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Athens and Olympia: a Residential Trip to Greece

The birthplace of democracy, the seat of great philosophical thinking, home to some of the world On a residential trip to Athens and Olympia, students are able to get up close and personal with the stunning Acropolis in Athens, the ancient city of Delphi, and Olympia, home to the original Olympic Games. All of these sites embody the spirit and culture of ancient Greece, helping to bring back to life the students The Acropolis No residential trip of Greece would be complete without a visit to Athens and its Acropolis. The Acropolis is a part of town which is given special protection and fort ...


Gibraltar: A Spanish School Trip with a Difference

Gibraltar is one of those rare destinations that checks so many educational boxes that it would be a shame to pass it up. A well-organised and well-executed school trip to this historically, culturally and environmentally significant peninsula, located on the southern coast of Spain, offers opportunities to connect with a variety of subjects from school curricula. Although Gibraltar has something to offer students of all age groups, visits are usually recommended for secondary school age classes who will find direct relevance from the visit to the subjects they are currently working on in less ...


Get Face to Face with China''s Terracotta Warriors in Liverpool

There is no better way to educate young minds than a special school trip. This year, tak-ing place between February and November, there is one exhibition which I think is an absolute must for teachers looking to broaden their students China& The Terracotta Warriors The highly-anticipated Terracotta Warriors exhibit at Liverpool World Museum is an un-missable event that covers nearly 1,000 years of Chinese history and the mystery of the vanished empire. The legendary Terracotta Warriors secretly guarded the tomb of Chi-na In addition to the army of life-sized terracotta warriors, this br ...


Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh: What to Expect

In my experience, Dynamic Earth offers intriguing tours, workshops, films and activities which are incredibly effective in educating students. Pupils can experience travelling through space, witness-ing the Big Bang, watching volcanoes erupt, standing beneath the Northern Lights and plunging into the ocean depths here. This is what educational visits to Dynamic Earth can involve: Tours Dynamic Earth has a range of stunning galleries that portray the creation of Earth and its evolution from an inhospitable toxic globe through to a beautiful planet teaming with life. These galleries have i ...


What’s New in 2018? Haulage Industry Prospects

Now that 2017 is in the rear view mirror, it Although some may seem impossible, others will be easy to adopt... and 2018 will certainly test the resolve of haulage companies and the industry as a whole! Technology Technological advances within the industry are expected to have a banner year. Technology of the existing fleet. ds, as well as providing critical data on each and every vehicle within a fleet. The only danger here is perhaps the advent of People As the millennial generation begins to move into positions of power within the industry, the talent that is needed to utilise these ...


Strategise for Success: Implementing Training for Hauliers

As we enter 2018, fleet managers are addressing the issue of driver shortages that has been a hot topic in the industry for several years. Delivery work remains a challenging job that many underestimate. With this lack of understanding has come a divide between seasoned fleet drivers and new recruits. The best way to avoid the dangers of an under-skilled group of drivers A Better Business Model The positive effects of investing in an intensive training programme are simply a matter of common sense. Improved driver performance equals an improved company reputation which in turn increases pro ...


Oil 4 Wales for the Win: New 24-Hour Truck Stop in Brecon

In welcome news for UK haulage companies with drivers regularly delivering loads to, from and around Wales, oil distributor Oil 4 Wales has launched a new 24-hour truck stop at its Brecon depot, providing a much-needed facility for the local transport industry. A Family Affair Oil 4 Wales is a family-run company that has grown exponentially to become the leading provider of petroleum products in the country, turning over around Welsh brand, believing that as major oil companies pull out of "downstream supply", the door is opened to small independents to capitalise on the ability ...


Fend Off Fires: A Lorry Driver’s Guide to Safety Equipment

Let The Legal Requirements First things first, here If you Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher As Ilatile liquids. Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Yous water and dust. You can easily install it in your lorry and its high-visibility casing will help you find it, even amongst the panic caused by the flames. Fire Blanket Kept in a hard, plastic container, this 1mx1m blanket can be used to choke small flames and prevent them from spreading. Fire Safety Log Book This little book will help you keep your records up-to-date. You can easily track all of your fire equipment maintenance and servicing. You ...


The Effects of Chinese New Year on UK Supply Chains

Having just taken a break to celebrate New Year You Effects on UK Haulage Companies Before, During and After Chinese New Year One of the key things to keep in mind is that production in China will stop roughly two weeks before the official event. As hauliers head home for the celebrations, shipments can also experience delays. During Chinese New Year, factories will shut down completely and no supplier will accept orders. It will then take two weeks for production to get going again. Essentially, the whole of February will be affected by these celebrations. There will be a backlog of orders ...


Regenerate After a Long Winter with a Luxury Beach Holiday

The short, grey days of a northern European winter can be hard to bear, but nothing will pick you up like a stay in a luxury hotel on an indulgent beach holiday. Whether you choose southern Europe or somewhere further-flung, feeling the heat of the sun on your skin, warm water to swim in and soft sand under your feet is enough to restore anyone Close to Home Of course, if you don the warm sunshine. Stunning Mediterranean architecture, delicious local food and elegant hotels are all part of the package here, and luxury is never hard to find. I usually stay at the Zlatni Rat Beach Hotel on Zl ...


