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Component Design: Competitive Advantage through Stress Analysis

Components are subject to multi-axial loadings. The typical design approach is based on material specific modelling and suitable tests to identify the parameters of the model. The tests are costly and time consuming. Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF have suggested a basic approach to select the necessary tests for reliable modelling. Using proposed stress analysis, the available stress states in the components under loadings can be sorted and the volumes of the components under tension and compression can be taken into account. The dec ...


"TRUSTS" enables European data markets based on the IDS architecture

Data sharing shapes the economic and societal future of Europe and bears huge potentials. But it also comes with risks and apprehensions. The EU project TRUSTS ? Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space was established to identify and overcome legal, ethical, and technical challenges of cross-border data markets. The IDS architecture ensures data sovereignty for those who provide their data. The TRUSTS European Data Market will be based on the reference architecture designed by the International Data Spaces (IDS) Association. The IDS architecture is considered the de facto standard for creating and o ...


Chronic Venous Ulcers: Stem cell therapy improves non-healing wounds

The current news is therefore encouraging: In a regulatory agency-approved Phase IIa clinical study, RHEACELL, a company specializing in stem cell therapies, was able to accrue safety and initial efficacy data for ABCB5-positive mesenchymal stem cells (ABCB5+ MSCs) in the treatment of CVU. This study demonstrated successfully that topically applied, highly purified ABCB5+ MSCs modulated the patient?s immune system to promote wound healing. In approximately 70 percent of patients, chronic venous ulcers decreased on average by 82 percent in size and even complete wound closures were observed. Th ...


Digitalization as a guarantee for success- About errors and success Factors in digital Transformation

Digital transformation - i.e. the realignment of a company in terms of strategy, business model and the resources and processes used through the use of digital technologies - is relevant for all companies. It must be approached proactively in every case and not just when a company is posting poor figures. On the road to successful digitization, there are many stumbling blocks that can jeopardize success. Read more on nc360 Think digital - act digital: what it''s all about How does the digital transformation succeed? Success factor 1: Taking customer needs into account Success factor ...


RHEACELL successfully concludes three clinical trials for chronic and incurable diseases at once

Chronic diseases not only put a strain on the health system, but also have a major impact on the quality of life of affected patients. In Germany alone, about 40 percent of the population suffer from at least one chronic disease. Significantly debilitating diseases include diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), chronic venous ulcers (CVU) and the rare genetic disease recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB), which is currently incurable. For those three diseases, the biopharmaceutical company based in Heidelberg has now taken the first steps towards possible therapeutic success using highly puri ...


ESRF receives EIGER2 detectors for its new Extremely Brilliant Source

In its aim to provide its users with a low-emittance and a high-energy source, thetness and high-energy photons, the source is receiving eight EIGER2 detectors. The&D efforts, focused on X-ray solutions for future synchrotron sources with new features and great stability. Built on a new ASIC generation, all EIGER2 detectors feature an increased count rate capability (107 ?The construction of the first high-energy fourth-generation synchrotron light source brought with it the challenge to get the most out of its capacities. We aim for state-of-the-art detectors that provide new features and ...


Caterpillars of the wax moth love eating plastic: Fraunhofer LBF investigates degradation process

Can caterpillars be used to combat excessive plastic waste? Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF have taken a closer look in an attempt to answer this question. The initial situation: larvae of the wax moth Galleria melonella are thought to eat and digest polyethylene, which is why they are considered to contribute to the CO2-neutral elimination of the mountains of plastic waste that are growing worldwide. However, whether the caterpillar can do this is still not understood and is currently the subject of controversial discussion. Within ...


Park Systems Introduces Park NX-Tip Scan Head - The Automated Atomic Force Microscopy System for measuring Ultra Large and Heavy Flat Panel Displays

To answer the increasing demand for AFM based metrology on larger flat panel displays, Park Systems has introduced the NX-Tip Scan Head, which overcomes nanometrology challenges for sample dimensions over 300mm and weights above 1kg. The Tip Scanning Head (TSH) is a moving tip head designed specifically for automated AFM measurements and analyses on large samples such as OLED and LCD screens. The automated TSH combines the x, y, and z scanners, and is mounted on a gantry style air bearing stage that allows movement directly to any point on the substrate. This innovative technological solution ...


28” large-sized bar type ePaper displays in full color and gray scales

In May 2020, it was announced that the two large companies E Ink Holdings (E Ink) and Innolux (a subsidiary of Foxconn) had started cooperation in the ACeP area (Advanced Color ePaper) for E Ink Gallery predestined for integration in in-vehicle advertisement and retail signage, as well as passenger information systems in public transportation. An interface of the panel is mini-LVDS. Its features are high bandwidths with reduced noise levels, low power consumption and good EMC behavior. To drive the display a TCON-board with IC T1000 is developed by E Ink. The driving board will be offered tog ...


Lighter cars by using recyclable bio-based polymer parts

To reach the climate goals, energy and fuel consumption of vehicles has to be reduced. This can be achieved by reducing the vehicle weight by substituting metal parts by polymer parts. At the same time, these parts need to be stable and safe. One option to ensure this is to use fibre reinforcements in polymer parts. Many of the polymers used today are not recyclable, which is an ecological and economical drawback. The consortium of the EU-funded project ECOXY found a solution by using recyclable bio-based matrices, thus addressing two topics at the same time: lightweight and recyclability. In ...


