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School Trip Ideas: the Top Dinosaur Learning Opportunities in the UK

The majority of pupils find discovering the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and fossils to be completely fascinating etons of the astonishing beasts that once roamed the planet. Here are a few school trip ideas that will help to bring your classroom lessons to life for this brilliant topic. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Your class is sure to be in awe when they set their eyes upon the life-sized cast of a T-rex in the National Museum of Scotland, which is a colossal 12 metres long! Additionally, there are educational workshops on offer at the museum that will allow your group to lea ...


Accessible Accommodation in the Algarve

Portugal is a popular destination for summer holidaymakers in search of that perfect combination of sun, sea and sand, as well as fabulous food and wonderful wine. It is also an excellent choice if you are looking for holidays for disabled travellers. The Algarve region is located at the southern tip of the country and is reputedly the sunniest place in Europe. Visitors flock to the Algarve to not only catch the seemingly endless rays, but also to discover the lush interior, enjoy beautiful views and experience pure relaxation. Choosing an accessibility-friendly hotel means that you can rest ...


Sun, Sand & Summits: A Wheelchair-Friendly Holiday in the Canary Islands

Mobility issues need not deny anyone from the pleasures of soaking up the sunshine, relaxing on soft golden sands or capturing photogenic sunsets on a balmy summer evening. The Canary Islands, of which there are seven to choose from, are perfectly accessible for travellers who are disabled. Holidays here will see you experiencing mountain peaks, glistening shores and much more Tenerife Famous for being home to the highest mountain in Spain, Tenerife is the perfect destination for anyone who is disabled. Holidays on this island can be based in a number of hotels that make accessibility a pri ...


Sunny Fun in Santa Monica: A Guide for Wheelchair Users

If fun in the sun is a top priority on your well-earned holiday, as well as plenty of attractions and activities, then Santa Monica could be the perfect destination for you. Not only are vibrant restaurants, great shopping opportunities and exciting rides on the pier among the highlights, but most are also very accessible for people with limited mobility. Holidays for disabled travellers do not have to be restrictive, so here is the lowdown on what you shouldn The Pier The atmosphere at The Pier is always exciting. Throngs of people enjoying the rides and having a great time are the backdrop ...


Take on Toronto: An Accessible City Break

If you are disabled, holidays can be a tough thing to get right, but for anyone looking for an accessible city break, Toronto is definitely worth considering. The perfect combination of cosmopolitan class, cultural highlights and excellent shopping,this Canadian gem is an international city with a friendly community feel that envelops you wherever you go. For anyone who is disabled, holidays in Toronto can be a real pleasure, as so many attractions welcome wheelchair users and provide accessible facilities. Here are four of them. Wheelchair-Friendly Attractions Toronto Islands While this c ...


Northern Ireland: Tales of The Troubles on an Escorted Tour

To any history buff, tales of conflict offer a great insight into the good and bad side of human nature, as well as its effects on the cultures that are involved. It is always a fascinating subject, evoking wonder, sympathy and hopefully the wisdom of the lessons that were learned. However, it is extremely rare to be able to visit a previously conflicted area, speak with living witnesses and see the progress of peace. That is the singularly unique feature of this personally escorted tour of Northern Ireland, guided by none other than Martin Bell, OBE. Living History For many of us who can re ...


Reliable Running Gadgets for Active Travellers

Keeping fit on holiday can be a challenge, so I am recommending five incredible gadgets to make it easier for you to stay on track.These high-tech products are designed to help runners achieve their goals. They can be used at home but are also suited to the runner with a desire to explore the world. Running is a great way to maintain fitness abroad as you don AltraTorin IQ These are a pair of smart shoes which provide you with all the info you might want to know about your runs. Perfect if you are packing light, these shoes collect data using pressure sensors in the soles of the shoe. They ...


The Ultimate Essential iPhone Add-Ons for Travellers

These days no-one would dream of leaving home without their mobile, especially if they were going travelling. This is hardly surprising. Phones provide us with access to the internet, a whole host of amazing apps and a connection with friends and family at home. They can also act as a camera, map, guidebook and wallet. You might have downloaded all the apps you need for travelling, but have you considered which add-ons you should be packing? Ranging in price from Incredible iPhone Extras ique range of images without investing in expensive camera equipment. travels with friends and fami ...


Gap Year Gadgets for Staying Safe and Sound

If you Here is a selection of handy gadgets I And once you Traakit GPS Tracker This is a GPS tracker that you carry on your person. Especially useful if you are heading to any dangerous or unstable regions, it allows family members to keep an eye on your whereabouts within five miles. It will also send a text if you travel outside your planned route. Personal Alarm Hopefully, you Worldwide Plug Adaptor It might sound obvious, but you Travel Door Lock People on their gap year often stay in budget accommodation and, whilst this is a great way to meet new people, the rooms can often fe ...


Anti-Theft Ideas for Travellers to Protect Your Possessions Abroad

If youulnerable to theft. Today I am sharing some steps you can take to protect your valuables from thieves, as well as recommending all-inclusive travel insurance so you can make a claim in the event something does get stolen. Wallet Worries There are several reasons we worry about the whereabouts of our wallets. Often, when yourom your accounts, or take your identity, without the cards leaving your pocket. To combat this new type of theft, invest in an RFID-Blocking wallet as these protect your cards from wireless signals. Pacsafe Bags Even though your cards are protected, it is a g ...


