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Anatomy For Everyone!

Included are courses in Chinese plus accommodation on the campus. The courses are all held in English. Programme director Dr. Thomas Weiberlenn explains the rare chance this programme offers: 'Practical anatomy, Chinese language and acupuncture - all this rolled together into one can - in these days -only be had in China'. The main feature of 'My-China-Campus' is the potential for anatomical studies for all participants. What is just an exception at European universities - mostly just to be had in larger groups of students - is the rule at this university! This privilege is ...


new coffee on europe. coffee and carbblocker and burner and energybooster for your coffeemachines!!!

Enjoy Italian flavour with CoGuBean Energy Extreme gourmet coffee with the breakfast, afternoon, coffee gossip, dinner, before training or strong achievement demand and decreasing you your hunger feeling as well as the admission of unwanted coal hydrates and burning you at the same time fat. Carb block, thermal burner, extremes training vitalizer. CoGuBean-Energy Extreme is one of the most efficient most functional food on the market with a high content of citrus aurantium (heat-feeling/higher body warmth solves out = thermal genesis). It contains a synergistic combination of several strong c ...


ETLog Health conducts waste training programs in Zambia

According to the BMZ, the aim of Zambian-German co-operation is to reduce the extensive poverty in the country. German activities in Zambia are concentrated on the topics of water provision, de-centralization as well as the development of good government and of civil society. The five-day course of ETLog Health aims to use measures of practice-oriented further-education in order to develop strategies for the improvement of the provision of water and sanitation in areas of urban poverty in order to implement them within the framework of subsequent pilot projects. The training measures had t ...


A new system against hospital infections in cardiology

Pacemaker implantation, implantable defibrillators and all other surgical procedures, involves the risk of infection. Infection remains the most common pacemaker-related complication after equipment failure and sensing and pacing defects. It is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality despite improved surgical techniques and the development of new pacemaker devices. If a pacemaker patient gets an infection the bacteria can persist even when the rest of the body is free of infection, causing the original blood poisoning illness to re-emerge at a later date, when it may even prove fatal. T ...


ETLog Health undertakes waste-management project in Tajikistan

Tajikistan has been a partner-land with Germany for developmental co-operation since 2002. According to the foreign office, Germany and Tajikistan have agreed on "sustainable economic co-operation," building and the health service as foci of this work. Since beginning the development work, Germany has made 100 million € available, including emergency aid. In 2004, both sides agreed to develop projects in the health-care sector. According to the World Health organization (WHO), life-expectancy in Tajikistan has declined due to various factors. The most important causes are: poor nut ...


Sweat-Stop stops sweating! Never sweat again...

Due to a new effective compound the antiperspirant Sweat-Stop restrains sweating on any part of the body. Thereby, it is mild to the skin and does not lose any effectiveness. One application every second day prevents displeasing transpiration and can considerably increase quality of life. The product was developed for persons with moderate up to strong perspiration and for persons suffering from hyperhidrosis. Sweating is completely normal and is an essential body-procedure. The human body is equipped with more than 3 million sweat glands. Perspiration is controlled by our vegetative nervous ...


New Best Functional Food of the Market. CoGuBean Serie for Slim>Fit>Burn>Diet>Energy>Metabolic>Food

CoGuBean is the first Gourmet series at functional food, this series was developed, in order to deal with the needs of achievement-needy humans. It is you with the fat acceptance to lose Zunahmemetabolismus and reach your achievement goals. Using CoGuBean before exercise can support you, if he improves constitution and structure of body. CoGuBean is a scientifically formulated mixture of the nutrients, which can support you, if you liked to exhaust your achievement. CoGuBean series achievement foods are sketched, in order not to supply fair healthy characteristics in addition, large taste ...


Sterile conditions for mobile field hospitals and surgical field hospitals

This new technology can be used immediately without installation time. Toul laminar airflow creates immediate sterile conditions for army field hospitals, surgical field hospitals or wherever it is needed. A combination of Laminar Air Flow and high efficient HEPA filters ensures sterile laminar airflow especially for the application of operating theatre suites (operating room- surgical room). Toul laminar airflow guarantees sterile conditions in the operating field and on the instrument table even in extreme conditions like military and emergency situation. This mobile laminar airflow can be u ...


Mobile Laminar Air flow for emergency - less wound infection for emergency application

A new mobile laminar air flow Toul makes it possible to ensure the best possible sterile conditions for emergency and field hospitals This mobile laminar air flow system Toul reduces the contamination level on the surgical site and instrument table up to 95 % by the use of Hepa filters. The air is filtered via Hepa filter (High efficiency particulate air). The mobile laminar air flow guarantees sterile conditions in the operating field and on the instrument table even in extreme conditions. It can be used immediately due to sterile screens which are to be exchanged just before the operation ...


Saving waste can save you money

In 2002, AK Umweltschutz carried out a practice workshop in the hospital Nordrhein-Westfalen with experts, production manufacturers and hospital staff regarding the subject “Waste or effluent? Disposing fluid medical waste safely, cheaply and in an environmentally friendly manner.“ The conclusion: "Our future task is to develop in association with handlers, manufacturers and research institutes, a safe, cost-saving and environmentally friendly solution for this problem [the disposal of fluid waste].” Growing costs of disposal, the need for safe alternatives to the bedpan and const-inte ...