Without thermal chamber: Fraunhofer LBF develops dynamic plastics testing even at low temperatures

Plastics behave dependent on temperature and strain rate. When designing components, it is therefore important to know the behavior of the plastic used, not only under laboratory conditions, but also under the subsequent conditions of use. The entire spectrum of possible temperatures must be considered. To this end, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF have expanded the dynamic possibilities at the institute''s own modified high-speed testing machine with a device that enables plastics to be examined even at low temperatures ? va ...


iDTRONIC’s C9 RFID Handheld Terminal Series: RFID Mobile Terminals with latest Android 10 „Q“ Version

► C9 BLACK The C9 Black is a compact RFID Handheld for the valid identification of RFID Tags or transponders. It is optionally available with RFID UHF, HF, NFC or LF Reader. It supports the standards EPC C1 GEN2 / ISO 18000-6C, ISO 14443 A, ISO 15693, NFC-IP1, NFC-IP2 and ISO 11784/11785. C9 Black is suitable for both short-range and long-range applications with a reading range of up to 1.5 m. Optionally, the RFID Handheld is available with a 1D or 2D Barcode Scanner for demanding warehousing processes. The high-performance 4.900 mAh Li-Ion battery withstands a whole working day wi ...


Analysis of Phosphine in food and feed via Headspace-GC-PFPD

Tentamus Agriparadigma, Laboratory based in Ravenna (Italy), has been active for over 30 years in the analysis of pesticide residues in food and feed. Phosphine is one of the most widely used fumigants. EU legislation sets maximum residue limits for the sum of phosphine and phosphides in foodstuffs within a range of 0.01 to 0.7 mg/kg, depending on the commodity. For this reason, the laboratory of Tentamus Agriparadigma has developed its own method based on the most recent scientific literature. The method involves the development of phosphine from the sample by acid treatment and the subsequen ...


Change of company name and rebranding of SciLabware Ltd.

Since 2011 SciLabware has been part of the DWK Life Sciences group ? a leading global manufacturer of premium scientific labware and container solutions for a wide range of life science, technical and packaging applications. As a customer focused organization DWK Life Sciences concentrates on a continuous harmonization towards ?one face to the customer?. In this respect, we are now taking the next step to align SciLabware with the DWK Life Sciences Group. In the future SciLabware Ltd. will appear under the new company name DWK Life Sciences Ltd. This official name change also entails a change ...


Upcycling of Post-Consumer PLA Waste: A Gateway to "Circular Bio-Economy"

Designed for performance and durability, synthetic plastics have become indispensable as ?materials of every-day use?. However, their indiscriminate disposal has led to an acute problem of plastic pollution. In order to solve this issue, the European Union not only tries to implement a circular system to reuse, repair and recycle plastics (circular economy) but it also aims to produce plastics of renewable resources (bio-based plastics). Poly-lactic acid (PLA) is one of the most promising and frequently used polyesters from this category. Due to its flexible and versatile applications ranging ...


HeiQ Viroblock certified as cosmetic grade&bio-based renewable

Leading the international textile industry to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, HeiQ recently launched HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, an antiviral and antibacterial textile treatment proven to reduce 99.99% of , the virus that causes COVID-19, along with other enveloped viruses and bacteria. Viruses and bacteria can remain infective on textile surfaces for days. Human Coronavirus SARS-CoV persist for up to 2 days on surgical gowns* at room temperature. Antiviral treatments for textiles contribute to more hygienic and safer textile products and can help mitigate the risk of contamination and transmission. Wh ...


VITROCELL® TEM Grid holders for dose determination of airborne particles during in vitro Exposure at the air / liquid interface

. Background The assessment of toxicological effects of airborne particles to the human organism is of major importance in disease research. The presence of nano and ultrafine particles can be found both in indoor and outdoor atmospheres which include workplaces and living areas. Over the last years, the degree of contribution to diseases of such particles is analyzed ever more frequent by the use of in vitro methods. The required equipment for these studies consisting of aerosol generation and exposure systems are nowadays developed more and more to proven levels. Here the exposure of lung ce ...


HeiQ and Intexso biochem celebrate seven years of partnership in the fast-growing and innovative market of India

HeiQ is a leader in textile innovation, creating some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile effects in the market today. They have a variety of technology categories, including the recently launched HeiQ Viroblock that is tested effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). HeiQ is an innovation partner with its distributors, and as they continue to see significant growth in the Indian market, they are proud of their long-term partnership with Intexso. Intexso biochem private limited (Intexso) manufactures innovative and customized products for the industries like textile, lea ...


Artistic Denim Mills and HeiQ collaborate to launch?Safe To Touch? denim and face mask collection

Artistic Denim Mills (ADM) is a vertical denim mill based in Karachi, Pakistan, that produces fabrics, garments and face masks for the global market. Their heritage is in jeans that give feel, fit and comfort to customers using innovative fibers and stretch technologies. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, ADM has ventured into the production of face masks as well. HeiQ Materials AG continues to differentiate and innovate with their partners to create some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile technologies in the market today. HeiQ is a three-in-one company: scientific research, ...


The Floating Laboratory

Innovations are extremely important for the further development of the yacht industry. But how do manufacturers know in advance which ideas will prove effective or which products will actually add value compared to conventional processes? With the AZ project, a 30-metre yacht hull, International Maritime Research GmbH & Co. KG (IMR) is for the first time now offering a platform to test innovative products and processes under real world conditions. The AZ project, initiated by Kay-Johannes Wrede''s newly founded company IMR, currently comprises several research projects, funded in ...


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