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Vollmilch Plus - why include into whole milk?

Are my calves optimally fed with only pure whole milk? No, although whole milk seems to be the most natural form of feeding calves, the nutrient supply of whole milk is often insufficient. Milk composition and quantity has changed due to genetic breeding and is no longer adequate for the calf’s requirements. Some of the essential vitamins and many trace elements are insufficient. This results in problems with immunity, health and in general development. Is it better to give up whole milk feeding? No, but the feeding of whole milk should improve with the help of supplements. How can I impro ...


Beaverwood Farm Is Allowing Camping For Mysteryland At Bethel Woods

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mysteryland’s next stop in its world tour is Bethel Woods in 2014. This is the historic site of the 1969 “Woodstock” and is considered hallowed ground in the world of music. This spectacular electronic music festival will host artists and fans from all over the world and be one of the most memorable musical events in the United States this year. For this event, the farm is not charging at all to camp. Instead, they rent a bus and commercial driver for each night of the event, so they charge $25 to take the bus to the show and back each day. About the Farm: Beaverwood ...


Pigs‘ Toys Increase Animal Wellbeing

Tested in various pig houses, the animals’ dealing with the cones has until now shown consistently positive results, in particular “reorientated“ behaviour patterns like tail-biting are reduced due to the satisfied rooting instinct. This is mainly relevant against the background of the fact that from 2016 onwards the prohibition of tail cropping will make its entry into German pig houses. Scientific findings also prove the practical suitability of the toys: in test groups with rooting cones, the animals used the cone significantly more frequently than the animal in the comparison group with t ...


For the Benefit of Humans and Animals

Based on a new lever technology, the ergonomic construction principle of this maintenance and wear-free opening and closing system ensures easy release by humans and by animals. In sow managements, an advantage of the system can be experienced in everyday use: due to the new free range systems, the opening and adjustment of the desired function is perfectly easy for up to twenty sows.  With this new variety, WEDA are reacting on the demands of modern pig managements with regard to the easy operation of self-catching pens. This fulfils the requirements set down in the EU Directive 88/2001 as ...


St. Louis Tree Service Company Launches New Mobile Site

Bunton & Meyer Tree Service St. Louis, Missouri announced today the launch of their new mobile website. SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI – Bunton & Meyer Tree Service is the premier tree care company in St. Louis, Missouri. Their mission is to provide superior tree service to all of St. Louis and the surrounding areas by conducting our operations safely and completing our projects with integrity, vision, and an unrivaled commitment to excellence. Bunton & Meyer Tree Service announced today that the company has launched a new mobile website to promote its St. Louis Tree Services. They provi ...


Easy, Mobile, Integral: New WEDA Software Improves Sow Management

The extensive software update enables a consistent exchange and comparison of data between the animal house segments of mating station, waiting section and farrowing section. This data transfer is carried out via the networking interface, ISOagriNET.   An absolute novelty on the market. Based on the new software architecture, the sows can now also be identified as individual animals in the group at the feed valve. This – compared with previous versions – is a technical innovation because the animals standing at the feed trough will not be anonymous any more. Also data from an external compute ...

17.06.2013 Becomes The Newest Email Verifier Startup

With the popularity of email marketing still going strong even with the rise of social media leads, email verification has never been more important as savvy marketers, list brokers, and campaign managers look to reduce their bounce rates and clean their email lists with the best available bulk email verifier online. The newest entrant into this industry is taking the subject by storm in order to verify email address contacts instantly one by one or in bulk for larger businesses, call centers, or brokers. verify email address has released their free email verifier. The bulk service is a comp ...


New Fashion In Kids Clothes

Kids look more fabulous and stylish due to many huge brands entering the children' clothes market. You will find huge collections of various sorts of dresses which can be found for teenagers of all age groups. Even for newborn the dresses which can be found are so wonderful. For folks mother's especially as they buy the youngsters dresses there's amazing choices available and on the long run mother spends more on clothes than she had thought of. Back in days the children dresses weren't obtainable in many styles but in several varieties and virtually all dresses were simpl ...


Getting Efficient and Useful Kitchen

Kitchen will always be the important part of living place which people can find since many years ago. Even the old form of living place all over the world will have the area for kitchen since kitchen becomes the place where people will prepare foods for the whole family. Maybe many years ago the kitchen area was all about the function but time passed by and people more aware about the aesthetic as well as efficiency as well so they will not only make the kitchen which is able to afford the function but it should also be efficient as well as beautiful. There are also some kinds of furniture ap ...



WEDA-EUROTIER NOVELTY No. 1 Feeding Technology „SowDryComp“ Dry Feeding, Dosificated like Liquid Feeding The new WEDA Feeding Unit, „SowDryComp“ combines the advantages of dry and liquid feeding. The result: greatest feed accuracy and maximal hygiene security, as manual feeding steps become no longer necessary. Which feeding system offers more – dry feeding or liquid feeding? In sow managements, this question is frequently discussed, however, without a clear result. It seems that in future this cannot be answered with certainty, either. Each technology has its followers and its specific adva ...