Air-conditioning, heating, too much travel, flying, a demanding job and harmful environmental influences – no more problem for your skin ! ISENCE beauty innovations, a group of biologists, technicians and cosmetic specialists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Taiwan – many of them true cosmopolitans and frequent-fliers – have developed together with dermatologists a high-tech beauty care system that is the first to make cosmetic applications simple, fast and efficient and gives your skin an energy boost, minerals and moisture: ISENCE POWERMASK – the facial sheet mask. THE IDEA – a fla ...


ICD-10, don’t get lost in translation!

Being the first internet image database to understand the power of this revolutionary tool, we developed the medicalpicture® ICD-10 search system, allowing our customers to search our databank using these diagnose keys instead of search words, resulting in a vastly superior specificity in your search. Search and enjoy “This innovation simplifies navigating the medicalpicture® database tremendously,“ explains CEO Thomas Schmidt, referring to this latest addition to the medicalpicture search engine. “We are certain that this innovation was worth the effort. Customers from around th ...


Beauty, those who look for it, find it, or create it

The profession of aesthetic surgery covers numerous different medical fields. Ultimately, the goal is always an aesthetic improvement of the patient’s looks although the medical reasoning behind any procedure may vary from medically necessary interventions to purely aesthetic motivations.Liposuktion ‘Beauty comes from within, but sometime you have to help it get out!’ quote Thomas Schmidt, CEO medicalpicture GmbH. ‘..medicalpicture photographers show how its done.’ Pictures, photos and illustration regarding aesthetic surgery in the image archive Numerous different procedures are ...


Berlin based ETLog Health, Grontmij | Carl Bro and EHG awarded tender for EU waste project in Serbia

The long years of civil war has left its mark deep in the fabric of Serbia. Since October 2000, she has been making efforts to turn around the fortunes of the nation. Serbia has placed great hope in membership of the EU. In order to achieve this aim, she must first restore and improve the infrastructure. One is the disposal of waste. To this end, the European Agency Reconstruction (EAR) has initiated a programme with the title: National CARDS Programme. Many projects have been awarded under the aegis of this programme, including technical support in area of hospital waste. The aim of the pr ...


InfoPro Launches online training for CABG

New Jersey, US: InfoPro Learning, one of the world’s leading providers of learning solutions, has announced the launch of its first ever, online training course on Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). The course, authored by Dr. A Sampath Kumar, the internationally renowned cardiovascular surgeon, is hosted on InfoPro’s Life Sciences website at CABG surgery is one of the most commonly performed major operations in the world, especially in the US, where about half a million surgeries are conducted each year. CABG is recommended for patients whose arterie ...


medicalpicture® machte am 19.04.2007 Station auf der picturehouse in Hamburg.

The asthmatic constriction of the respiratory pathways, often has inflammatory causalities and is mostly a chronic condition. Generally, some kind of gAsthmawieseenetic predisposition may be found in asthma patients. Up to 5 percent of the adult and approximately 10 percent of the juvenile population are suffering from asthma. An attack may be triggered by a variety of individual factors although several factors may come together and further increase the severity of an attack. In popular media asthma is often divided into two major groups, allergy related and non-allergic asthma. Cigarett ...


Improvements to Healthcare Provision in South-East Asia

According to a report from the news agency Reuters, the German chancellor called for “support for emerging and developing countries with the development of hospital provision” at the AIDS conference in March 2007 in Bremen. This call underlines the acute necessity of the project started in January in Asia. A large number of infectious diseases such as TB, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS as well as pandemics such as SARS and bird ‘flu are transmitted in hospitals. The risk for healthcare professionals and patients is high, and this burdens the healthcare system with extra costs. In order to prevent infec ...


Day of Tribute to Charles Darwin, the Father of the Evolution Theory

ebruary 12th is Darwin Day, which appeals to the spirit of research and humanity in honour of the British nature researcher. medicalpicture® is celebrating this day with its own series of pictures for the creator of the theory of evolution. Even nowadays the name Darwin draws different reactions from different people – even though Darwin himself cannot help it. Charles Robert Darwin, who was born on February 12th, 1809 in Shrewsbury and died on April 19th, 1882 in London, is arguably one of the most frequently misunderstood scientists of all time. And for no other misunderstood scien ...


Designers Digest shows “Views from the inside – layer by layer”

medicalpicture® will be presenting itself in the latest edition of the professional publication Designers Digest with an impressive picture gallery. Large-format illustrations of the brain, histological profiles of organs and true images from the inside of the body demonstrate in a strikingly sensuous manner that humans can be attractive models with more than just their outer appearance. The most recent publication of Designers Digest (Number 98) is a small work of art in itself. This is not only due to the highly aesthetic layout and the fine print quality, but to a great extent ...


ETLog Health works on Waste Management Project in Pakistan

Berlin/Islamabad. The politically explosive Pakistani province of Kashmir became the focus of world attention for a few days in 2005. In a short space of time, an earthquake raised whole swathes of land to the ground. In addition to the reconstruction aid, delivered in the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe, long-term projects are now essential in order to restore the infrastructure. One of the focuses of the reconstruction work is the health provision infrastructure. On 8 October 2005 an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale was recorded and the pictures of the homeless peop ...


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