Promoting young musicians: Musikbiz Stage with live music at the Musikmesse

Four-day programme of live music in the Musikbiz

Area Concerts in downtown Frankfurt

For the third time running, the music business will be represented at a special area of the Musikmesse, which is to be held in Frankfurt am Main from 1 to 4 April 2009. In the Musikbiz section, publishers, pro-moters, labels, agencies, festivals and virtual marketing platforms will present their services and, of course, their music. With the creation of Musikbiz in Hall 4.2, the Musikmesse has devoted a complete exhibi-tion hall to the marketing of music, labels, publishing companies, pro-fessional training opportunities for musicians, knowledge transfer, self-marketing, the first studio recording session and label or contrac-tual transactions.
On all four days of the fair, young artists will being demonstrating their skills live on the Musikbiz Stage (Hall 4.2, Room Dimension). On La-bel Day, Friday, 3 April 2009, concerts will be given by artists under contact to the labels exhibiting at the fair. They have the opportunity to perform for an audience of international visitors. All artists have one thing in commons: there are no limits on genre or style at their concerts. From jazz acts of the ACT label, via rock and punk bands from the ‘regioactive pool’, to bands from the PopCamp youth work or the Emergenza Festivals – at the Musikbiz area of the Musikmesse, you can see a multifarious spectrum of artist from the German and international music scene. You will find the complete programme here: http://musikmesse-events.com/eng/liste.php?stageid=2

However, the focus will not only be on music at the fair with many concerts being given in the city and the surrounding area during the Musikmesse. For example, the Musikbiz Show 2009 will be held at the ‘Sinkkasten’ club (Brönnerstraße 5-9) at 20.00 hrs on 2 April. Here, labels from Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region will present their acts live on stage. Once again, the region will demonstrate the depth and breadth of its art and music scene. Among the bands to be seen and heard will be Kenneth Minor of the Frankfurt label Hazel-wood Vinyl Plastics, Junk, who are being presented by Radio X, Tonfront and Robert Carl Blank of the Analoghaus label and The C-Types, also from Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics.

You will find details of special events to be held at the fair on the Musikmesse website, which can be found here:

Firma: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

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Stadt: Frankfurt - Germany
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