A Cruise or an All-Inclusive Holiday?

Facing the hard choice? Read on for tips for weighing up the pros and cons of a cruise vs. an all-inclusive holiday package. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the most troubling decision you had to make in the near future was choosing between going on a cruise or an all-inclusive package holiday for your next trip? Indeed, such a hardship would certainly cause many a sleepless night!

Joking aside, when dealing with a holiday with a significant price tag, making the final decision can be tough. All-inclusive holiday packages and cruises are generally comparable in price so the decision comes down to preference alone. Here are some of the pros and cons of each style of holiday.


Although these types of holidays are generally in the same price range, their value comes down to the fine details in each instance. It is best to figure out exactly what you want and need from your time away and then see which holiday ticks the most boxes.

The items that will cost you on a cruise – such as a prime ocean view, excursions, modern amenities and free drinks and meals – are the same ones that will up the price at an all-inclusive resort. There are so many options to choose under the umbrella of the final cost that, again, it comes down to personal preference between the sea and the shore.

Entertainment and Amenities

It is true that even the nicest all-inclusive resort has a hard time competing with the naturally ever-changing scenery of a magnificent cruise ship. It used to be that land-based resorts were able to pip them to the post with their entertainment options, whether cultural shows or aquaparks.

Now, however, cruise lines have the technology and the bravery to go all out with their on-board entertainment, which frequently includes Broadway shows, cirque shows, ice shows, and even movies by the pool. For the more active types, rock-climbing, mini golf, wave pools and even zip-lines are on offer. There are always a variety of entertainment choices onboard a cruise ship in addition to the exotic port calls that are made on the way to your destination.

An all-inclusive resort may offer a similar selection of entertainment and they certainly benefit from more water-sports activities and a taste of local culture. If a calmer atmosphere, as opposed to the extravagant 24-hour party of a cruise, is what you are seeking, then the sandy shores and plush hotel rooms of an all-inclusive package are for you.


The service found on a cruise ship and in an all-inclusive resort is generally what each holiday is judged upon. Both holiday types strive to take away the burdens of everyday life for their guests such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping.

Consequently, the bar is set very high to both meet and anticipate the needs and wants of the guests. Cruise ships are well-known for their highly competitive hiring policies in the hope of bringing in the best and most dedicated employees. Typically a cruise ship employee is also well-compensated with even more incentives to provide prompt and attentive service onboard.

Needless to say the all-inclusive resorts also make every effort to provide the best service for their guests. Their dining options are generally highly rated and include fresh local cuisine. Their employees also typically know the area very well and can assist visitors in finding the best sight-seeing spots and day-trip destinations.

Comprehensive or Cruise Travel Insurance

It is best to remember that whichever holiday you choose will more than likely end up being brilliant. The benefits of both a cruise and an all-inclusive vacation is the option of choosing from a fabulous menu of entertainment, amenities and other delightful treats all under the umbrella of one price. As with any holiday, taking out comprehensive travel or cruise travel insurance is a given. It is imperative that such a trip of a life-time is fully protected before you sit back, relax in the glorious sunshine, and enjoy as much pampering as possible.

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