Then you’re also preparing for the trip of a lifetime! Nothing is fresher than the spray of the sea in your face, the waves at your back, and pure adrenaline running through your veins. It’s a sweet image, but it’s all the sweeter if you’re properly kitted out for it. Knowing where’s good to go – whether the Algarve, Biarritz, Cornwall, or further afield – is only the start: to really top off your surfing trip, you need to make sure you can match the waves as much as the waves match you.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Skills

The world is made up of a lot of water, so if you’re planning your trip well in advance, you’ll have to try hard to put your foot really wrong. It helps to get the perfect fit, however, a good way of slimming down your choices is to look at the sorts of waves you’d prefer to ride – are shallow reefs and long beaches more to your style, or are you looking for something higher and wilder? Depending on your abilities, you should also consider whether you’re looking for a larger resort or surf camp, where there are plenty of opportunities to brush up your skills, or somewhere more off-grid, to really set yourself the ultimate challenge.

If you’re looking for a late booking, no problem – in fact, your life is made easier by a narrower pool of options. Just check out the surf forecast to see where has the best waves for the dates you’re looking for, and make that your immediate destination.

Pre-Trip Physical Preparation

There’s no harm in shaping up a bit before you make the break. Try hitting the pool and getting soaked up in advance to give the senses the kick-start they need. The gym is also a good idea for getting in a surf workout to really power up your legs, ready for riding the waves like a boss. Best of all, it helps to get some calories in beforehand – you’re going to be burning a lot of steam! Load of up on the carbs, though make sure you give your belly a good stretching too – it’ll work wonders when you’re on the board.

What to Pack

Make sure you have at least one surfboard with you, and plenty of wax to go with it. Spare fins, a board leash and a small ding repair kit are also great lifesavers, particularly if you’re heading off the beaten track – they’re not always easy to get hold of, so it’s great to have them already in reserve for any potential breakages or niggles, though make sure you pack them in hold if you’re catching a flight. If you’re heading somewhere mainstream, however, there’s no sweat – you can easily get hold of equipment when there, though, of course, nothing beats having your own board to match your style.

Latest Surf Gadgets

Talking of style, if you really want to make a splash, why not kit yourself out with a few of the best and latest surf gadgets? Smartwatches, like Nixon The Mission, can not only keep you on track of time but also the swell and wind forecasts, surf alerts and weather notifications – one for the pros. How about also getting hold of a GoPro and Floater HeadStrap, so that you can catch the coolest snaps and relive every wave-pounding moment?!

How to Get There

Whichever country’s waves you decide to chase, you know that you can get there with no sweat when you book an airport transfer with Shuttle Direct. If you let us know in advance that you’re planning on bringing your board, we can make sure that we send the perfect vehicle to fit you and all of your equipment when we pick you up. Now that’s a gnarly start to the perfect surfing trip!

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