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Take a Gastronomic Tour of Montenegro

It is hardly surprising that a country as steeped in history and culture as Montenegro should have a culinary tradition to rival any great European nation. With its beautiful landscape us, fresh seafood of the coast, a tour of Montenegro is genuinely a fascinating culinary expedition. The Mountains The Mountains which gave the country its name ( The Coast Of course, many people who come to Montenegro come for its beautiful coastline, nestled against the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea. It will come as no surprise that here seafood plays a major part in the local cuisine. One of t ...


Explore the Beauty of the Orchid Gardens of Tenerife

Behind the elegant hotels, charming narrow streets and beautiful beaches of Puerto de la Cruz From the Botanical Gardens with 5,000 exotic species to the Park Taoro with its terraced gardens, laced with pathways and waterfalls, Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most enticing resorts in Tenerife for those with a passion for gardening. But probably the most enchanting jewel in its botanical crown is the orchid garden, Sitio Litre. Sitio Litre, which is the oldest orchid garden on the island, is set in the grounds of a beautiful villa on the outskirts of the resort. The garden contains more than ...


Discover the Heart of Ancient Greece in Peloponnese

Considered by many to be home of Ancient Greek literature, theatre and history for thousands of years, the peninsula of the Peloponnese lies to the west of Athens and is separated from the mainland by the Gulf of Corinth. The peninsular is an essential part of any Greek island tour. It offers the opportunity for travellers to immerse themselves in the ancient culture of this beautiful land with trips to some of the region There is so much to see in this land of historical sites that it can be difficult to know where to start. So here are two highlights to whet your appetite before you set of ...


School Ski Trips: A Fun Way to Develop Important Life Skills

Whilst educational benefit can certainly be an important factor, a large part of what makes school travel so important is taking students outside their comfort zone and de-veloping important life skills. Residentials should be fun experiences that reward pupils for their hard work and allow them to spend quality time with classmates and teachers in a non Here are a few of the main benefits. Independence Social skills y. Friendships ll help back at school by creating a fun, productive, and positive atmosphere in the classroom. Confidence Culture & Language Outdoors Physical Chal ...


Reasons to Consider School Ski Trips to Sunny Spain’s Sierra Nevada

School ski trips can be fantastic fun and a great way to reward your students, but they can also be valuable experiences that help develop a range of important life skills. If you are planning on taking your students away for a week of shredding powder, you will probably be thinking of resorts in The Alps. This is understandable, but there is actually another destination which is better suited to school ski trips Spain and skiing may not seem like an obvious good match, but the Sierra Nevada mountain range in southeastern Spain is a brilliant resort and great destination for an unforgettable ...


Why Autumn is the Best Time for a Valuable School Trip

School trips can be valuable experiences at any period in the year, but have you ever considered that certain times could be more advantageous than others? Interestingly, through the Brilliant Residentials initiative, Learning Away carried out a study which looked into when the best time during the school year was to take a class away on an educational experience. The study suggests that for both teachers and students, the start of the academic year is the best time for school travel. Plan your trip for autumn for the following reasons: Set the Tone It can be challenging for teachers to enth ...


The UK’s Best Geography School Trip Destinations

There are plenty of destinations up and down the UK that can bring your geography les-sons to life. The best school trips will be fun, educational, and valuable for students, pro-viding them with hands-on knowledge that they can Here are three brilliant destinations for an unforgettable geography trip that your pupils are sure to love. Scarborough: Rotunda Museum & Robin Hood If you want to teach your students about the geological and coastal aspects of geography then a trip to Dinosaur Coast is a great choice. In addition to seeing evidence of coastal erosion and shifting land and sea ...


The Best WWII School Trip Sites for Valuable Learning Experiences

Taking your history class to significant World War II sites will prove to be an immensely valuable, eye-opening and potentially life-changing experience for young learners. It can be difficult to grasp just how much was sacrificed for our freedom during the war when working out of a textbook, but walking the same ground as soldiers and visiting key sites will help them to understand and also assist greatly with their studies. There are a handful of important sites that will expose young students to the realities of war in a safe and nurturing environment. Confronting the horrors of war can be ...


Supporting Sustainable Tourism in the Galapagos Islands

As one of the most unique places on the planet, the Galapagos Islands attract thousands of nature lovers every year, who come to explore its diverse landscape and experience an encounter with the wildlife. Every person who embarks on a Galapagos wildlife cruise, or indeed visits in any capacity, has a responsibility to help maintain its delicate eco-system. Travel with a Responsible Operator Supporting sustainable tourism in the archipelago starts with choosing a reputable operator with whom to travel. It''s important to check the background and "green credentials" of the ...


Life in the Dry Season on Galapagos

Usually, the words "dry season" conjure up visions of arid, less than favourable conditions. But for the remote archipelago of the Galapagos Islands, the dry season is anything but boring. Unlike some other destinations around the world, the dry months are actually an ideal time for nature lovers to embark on a wildlife cruise in Galapagos. It doesn''t experience a typical tropical climate, and between July and December is actually a time of great activity, migration and breeding. What Happens During the Dry Months? The archipelago experiences two distinct seasons: the d ...


