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New vacuum processing unit at POWTECH 2010: Romaco FrymaKoruma presents Frymix II

The newly fitted vacuum processing unit FrymaKoruma Frymix II convinces with its innovative processing tool, which is integrated into a closed vessel system. The high-performance homogenizer with rotor-rotor system has a conical shape. With its precisely defined shearing energy, it processes the ingredients to the desired droplet size and distribution. In the opposite direction of rotation, the product can be mixed and circulated with no shearing. A funnel-shaped guide cone assures high turbulence in the interior of the vessel, as well as optimal deaeration during the thin-film procedure. The ...


Healthy foods that make us sick

Whether ACE vitamin drink, drinks, yoghurts, breakfast cereals and products for diabetics - who thus quenches his thirst or hunger, takes up a lot of fructose. In many products spend more than 20 grams of total fructose per serving. The fruit is erroneously still be healthy, but still remains sugar. Fructose is preparing the bowel more problems than the usual sugar and makes the intestines big trouble. The consequences are severe diarrhea and severe flatulence - a third of Germans suffer. The intestine is the center of the body, this is an old medical wisdom. Often, food intolerances are beh ...


When men get diabetes, they also often suffer from impotence

Professor Dr. med Thomas Haak (Member of the Board of diabetesDE and Medical Director of the Diabetes Centre Mergentheim) explains that many are reluctant to raise this issue with their doctor. He says that diabetes may be responsible for ensuring that it is not in bed as hoped. Many men and women with diabetes suffer from sexual impotence, or displeasure. Thus, by the disease damaged nerves causing a so-called erectile dysfunction in men. Women with diabetes have sex sometimes in pain because they suffer from dry mucous membranes and inflammation in the genital area. Patients and their partn ...


Type 2 diabetes are also at Dolphins

The discovery of diabetes in dolphins began with a chance finding three years ago. Stephanie Venn Watson (American marine biologist) examined the blood samples from dolphins that had been given nothing to eat overnight. She discovered that these animals dramatically changed in the night their metabolism and blood values were similar to those of people with type 2 diabetes were similar. These dolphins developed transient insulin resistance, until they got back to eat something. When starving, they had switched to an active diabetes. The result, the glucose was excreted more slowly. After the Do ...


Chapeau for the book suddenly diabetes by Jutta Schütz

The information you are encouraged by this book, are fully met. The book, which has gone with a different cover in the second edition describes all the important details of the low carb diet. A diabetic blog this book describes in these words: Jutta Schutz's book, 'Suddenly Diabetes' is a self-help book for sufferers, but also doctors. It is built like a diary and describes the ups and downs, it has even gone through within three months, until they finally get their due change in diet, blood sugar levels under control again. Jutta Schütz end of July 2007 was the frightening ...


Arbeitsschutz Aktuell – Safety and Health 2010 in Leipzig Excellent response to silver anniversary

Well-known companies and institutions will be using Arbeitsschutz Aktuell 2010 as a prevention forum. As in previous years, exhibitors will include large regional resellers such as the Leipziger Handelsgesellschaft. The IVPS (German Association of Manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment) will once again be represented by a large number of its members. The DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) will be staging its largest ever presentation on topical issues. According to the DNB (German Office Network), Arbeitsschutz Aktuell will be a key publicity platform this year. Opportunity to w ...


42 market research Launches Online Healthcare Panel for Pharmaceutical Research in India

The Online Healthcare Panel for India provides direct access to India’s key healthcare decision takers - including physicians of all specialties, dentists, pharmacists and opticians. The pharmaceutical research services that 42 market research can now offer in this market include market analyses relating to all healthcare associated topics, concept tests, patient diaries and sales force evaluations. These services will be conducted through online surveys, online focus groups and online monitors. By entering the Indian market and developing its local presence, 42 market research is strengtheni ...


ZONARE Showcases Expanded Ultrasound Platform, New Transducers and Advanced Software capabilities at ECR

VIENNA, March 4, 2010 – ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc., a developer of premium ultrasound systems, will showcase its new general imaging release for the ultra system here at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2010), the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology, March 4-8, 2010. The release includes new advanced software applications and transducers designed to deliver premium image quality and performance across a variety of clinical applications. New capabilities include contrast enhanced imaging studies, comprehensive elastography applications and 3D imaging. “Designed t ...


Going to the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver without jet lag - with the anti-jet lag programme fro

Long-distance flights to the Vancouver Olympic Games can cause jet lag and result in decreased performance levels. The 2010 Olympic Winter Games will be held in Vancouver (Canada) in February of next year. Most athletes will have to travel to this location by plane and cross several time zones. This can have a negative effect on performance, since the body's internal clock is disrupted through the time differences. Jet lag symptoms include fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, disrupted appetite and digestion, and decreased performance, whereby the latter is a particularly worrisome a ...


