Back to School: BIFA Launches New Training Programmes

BIFA has announced a number of new courses for those interested in freight forwarding. As the summer draws to a close, the British International Freight Association, or BIFA, has released details of its range of freight forwarding courses to begin in September 2016. Those seeking work in haulage companies as a freight forwarder can learn from the ground up, while experienced forwarders can come to gain more qualifications and enhance their CVs with courses for intermediate to advanced forwarders.

For Beginners:

Freight forwarding is the business of moving stock from the initial producer, whether that be a factory or a field, to either a point of sale or to an end user. There are a good many companies basing their whole business on freight forwarding, but some existing logistics companies offer freight forwarding as part of their service. In essence, it’s something that almost all haulage companies can get into, provided that they have the right skills and knowledge base to ensure smooth and legal international transit of goods.

A freight forwarder is an entity (potentially an individual, a department or a firm) who possesses sufficient expertise to navigate the global transport network - taking into account the various customs requirements and other practical considerations involved in international shipping - to get goods from production to market while navigating associated red tape. BIFA offers a number of courses for new forwarders, helping you to get on your feet. According to BIFA Director General Robert Keen, BIFA’s programme aims especially to “encourage the next generation of freight forwarders in their careers”. You could do this through one of BIFA’s many courses, or you could look into one of the apprenticeships offered through the organisation.

For Experienced Forwarders:

Whether you’ve held a number of positions within haulage companies and want to move into forwarding full-time, or whether you already have a career as a freight forwarder and want to improve your knowledge base and skill set, you should be able to find something in BIFA’s new roster. BIFA’s courses cover a range of global customs regulation and freight procedures, including protocol for import cargo, export cargo and sea freight.

BIFA also offers training in air freight, and in combining multiple forms of freight. Additionally, you could gain qualifications in working with dangerous goods, whether by air, road or sea. As well as this, BIFA offers a whole course series in safe movement of lithium batteries by all major forms of transport, a skillset that’s increasingly important in today’s market - where consumer electronics are a large share. In short, BIFA could help you to develop the industry-wide expertise required to smoothly and effectively forward freight.

Whether you’re hoping to move into the role of freight forwarder or to consolidate an existing career, we suggest looking at BIFA’s course roster. You’re sure to find something to give you a leg up into the industry, or to enhance almost any existing skillset and knowledge base.

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