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How much does a Domain Transfer cost-

Every registrar is an entrepreneur, who decides about his own prices. Therefore: We cannot give explanations, which apply to every registrar. By the way: Our explanations are also a kind of prediction. As we know, predictions are difficult - especially about the future There are (at least) two kinds of domains: generic domains like .com and country code domains like .cn. Generic domains: There are no direct costs for the transfer, but one year of registration is added at every change of registrar. Some registrars invoice the new year after the transfer, others at the start of the new period. C ...


Cyou-Domain: Register before the others...

You are able to register the name of your choice on .cyou with the special Early Access Program beginning June 16th, 2020. Why Cyou-Domains? 1. The .cyou domain agnostic of geography, language, and industry and can be used by anyone to denote their presence on the internet 2. Getting shows that you are innovative and ?with it? 3. A Cyou-Domain will help websites, and online identities stand out like never before 4. The Cyou-Domain is perfect for businesses trying to target young audiences as it conveys the creativity of ideas 5. The Cyou-Domain doubles up as a smart abbreviation ...


Is it a good Idea to use a expired Domain for your own Website-

It is a good idea, as you can profit by traffic, back links and links at search engines. But be carefully: Had the former website with the expired domain a good reputation or a subject, which could harm your business? Hans-Peter Oswald (English) (deutsch) Abdruck und Veroeffentlichung honorarfrei! Der Text kann veraendert werden. Secura GmbH ist ein von ICANN akkreditierter Registrar f 2018 landete Secura beim Industriepreis unter den Besten. Secura gewann 2016 den "Ai Intellectual Proper ...


How to sell domains-

If you want to sell a domain, which you own, you can use platforms like EBAY, SEDO, UNDEVELOPPED or AFTERNIC. You should think also to use forums like DNFORUM. You should make a website and/or a blog, which offers the domain. Don?t forget to use hints at the whois entries like nameservers named Very important: If you want to sell a domain name, you should be active. You could contact the owners of similar domain names and ask them, if they are interested at your name. If you want to resell domain names, you should ask one of the existing registrars (like Secura ...


Why we have do buy Domain Names-

If everybody could choose its own domain name, domain names would not be unique at a Top Level Domain. Many people would choose e.g. The rooting of a domain name is only working, if the domain name (your name+top level extension) is unique. You cannot establish and administrate the DNS system as an indivudual. You can compare the complexity and size of the DNS System e.g. to the US postal system. Registries and Registrars collect money from many individuals to build the capital in order to finance the technical system of the DNS System. Hans-Peter Oswald http://www.domainregistry ...


How does appear a Domain in Redemption Period at the Whois-

There are country code domain extensions and generic Top Level domains with the rules of ICANN. Some of the country code domain extensions have adopted policies of ICANN, but the great majority of country code domains has its own individual rules. We talk only about the domains at the administration of ICANN: The status of a domain at Redemption Period is listed as: ?Domain Status: redemptionPeriod ? A domain in redemption period has this status. It has not the status ?okay?. The domain at the Redemption Period can be restored within 30 days after deletion by the owner by paying the domain fee ...


Should I register a com-Domain, if the name at .org is already taken-

It is the best, if you own the com-Domain, the net-Domain and the org-Domain. But you should not be worried, if you don''t own the org-domain. The owner of a org-Domains risks to lose traffic to the identical com-domain name, because users have forgotten that the searched content is located at .org. If you register the identical Hans-Peter Oswald Abdruck und Veroeffentlichung honorarfrei! Der Text kann veraendert werden. Secura GmbH ist ein von ICANN akkreditierter Registrar f 2018 landete Secura beim Industriepreis unter den Beste ...


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS launches NB-IoT solutions

br /> 5G standard for more efficient and effective communication on global rise IDENTEC SOLUTIONS opens up new fields of application in industry and transport logistics through Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) Remote reefer monitoring as a bespoke, scalable solution for all sizes of business IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, a leading provider of wireless localisation solutions, is putting their focus on the development of Narrow Band Industrial Internet of Things (NB-IoT) solutions as well as the consistent development of new fields of application for the said. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has its sights fir ...


TÜV Rheinland at the Light + Building

T"Explore Tomorrow. Smart Lighting for Your Connected Home" at this year''s Light + Building, the world''s leading trade fair for lighting and building technology, from 8 to 13 March 2020 in Frankfurt am Main. The experts from Tinformation, visit The market for IoT devices is growing rapidly. Lighting is also becoming increasingly smart. Modern LED lighting connected to the Internet creates innovative possibilities for completely new applications. This starts with the control of light in the smart home and extends to complex lighting solution ...


Innovative Technical Concepts and Smart Ideas for a Future Where People Will Be Put Back in Control of Their Data

The Data Sharing Days took place in The Hague on January 27 and 28, 2020. Over 100 international experts from private and public sector participated in this premier edition and discussed concepts and strategies in relation to the main theme of the event: ?How to use data sovereignty to create value?. Participants experienced two days full of inspiring presentations, fruitful discussions and interviews conducted by visionaries and experts. Driven by the implementation of GDPR in the EU and alike regulations in other countries, promoted by a growing public awareness for personal data and how it ...


