- The Loss Of Opportunity Is The Biggest Failure Of Investors

The Loss Of Opportunity Is The Biggest Failure Of Investors

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For an investor, the real failure is not the return of investment reaching the expectation, but when the opportunity is coming, it can't be recognized and grasped, and it pass away silently.

(firmenpresse) - For an investor, the real failure is not the return of investment reaching the expectation, but when the opportunity is coming, it can''t be recognized and grasped, and it pass away silently.

In 2003, Taobao just started. there is an opportunity to invest in Taobao and obtain 15% of the shares for pony (President of the Tencent), but he gave up the investment, Now Alibabaket value of $83 billion. Li Jiacheng''s second son, Richard Lee, had invested $2 million 200 thousand in 1999 and held a 20% stake in Tencent. But less than two years later, Richard Lee sold the stake to MIH Holding Group in South Africa for $12 million 600 thousand, and now Tencent

A lot of people said that the day of November 28th 2017 is very important, because the price of bitcoin is more than 10thousand dollars. Why is it important? Because they were looking at the opportunity to get rich and it slipped away from their side, but they didn''t catch it. This should be the best annotation for missing opportunities.

In 2017, bitcoin was so popular, so that if people don''t know bitcoin, they are embarrassed to work in the Internet financial circle. At the same time, the digital currency represented by bitcoin is developing vigorously all over the world, attracting many investors to join in and pay attention to various aspects.

Although the anonymous digital currency transactions lead to worry of regulators, because it will not help the fight against money laundering, and provide for criminal or terrorist activities. But this does not prevent the digital currency based on block chain technology to lead the future the trend of financial.

From the perspective of market, the emergence of digital currency is all more advantageous than disadvantages, because it is creating a fast-global circulation, and the larger the circulation area, the wider the scope, the higher its application value. It can effectively alleviate the problem of social financing, and can effectively reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in the bottom of the society. From the view of macro economy, the rapid rise of digital currency will lead the economy of all countries into the overtaking road. From a technical point of view, the block chain technology used by bitcoin is essentially a shared encrypted and unmanipulated ledger, which promises to provide encrypted transfer business, allowing anyone to get accurate funds, property or other asset account records.

Digital currency is an irresistible trend for future economic. But the digital currency market is still known by a few people. It also proves that people have not yet seen the opportunities brought by digital currency, so it is the real opportunity.

Under the current situation, it is the best opportunity for investors to grasp the trend of digital currency. There are a lot of people who see the opportunity, and there are few people who seize the opportunity. For a smart investor, the search and use of tools are the key to seize the opportunity and get rich. The exchange is the core tool.

The popularity of bitcoin has led to the digital currency exchange such as Bitfinex and Poloniex. But the problems caused by the role of the exchange emerge in an endless stream, and the business form can''t fully satisfy all the market demand.

The Unite Digital Assets Exchange (UDAE) integrates the advantages of existing exchanges. UDAE provides users with basic information query services, such as the price of digital currency, transaction volume and so on. It also provides transaction services, such as Coin-to-Coin Trading and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Trading. UDAE is a completely independent third-party trading service. UDAE does not participate in the circulation and operation of the digital currency, so unable transaction and unable withdraw deposit caused by bad management of the exchange will not appear. In addition, UDAE actively seeks cooperation with banks and enterprises to expand various business forms such as bank card issuance, offline trading, bulk purchase, daily shopping, life entertainment and so on. UDAE will push forward the practical application of digital currency in all-round ways.

As a global digital currency exchange, UDAE was established after discussion by a team composed of leading members of a large number of well-known digital currency teams. UDAE has inherited and developed the security, convenience and centralization of existing technology. Therefore, they can do their best to bring the safe, reliable, good user experience for users.

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