Chaos and Calm Exploring Morocco’s Cities

Morocco: a land of golden sands with cities rising out of the shimmering heat greeting the desert traveller with welcome shade and rest. The rich history of Morocco is rivalled only by the fascinating variety of cultures that have made Today I am going to explore two cities, Marrakech and Essaouira, which epitomise Moroccan culture for me. I Essaouira A more laid-back example of Moroccan culture, the coastal city of Essaouira is popular amongst lovers of sun, sea, sand and surf. Sometimes overlooked by visitors to the country, the city is an important site of Moroccan culture with a rich h ...


Savour Italy''s Favourite ''Buonissimo'' Regional Delicacies

In these winter months, it About Italian Cuisine The foundation of almost all Italian cooking lies in one ingredient: olive oil. Used to braise, fry, cook and drizzle, it We can & Fish The antipasto is always followed by a fish or meat dish. From braised beef and roasted lamb to swordfish and sardines, Italian food is bursting with flavour. Rooted in the country Where to Eat Now that you Lombardy The northwest is another great region of Italy to explore. Though globally acclaimed for its fashion capital Milan, it also offers a superb standard of Italian food. From unrivalle ...


From Jungle to Beach: Discover Malaysia’s Wildlife

Many of us have a passion for exploring exotic and exciting places around the globe. However, if itfect for nature lovers and bird watchers. Bright Lights and Skyscrapers All Malaysian adventures should start in the modern metropolis of Kuala Lumpur. A true melting-pot of architecture, cultures and cuisines, you Getting Started in Fraser Wave the city goodbye because itsting birds and plants if you take advantage of one of the fascinating hikes, such as the Hemmant Trail, available. Make sure to participate in a night walk so you can check out some unusual nocturnal species. If you take ...


Beyond Sightseeing: The People of the Holy Land

If you are considering a visit to the Holy Land, why not take a tour that combines sightseeing with visits to some of the ancient people groups in the region? This unique opportunity will enable you to learn more about the cultures and traditions of the area, as well as engage with fascinating spiritual practises that are centuries old. Today we are taking the opportunity to learn a bit more about the various people groups who called the area their home, and who you might have the privilege of encountering on a Holy Land tour. The Bedouin The Bedouin cannot strictly be described as a mino ...


Step into History on a Bulgaria Tour

Bulgaria is more than a forward-looking, contemporary nation set in a stunning central European landscape, it is a country with a fascinating past, ripe for discovery. Sandwiched in between Greece and Turkey, and within the extensive reach of the Roman and Russian Empires, much of the story of Bulgaria is built upon the architecture, culture and history of its powerful neighbours. On a Bulgaria tour you Visiting the Captial It is not hard to stumble upon history in the nation skyline. A visit to the cathedral reveals a sumptuous, intricately decorated interior, well worth spending a few ho ...


Winter Trekking in India: Let’s Summit Up!

For many people with an adventurous spirit, the beautiful Himalayas stand like a vast invitation, welcoming those who want more than your average thrills and spills. And that is just what you But while the stunning landscapes and dramatic peaks are enticing, there are some serious practicalities that you will need to consider before you set off Get Fit The first thing to note is that for winter trekking in these conditions, you will need a certain level of fitness. Being in a good, healthy condition will not only help you clock up the kilometres you What to Pack Having the right type and ...


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to Keep You from Winter Trekking!

There Holiday Preparation For any active holiday, preparation is very important. This is no different for winter trekking, where you will find it tough work on the mountain without a little training and a few small purchases. Getting in shape and making sure that you have all of the right gear before you get out there is the first preparatory step to ensure a great trekking getaway. So, here Get Walking You might be in for a bit of a shock if you think that scaling Mount Kilimanjaro is going to be a piece of cake. It Improve Technique Itber: keep your head up, your shoulders back and pl ...


Top Tips for Planning a Family Ski Trip in La Plagne

There is a lot of planning that goes into a ski holiday especially when you have little ones in tow. I always recommend the fantastic resort of La Plagne to parents seeking a family-friendly resort. This is because it is car-free, has a variety of skiing opportunities for all abilities, offers all kinds of fun activities and boasts a friendly and welcoming atmosphere throughout La Plagne. Chalets are also excellent and provide you with ample space to feel at home and make your own food. Whilst it is great that the resort is targeted towards families, this also means that you need to be smart ...


Perfect Preparation for La Plagne: Top Tips for a Ski Holiday

It is that time of year again to rally the troops for your next epic ski holiday. For a group of fun-loving powder hounds, I think that La Plagne is the perfect choice this year. As part of the famed Paradiski region, the resort is on the doorstep of over 425km of pistes. In addition it features a range of other cool activities, a lively apr Here are a few tips for enthusiastic skiers to get the most out of their trip here: Fitness - If you plan on spending most of your time shredding powder, you might want to hit the gym in the run-up to your ski break to build some strength. As you know, s ...


What Makes Chamonix a Top Destination

Nestling at the foot of Mont Blanc at 4810m altitude in the very heart of Europe lies Chamonix. Just a stone Highly accessible by car, plane and public transport, getting to Chamonix from Geneva Airport is really easy. Chamonix has something to offer everyone, young and old. With a variety of accommodation options available, you''re bound to find something to suit your budget. Possibly one of the world''s most beautiful mountain ranges, the French Alps has a number of stunning characteristics which make it an ideal destination all year round. A Natural Playground ...


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