Summer School in Geneva

Looking for a summer holiday that can boost your studies at the same time? Try an international summer school course in Geneva for an unforgettable experience! If you’re looking to get away in the summer, but are feeling guilty for taking time off from studies and want to build up more experience, why not try taking up an international summer school course? See another country, meet great people, learn new things, and come away not just with amazing memories but a valuable qualification to boot!

One of the best places for this is Geneva, which not only offers high-quality courses – it’s ranked as one of the top 20 universities in Europe – but also has brilliant opportunities to get out among its dramatic Alpine landscapes and lakes. This is the home of skiing, water-sports and woodland hiking, and that’s not to mention the local nightlife, which, like the mountains, is on top of the world. Interested? Here’s why you should be!

The Study Part

First you need to find your course. There are plenty of short courses available in a variety of fields, all taught in English, and offering an international perspective on interdisciplinary subjects. Geneva offers a particularly strong range of modules on law, such as International Humanitarian Law, Global Health and Human Rights, and in Sustainable Development. Study doesn’t just consist of attending academic lectures, but also round table discussions and debates with experts from leading worldwide institutions based in the city.

It’s not just the lecturers, however, who are worth hearing from, but your fellow course-mates. Geneva is a great melting pot of cultures and an international hub, of which the university is a central part. Taking up a summer school course means you’re perfectly placed for meeting new like-minded people and building friendships not just for a month, but for life.

The Summer Part

Ok, so summer schools are only ever half about the study – the other half is about the summer, and in Geneva, that means getting outdoors and taking in some of that fresh mountain air. Living in Geneva is great for students and brilliantly located: from the city centre and nearby Geneva airport, transfers to other places are quick, easy and cheap. You can get out on Lake Geneva and to the beach one day, then travel up to Mont Blanc for its spectacular views on another. There’s rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, and, even in summer, good enough snow for going skiing – just take the train up to the Zermatt glacier.

As for the city itself, Geneva has a buzzing party and summer festival scene. The does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Geneva Music Festival takes place in mid-June, and features over 100 acts at over 30 different venues across the city, playing jazz, reggae, hip-hop and more, most of which are free of charge. From the end of July there’s also the Geneva Festival, which draws over 2 million visitors and hosts carnival rides, variety shows, fireworks and a Techno Parade. Bring it on!

How to Get There

Once you’ve got your place at the University sorted, it couldn’t be easier to get there. Flights are cheap to book in advance, and you can get Geneva airport transfers with Shuttle Direct that take you straight from the terminal to campus. Our shared shuttles are perfect for ensuring you get your baggage safely from the airport, without costing an arm and a leg – from under £40, to be precise. In fact, the drivers at Shuttle Direct will do all the heavy lifting for you, by helping to carry your books and luggage to your halls of residence at no extra charge. With our Geneva airport transfers you can be sure to begin your study break in style!

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