Unique Galapagos Wildlife: The Evolution of the Flightless Cormorant

The animals of the Galapagos Islands are renowned for being some of the most unique in the world. With a high number of endemic species, wildlife holidays in Galapagos offer nature lovers a glimpse into a true microcosm of evolution. Many species have adapted to this unique and remote environment by evolving characteristics that enable them to survive the harsh and diverse conditions. Of all the species, though, few have adapted in such an unusual way as the bird that cannot fly. The Flightless Cormorant On his exploration of the archipelago, naturalist Charles Darwin was fascinated by the ...


Restoring the Past in Galapagos

The Giant Tortoise is one of the most recognisable of all the animals of the Galapagos Islands. And, for nature lovers who opt for wildlife holidays in Galapagos, it is one of the most sought-after encounters. As with many other animals, however, despite its iconic status as the world''s largest land tortoise, it has faced survival challenges, and today is extinct or near-extinct on some of the islands of the archipelago. Of an original 14 populations, only eleven remain The Work of the GTRI Established in 2014, the GTRI has been working in partnership with the National Park Dir ...


Nature on Display: Tips for Photographing the Wildlife of Galapagos

For wildlife lovers, Galapagos holidays are often a long-held dream and a true "bucket-list" experience. This remote archipelago off the coast of Ecuador is home to some of the most unique wildlife on Earth, and offers the opportunity for some very close encounters. For those who want to make the most of the chance to capture photographs of the animals, some specific tips from experts may help. Tips for Photography on Galapagos Holidays There are plenty of generic tips for photographing wildlife (including the most basic, which is to be patient), but there are also some that are sp ...


Wonder in the Waves: The Galapagos Marine Wildlife

Located around 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos archipelago has been called its own "world within a world", and it''s an apt description. This remote and beautiful part of the planet is home to some of the most unique wildlife species on the planet, many of which are endemic. But while we often focus on the terrestrial species, those that live in the oceans that surround the islands are every bit as fascinating and The Marine Species of the Archipelago Nowhere else can you encounter such a diverse variety of endemic marine life as accessibly as here. 20% ...


Rhine Valley: A Fun, Authentic and Beautiful Place for a School Trip

There is no better way to develop German language skills and build pupil confidence than real life experience ually the best choice. This fairytale-esque region of Germany is steeped in tradition. Little English is spoken here, making it a superb place for German language students to immerse themselves in the language and abandon their inhibitions. Four Nights in Rhine Valley A four-night school trip to Rhine Valley provides the perfect amount of time for pupils to learn about German history and culture and develop a deeper connection to their studies. The Rhine Valley has many wonderful a ...


Stay Safe and Sound with AutoMonitor

Today, I take a look at AutoMonitor, an innovative fleet managing system that What Does AutoMonitor Do? Whilst youy safe. The Managing Director of AutoTest Products said that his vision is How Does It Work? AutoMonitor combines four different technologies into one useful product. Though it is known to some as the What Makes AutoMonitor So Special? If you stay up to date with what The jewel in the crown of this product is the Rollover Prediction System, which is a world first. It uses the data collected to predict the likelihood of a rollover, and then warns the driver, both audibl ...


Choose Courchevel for Your Group Ski Holiday

You can Now, let Size & Facilities The sheer size of the resort and the Three Valleys ski area means that it is difficult to get bored here, as no two days will be the same. This also means that you can always find something to do and split off into smaller groups if you feel like doing something different. The facilities are excellent, and although it can be expensive, there are lots of bargains to capitalise on if you do your research. Two-star hotels, self-catering accommodation and several high-end places are available, as well as fantastic shopping, restaurants, bars and more. Var ...


Cheers to Chilly Celebrations: Get Crazy in Val d’Isère

If you feel that a skiing holiday is just as much about partying under the stars than it is about shredding powder, Val dmost convenient route, during which you can sit back and start planning your first night out. One of the main reasons that Val d Straight from the Slopes La Folie Douce Cocorico e until it closes at 8 pm. After you Sinking Pints Cafe Face ut the night, so head here early for some big savings. The Fall Line s and live music, themed parties and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Strutting Your Stuff Dick How to Get There There are a few ways to reach V ...


How to Maximise Your Money in Costly Courchevel

The French resort of Courchevel is known as one of the most exclusive and expensive resorts in the world, attracting a number of high-profile celebrities each year. Whilst many will believe that this makes it off limits for those on a tight budget, I actually have a number of savvy tricks that cash-strapped visitors could use to take advantage of the excellent skiing that Stay in the Lower Villages Courchevel 1850 and Moriond 1650 are lovely places to stay high in the Three Valleys, but are also quite expensive. To save money, head down the mountain to the satellite resorts, which have much ...


Pampering in La Plagne: Non-Skiing Fun for Couples

A winter holiday in The Alps is a wonderful, relaxing and romantic experience, and something that I highly suggest to non-skiing couples. Whilst everyone else freezes on the slopes, you can make the most of the fabulous facilities and activities found around the resort and enjoy the stunning natural scenery. There are many great resorts for starry-eyed romantics, but I think that La Plagne is the best, as it boasts many great options for non-skiers. In addition to this, it is also easy to reach with Shuttle Direct Sold? Good! Here are a few of my favourite non-skiing activities that I think ...


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