Sow Managements: New WEDA Pen offers more freedom of movement

The legal amendments for sow managements have led to stormy discussions about the wellbeing of animals. Amongst others, one of the topics was concerned with more space to enable more freedom of movement for sows in farrowing pens. In some countries, like for example in Austria, farmers will in future even be obliged by law in this respect. In order to provide a solution to this, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp from Lutten have developed an easy to operate freedom-of-movement and motion pen for sows. This ergonomic version of the full-service providers for pig managements combines proven standa ...


Business for Nature

The new edition of forum CSR international has just been published and looks into a new era of opportunity, growth and sustainable development. Main topics: Water, Forests and Business & Biodiversity. Munich, June 4th, 2012. Few of us can claim to understand the intricate workings of the global economy as it stands. It is too complex an organism, and sadly lacking in transparency. Let’s turn it into something simple and comprehensible. Let’s create a green economy which places a higher value on social equity, natural capital and ecological services. forum CSR international sheds light on t ...


High quality woodworking tools from Austria

Engineering, plant and machinery for the woodworking industry can nowadays be organised from anywhere in the world. As long as the company in charge has excellent international contacts and access to woodworking tools near the location of the plant, organisation can be done from abroad. A lot of competent cooperation partners projects involving woodworking tools and plants can be found in Austria. How can a company equip plants abroad with woodworking tools? It is obvious that even if a retailer of woodworking tools has a large choice of different models available, this will be no use when w ...


Used machinery from Austria gains world wide popularity

In general, used machinery can seem like an unsure investment to many companies. Retailers of used machinery have to offer detailed consulting and knowledge on their available machinery in order to convince sceptics. Some companies within the woodworking sector have managed to established their reputation by providing high quality used machinery, others failed due to a lack of choice or customer service. One of the companies that have made it and even provide solutions to world wide plants is K-Service whose headquarters lie in Austria. A large range of machines for the woodworking sector and ...


Wondering where you won't wait in line for a good sanding line?

Some of the finest machinery for the woodworking industry can be found in Austria. There are companies offering worldwide solutions for plant equipment and used machinery such as a sanding line. K-Service GmbH is one of the companies that have specialised in this sector and maintain high standards of customer service. What exactly is a sanding line for? Where a hand-held sanding machine from the DIY just won't do the job, a stationary sanding line is required. The wood that is to be sanded must be moved over the machine, and large surfaces can be sanded at once. This kind of sanding li ...


This is why second hand machinery from Austria is first choice

Second hand machinery may seem like a short-sighted investment to many entrepreneurs. However it is obvious that the benefit of such an investment strongly depends on the quality of the machinery. Some of the high quality second hand machinery can be found in Austria. How to find a good second hand machinery retailer When second hand machinery must be acquired for a professional woodworking company, the retailers who want to be considered must offer a sufficiently large choice of machines. Some clients will require machinery to equip entire plants, and good second hand machinery retailers a ...


Today's options for effective saw trimming

Machinery for saw trimming is not exactly what you would store in your basement with your other woodworking tools. But where do you find heavy saw trimming machinery which is suitable for processing large amounts of wood? Commission an external company to take care of your saw trimming Commissioning an external company is a convenient way of getting the job done for projects. One of the companies providing this kind of service is K-Service. A suitable arrangement of machinery will be chosen out of a large choice of available machines to suit the customer's demands. However, for those wh ...


New WEDA Container: small feed amounts – huge impact

The special feature of the „QXS“ is the cuboid-shaped „sump“ of the container. Furthermore, the developers of the comprehensive suppliers for pig managements have adopted the modular construction manner of the proven QS container wall system. This standardization facilitates container sizes with a volume from 650 to 1,650 litres in maximal construction stage. The newly developed agitators with floor-level „minimal stirrers“, attached under the floor bearing, guarantee the desired maximum of homogenous feed. The agitators operate close to the wall and the special construction of the agitators ...


New WEDA 10 cubic metres CCM Dosificator

The round dosificator for dry and wet pigs‘ feed components of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp is now additionally available in two spacious variations of six and ten cubic metres of intermediate storage capacity. Since the early eighties, WEDA of Lutten have been the only providers and producers for intermediate storage containers of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFK) for CCM and wet grain. These properties make GFK an ideally suited material. The containers are cost- effective, stable, light-weight, and the material remains undamaged when in contact with corrosive materials. Based o ...

06.07.2011 - Ein neuer weltweiter und kostenloser Marktplatz für die Landwirtschaft.

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen heute die Einführung unserer neuen Website bekannt zu geben - eine kostenlose Online-Börse für Unternehmen und Landwirte, die Käufer und Verkäufer von landwirtschaftlichen Gütern, Rohstoffen und Dienstleistungen in der nächsten Umgebung oder weltweit finden können. Auf Farmbook können Interessierte für sich werben – sei es als Anbieter oder Käufer landwirtschaftlicher Erzeugnisse, sie können die Kapazitäten und die Preise auf den Märkten beobachten sowie Zugriff auf die gesamte Website-Unternehmens-Datenbank erhalten. Farmbooks beliebtestes Instrument ist ...


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