What is better: com-Domain or co-Domain-

The .com domain is the gold standard for US-Americans. Google lists at the first page of the US-Version of Google at the most searches websites at .com. If your name is taken at .com, the co-Domain is a good option. The fitting name at .co promesses more success than a wrong, but available name at .com. By the way: If you are not citizen of the USA, we recommend to register your name at your country code domain extension. Google lists at the first page of different country versions of Google at the most searches websites with the country code extension. And if you your citizen of Columbia, you ...


Domain with or without "www"

Question: Shall I print my domain name e.g."www"? My answer: I would write the domain name with ?www?, as you cannot exclude, that user exists, who may not recognize your domain name as a domain without ?www?. Hans-Peter Oswald Abdruck und Veroeffentlichung honorarfrei! Der Text kann veraendert werden. Secura GmbH ist ein von ICANN akkreditierter Registrar f 2018 landete Secura beim Industriepreis unter den Besten. Secura gewann 2016 den "Ai Intellectual Property Award 2016" als "Best International Domain Registrati ...


When I should pay to renew my domain-

It is not possible to give a general answer. I limit the answer to generic domains administered by ICANN. If you do not pay your domain fee just in time till expiration date, the registrar may delete the domain at any time. Many registrars/providers allow the registrant up to 45 days after the expiration date for the payment of the domain fee, but they are not obliged to do so. If a domain is deleted, the domain is at the Redemption Grace Period or at the Redemption Period. The registrar is obliged to restore a domain, if the registrants wants to restore it and pays: the renewal fee and the re ...


New business models and market players through digitalisation

In the ever-moving technological revolution and digitalisation, new players are constantly entering the market and creating innovative business models. For established companies to survive with resilience, they need thinkers and leaders who can implement and take responsibility for new ideas and models. Paradigm shift in the digital age Competition enlivens the market and is a key driver for companies to innovate. In the digital age, many services can be offered globally, but also locally with a strong focus on one''s target group. Many start-ups are taking this opportunity. Establi ...


Top-Deals for Bargain Hunters: Euserv "Cyber Weeks" with special server, hosting, cloud and mail offers

Annual "Cyber Weeks" have started at Euserv Internet, culminating at the weekend of "BlackFriday" and "CyberMonday". Until December 2nd, 2019, both private and commercial customers may grab attractive special offers with high potential savings in categories dedicated Servers, Cloudstorage, Hosting and MailDomain. Great cloudstorage capacity: 10TB Online-Storage for 11,90 Euro monthly A convincing offer is cloud storage "BackupHD 10T" including 10TB online-storage and offered for 11.90 EUR per month permanently. The special plan includes secure access to ...


Factory in a Box Evolution: BotCraft as EcoSystem Partner of Nokia - continuing collaboration to further enhance "FiaB?

After the "Factory in a Box 2.0" successfully demonstrated how to implement innovative technologies in production, Nokia has started the next innovation phase to upgrade the solution to 5G and BotCraft has been confirmed to continue as innovation eco-system partner in the research project. After BotCraft had already proven its capabilities in the area of machine connectivity and advanced robotics in the previous project, the start-up now extends its focus to artificial intelligence topics. BotCraft demonstrates why factory connectivity is an important basis for AI in the context of a ...


EUserv offers new?MailDomain Home? - Plan for Mailhosting including Domain

For e-mail communication under an own domain including Email addresses and Email accounts, EUserv introduces the plan "MailDomain Home" and replaces all previous Email plans. Individual Email communication for families and self-employed Whether individuals, families, self-employed or small teams: Plan "MailDomain Home" allows professional email communication under a separate own domain. Included 10 GB of mail storage is assignable across all Email accounts. It can be extended by additional mail-storage. Up to 300 configurable Email addresses can be assigned to Email account ...


Fresh air with new functions for Domain Plans at EUserv

The Webhosting company EUserv Internet (Germany) has done an upgrade of its domain management by introducing the new plan "Domain Pro v3" and offers several new features around registration and management of domain names for domain customers. New features for graphical Domain Management In addition to the administration of domain redirects and mail addresses with forwarding many new functions and extensions were introduced: The introduction of a new name server structure increases the reliability and redundancy once more and now also allows additional DNS record types that can be add ...


Me-Domains: Now in Japanese

The Registry of me-Domains has announced the launch of the supported Japanese IDN language beginning December 3, 2019. The Japanese IDN will become available on a First-Come First-Served (FCFS) basis upon launch. The addition of Japanese characters bring the total number of languages supported by the Me-Domain to 29 languages. The me-Domains are known for domain hacks like The me-domain is an Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) that has been assigned to Montenegro. This follows Montenegro''s June 3, 2006 declaration of independence from Serbia and Montenegro, which ...


EUserv offers bare metal servers with 20 free IP addresses: "RTR server"

Server hoster EUserv Internet added a new server series including 20 free IP addresses. Due to the large number of IP addresses, these dedicated "RTR Servers" are ideally suited as a host to run virtualized servers. The abbreviation "RTR" stands for "Ready-To-Run" and means that customers can benefit from a deployment process within a few minutes when ordering one of these models. Immediately available hardware All of the "RTR servers" are immediately available. "Even for these dedicated servers deployment times are reduced to a few minutes", e ...


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