GE Healthcare sings a new LullabyTM for every newborn

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY, NOVEMBER 20th, 2009 – GE Healthcare, the US$17 billion healthcare business of General Electric Company as part of its ‘healthymagination’ initiative to reduce cost, increase quality and access to affordable healthcare worldwide, presents the Lullaby Warmer at the 40th World Congress of Medicine, MEDICA, in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Lullaby Warmer* has the potential to help caregivers improve access to quality infant care in developing countries where nearly 90% of the world's births occur. Globally, 139 million births occur each year, of which approximately 4 million ...



DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY, NOVEMBER 18th, 2009 – GE Healthcare, the $17 billion business unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), today introduced the new Venue™ ultrasound product line to the medical market. The Venue 40, the first product launched, provides visualization for needle guidance procedures and rapid diagnostics in real-time at the bedside. These "point of care" settings are the fastest growing in ultrasound around the world. In the U.S., these applications grew an average of 30 percent per year over the past four years, as cited in a recent 2008 industry report issued by ...



DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY, NOVEMBER 18TH, 2009 – As the need for wider MR systems increases, the industry has grappled over technology barriers preventing larger systems from offering advanced image quality. Addressing this issue, GE Healthcare introduces Optima MR450w*, a MR system with a 70cm wider bore that provides the most advanced image quality, and in less scans. The system serves the needs of the approximately 1 in 5 U.S. patients who are obese or claustrophobic and require a 'larger' imaging system. Additionally, the Optima MR450w , clinically optimized for specific anatomies, in ...


Ultrasonic device with cooling for use in pathology and analysis laboratories

Today, ultrasound is an integral part of both pathology and analysis laboratories where rapid diagnosis and a high degree of process effectiveness are concerned. The new SONOCOOL from BANDELIN now combines the process accelerating impact of ultrasound and simultaneous cooling of the sample. During the histological analysis of samples, in oncology, for example, bone decalcification is an important step as only decalcified samples can be suitably prepared for later analysis without contamination. The tedious process used to date can now be accelerated considerably using ultrasound. The morpholo ...


Schaerer Medical Expands Specialist Position for Surgical Supplies and Presents New Product Portfoli

(Muensingen, Switzerland, November 12, 2009) - Schaerer Medical is specialised in developing and manufacturing high quality mobile operating tables for all surgical disciplines. Individual accessories for all surgical disciplines and specialised solutions for minimally invasive surgery supplement complete the offer. All schaerer® products are developed in close cooperation with leading surgeons and scientists. They fulfil the highest demands in terms of quality and handling. This is guaranteed by continuous, practical development work and the proverbial Swiss precision in the manufacturing pro ...


Always State-of-the-Art

(Muensingen/Switzerland, November 12, 2009) - Schaerer Medical has further optimised its worldwide customer service for its medical products. Hans Rudolf Saegesser, Head of Marketing & Sales: „It is our continuing aim to further focus and enhance our client services.“ To meet this target, the best know-how and also competent, reliable technical services are required, available on a local basis. Schaerer Medical therefore cooperates with sales and service partners in more than 90 countries. This guarantees first class customer service on site. Schaerer’s technicians and the service staff ...


Product Innovation: Schaerer Medical Presents Mobile Operating Table with Heavyweight Capacity at ME

(Muensingen/Switzerland, November 11, 2009) - Schaerer Medical introduces a new operating table to the market, capable of carrying patients up to a weight of 360 kg. The well-known stability and solidity of Schaerer’s products reaches new dimensions with this operating table. The established column-construction allows free access both for surgical and technical demands and defines this operating table as an optimal solution in the operating room. The reach of extension of the column – measuring in standard-situations from 59-120 centimetres – under maximum heavy weight-bearing still is 59-100 ...


Here techies care for matters of heart

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, in association with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, has been stepping forward in direction to make the diagnosis of heart diseases cheaper as well as more authentic. ...


Presenting A Secret Formula To Lead A Healthier Life

Diabetes Symptoms causes control treatment information and cure guide Visit here to get answer about Secrets Of Full Health & Weight Loss Easy Weight Loss Secrets Guide Yogaseekers Your ...


Guten Klinischen Praxis Schulungen

Die Schulung in ICH GCP( Guten klinischen Praxis) ist einer der ersten Schritten jeder Gruppe der klinischen Studie. Die Fachleute, die an einer klinischen Forschung teilnehmen, bekommen mit einem solchen Training die Kenntnisse, wie man eine Studie durchführt. Das heißt nicht nur Sicherheitserfahrung, sondern auch Geldmanagement und Gruppenarbeit. Die Dokumentation für jede klinische Studie ist etwas ganz Kompliziertes, deshalb gibt die GCP Verordnung wichtige Hinweise, wie man den Prozess erleichern kann. Je vielfaltig die Menschen sind, desto mehrfach auch die Schulungen sind. Das st ...


Dandruff - Are You Sure It Dandruff?

Everybody hates dandruff. No body likes the falling white flakes and the itching scalp. we all try many shampoos and treatments, both natural and chemical to get rid of dandruff. I want to ask many of you who suffer dandruff- how are you sure that you are having dandruff? ...


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