Famous Four Media Granted WFOE Licence in China

Famous Four Media is pleased to announce the establishment of a wholly-owned Chinese business unit and the receipt of a business licence issued by the Chinese government. This is a major milestone in FFM’s efforts to acquire Chinese accreditation for all its TLDs.

“China represents a major growth market for our registries and we are very excited to have taken our first steps towards Chinese accreditation” said Christopher Cousins, Chief Revenue Officer at Famous Four Media. “We are especially pleased with our growth in Asia to date. All of us at FFM are certain our growth will be multiplied with an established Chinese presence and accreditation from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.”

Famous Four Media has been aggressively pursuing Chinese accreditation for all its gTLDs and expects to complete this process in the near future. As a Gibraltar-based registry, the process to obtain accreditation in China is a complex one, which can be broken down into 5 major steps:

First - The registry must establish a Chinese business entity known as a WFOE: Completed
Second - The registry must acquire a licence to do business in China: Completed
Third - ICANN must approve the registry’s backend solution in China: Pending
Fourth - ICANN will test the backend solution and approve it: Pending
Fifth – The registry must apply for, and receive, accreditation for all gTLDs: Pending

Presently, no non-Chinese registry is fully accredited in China. Famous Four Media now has all needed elements in place to become one of the first non-Chinese registries to receive full accreditation, which would add massive value to the registries Chinese user base.

Chinese Promotion:
To celebrate this great achievement, FFM is offering all Chinese customers special pricing on .win and .bid domains from FFM’s Chinese-facing registrar partners. Visit your favourite registrar today and get that name you always wanted for a great price!

Famous Four Media managed registries comprise 15 new gTLD extensions including .WIN, .BID, and .LOAN. Domain names can be registered through Famous Four Media’s network of ICANN accredited registrars.

Firma: RealWire

Ansprechpartner: Fran Cator
Stadt: Lincoln
Telefon: 01522 883640

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