IMHX 2016: Intralogistics Showcase

This year’s IMHX looks set to highlight the value of haulage jobs to many potential entrants into the industry. The International Materials Handling Exhibition, or IMHX, is the country’s leading event in the intralogistics world. For four days, from the 13th to the 16th of September, the entirety of the intralogistics field, including haulage, supply chain management, and materials handling technologies, will be on display at Birmingham’s NEC.

In addition to over 100 intralogistics suppliers, at the IMHX you can expect supply chain management solutions experts, packaging firms, automation specialists, and more. Whether you’re considering one of these haulage jobs, or you already work in the industry and want to keep on top of new developments, the event is unmissable.

For New Recruits

One of the most intriguing aspects of the exhibition is the brand new Future Skills Zone, appearing for the first time this year. The IMHX Future Skills Zone is specially designed to show off the availability and breadth of stimulating and rewarding haulage jobs to those about to enter the workforce. Logistics is one of the largest areas of employment in the UK, and as such there is plenty of potential for young people seeking work, or older people seeking a change.

The Future Skills Zone aims to promote vocational training as a viable alternative to university, encouraging interested parties to take up apprenticeships in the logistics industry. Of interest to potential recruits are the opportunities for career advancement within the industry, as well as the absence of the loans required to pay for university. Several major companies, including Toyota Material Handling and the Forklift Training Engineering Centre (F-TEC) are working with IMHX and plan to have a presence in the Future Skills Zone, educating potential recruits about the value of haulage jobs and the steps involved in training.

Features within the Future Skills Zone include the deconstruction and reconstruction of a vehicle by apprentices for Linde Material Handling. Potential recruits can get a feel for the workings of a vehicle as well as the sorts of hands-on work they may have to carry out. Additionally, up-and-coming logistics workers will be making speeches at the Future Skills Presentation Theatre, explaining the realities of working haulage jobs and what new recruits can expect. By way of entertainment, game-loving attendees will be able to take part in competitive play of Business on the Move, a board game based on the logistics industry. Players will have their score recorded on a leader board each day, and the winner will be presented with a free copy of the game.

For Established Logisticians

IMHX takes on something of the character of a trade show, with big players in the industry all vying for the attention of visitors to the expo. The show specialises in intralogistics, so whether you’re a haulier who wants to get a feel for the rest of the supply chain or otherwise interested in the industry, you’ll be able to watch some of the biggest forklift suppliers showing off their vehicles in the Demonstration Zone.

It’s not all forklifts, though: supply chain management solutions are heartily represented in the Supply Chain IT Village. Here you’ll find representatives for all kinds of supply chain management software, including warehouse management. The IT Village is a must-see for supply chain managers staying on top of the various software options, as well as for anyone considering a career in supply chain computing.

Despite a focus on intralogistics, the International Materials Handling Exhibition remains a major event in the calendar of any professionals with haulage jobs, as well as anyone considering a career in the industry.

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