Living Nutrilicious Founder Gina Eubank Advocates H.E.A.L. Strategy.

Gina Eubank, the founder of Living Nutrilicious and "America's Favorite Pharmacist," is recognized as an expert in the area of healthy living. Gina Eubank, the founder of Living Nutrilicious and "America''s Favorite Pharmacist," is recognized as an expert in the area of healthy living. She advocates the H.E.A.L. strategy for safely handling alcohol consumption, especially during holiday celebrations.

Gina Eubank is the founder of Living Nutrilicious and has been called "America''s Favorite Pharmacist." She has been a regular contributor on CBS''s Great Day Houston as an expert Pharmacist and on the Dr. Panel for many years with insight and advice on how to be healthy in today’s world. She is also an advocate of the H.E.A.L. strategy for handling alcohol consumption safely.

According to Gina, "The H.E.A.L. strategy covers the do''s and don''ts of drinking, allowing people to enjoy alcohol without endangering their health or the safety of others on the road. New Year''s Eve is a particularly appropriate time to talk about handling drinking, since so many people will be attending holiday parties tonight. The H.E.A.L. strategy may assist you in keeping yourself safe and others. The key is each person''s body is different and responds to alcohol differently. Always err on the side of caution and slow down or stop drinking if you feel even slightly impaired. Your safety and the safety of others is 100 percent the goal of the H.E.A.L. strategy."

The H.E.A.L. strategy consists of four important elements: Hydrate, Eat, Aware and Limit. Hydrate refers to drinking plenty of non-alcoholic fluids, particularly water and non-caffeinated drinks. Drinking water allows the body to process the alcohol without becoming dehydrated. Eating is also important, as food helps the liver process alcohol more slowly and effectively. Awareness of how much alcohol is being consumed is also essential in managing drinking; many people are unaware of how often their glasses are refilled when they are partially full or how many drinks they have actually consumed, particularly if someone else is buying.

Finally, deciding on a limit to the number of drinks before going out can assist party goers in moderating alcohol consumption. According to Gina, "The National Institute of Health says that three drinks for a woman and 4 drinks for a man is considered heavy drinking and is not good for your entire body. You want your limit number to be considerably lower than the heavy drinking number."

Gina Eubank shares her insights into safe alcohol strategies as well as other healthy living topics at http://livingnutrilicious.com . For more information on the H.E.A.L. strategy, visit http://livingnutrilicious.com/americas-favorite-pharmacist/ . For information on Gina Eubank, see her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GinaCoaching

About Gina Eubank:

Gina Eubank is the founder of Living Nutrilicious, a company dedicated to helping those who are seeking a better way to live healthy lives. With two decades of experience as "America''s Favorite Pharmacist," Gina is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Pharmacy and has been featured on CBS''s Great Day Houston morning talk show.

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