Must-Have Gadgets for Savvy Business Travellers

Right now, there are plenty of cutting-edge gadgets for tech-savvy business travellers to sink their teeth into. Jetting across the world can be a tiresome chore Smart Luggage The airport plug run is infamous to veteran travellers. With your phone about to die and an important business call scheduled to begin shortly, travellers dash around the terminals in search of plugs, often ending up sitting on floors and next to vending machines. Wouldn GPS Luggage Tags Losing luggage is a nightmare, especially if it contains suits and skirts for tomorrow Anti-Crease Shirt Transporter Ironing is ...


Stay Snug and Safe on the Slopes with These Skiing Gadgets

Slope veterans and beginners alike can benefit from the latest skiing gadgets. You don Keeping Warm Your first priority on the mountain is always keeping warm. If you are having an excessively cold time, likelihood is that you are not having a fun time. With these ski gadgets, keep your hands and face warm, and your focus resolute. Smart Phone-friendly Gloves Zippo Handwarmer Cold Weather Face Mask Smartphone Scarf Wearables Wearables are on the rise and are set to be the fastest selling tech in coming years. These three gadgets are sure to make you feel like James Bond on the slop ...


Tips for Travellers: Turning Your Phone into the Ultimate Camera

Holiday photography is a passion for many of us looking to capture our best experiences and share them with friends and family back home. Until recently, taking professional quality pictures required slogging heavy and expensive camera equipment around with you ion. Lenses Of course, your first port of call for improving camera quality should be the lenses. With these lens attachments, you Olloclip Active Lens Moment Lenses Olympus Air A01 Handling There is no point in having great picture quality if you can Life-Phorm All-in-One Positioning Device LiveAction Camera Grip Cases ...


Drone Tips for Flying High on Your Travels

The popularity of drones has exploded in recent years. As an awesome way to film or just have fun, taking your drone on holiday is the logical next step for lovers of the technology. However, flying an aerial vehicle in a distant part of the world is very different to flying it in your back garden, and there a few tips and rules that are handy to remember. These tips will help you to get the most out of your drone and your holiday. Give Yourself Extra Time When visiting a location that you have never flown in before, it is wise to give yourself plenty of extra time for set up and to conduct ...


The Little Wild One of the Canaries: Exploring La Gomera

The Canary Islands are well-known as a popular holiday destination, so much so that certain resorts can become quite the bustling metropolis in high summer. The solution for those seeking the beauty of the Canary Islands but also some peace and quiet is the island of La Gomera. Holidays here enable you to uncover the natural beauty of the Canary Islands in a variety of ways. Natural Beauty La Gomera is small ture. The unspoiled landscapes, breathtaking scenery and overall ambience of authenticity that can be found here is immeasurable. Whether you want to challenge yourself to a mountain hi ...


Puglia: Italy’s Hidden Hilltop Gem

Italy is a country full of history, culture and good food. For those looking for an authentic holiday in Italy, the hilltop towns of Puglia are an ideal destination. Situated right in the heel of the Italian boot, this area is filled with romantic and rustic spots. These are some of the towns you have to visit whilst in the area, along with some tips on what to do and where to stay. Lecce Perhaps one of the more well-known cities in Puglia, this enchanting spot is known for its Baroque beauty. The city is also known as the . Overall, this city is ideal for some laidback exploring. If you a ...


Explore Bulgaria’s Pirin Region, Rich in History and Wine

For those wanting to combine history, culture and wine on their next holiday, Bulgaria is the ideal destination. The small city of Melnik has no shortage of attractions, while just nearby you will find Rozhen Monastery, an important religious site. And, of course, you could visit the Pirin region without some wine tasting. The Small City of Melnik This Bulgarian city is small but mighty. With a population of only 385 people, Melnik is an architectural reserve that has an extremely rich culture. Situated in the Pirin mountains, Melnik is surrounded by tall sandstone formations, some reaching ...


Newlywed Ideas: Our Top Three Hotels for Honeymoons

Looking for honeymoon ideas after the exhilaration, stress and high-running emotions of saying iding you with additional perks, free upgrades and bride-and-groom holiday packages. Hotel Croatia Nestled on a hillside just outside of the Croatian town of Cavtat, this five-star hotel boasts a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Indulge in a Thai or Chinese couplehore and admire the stone houses and slender streets of Cavtat as you make your way along the winding path. As a newlywed perk, fresh flowers and sparkling wine will be waiting for you in your luxurious room upon arrival. The Hotel Ph ...


Carnivals and Celebrations: Our Favourite Fiestas in the Canaries

Renowned for their lively ambiance, the Canary Islands are always an exciting tourist destination, from Grand Canaria to La Palma to Tenerife. Holidays during the festival season are the best, as this is the time of year when the isles are just bursting with life and colour. Here is some insight into three of the fiestas that are not to be missed. Corpus Christi in Gran Canaria Corpus Christi is a Catholic holiday which inspires an array of different celebrations across the Canary Islands. For a taste of the old-style festivities, travel to the quaint town of Arucas. While tradition dictates ...


Beyond Niagara Falls: Discover the Town’s Local History and Wine

It seems unnecessary to have to convince anyone that Niagara Falls is one of the most extraordinary natural sites on the planet. However, what most people who go on holidays in Canada don A Little History Niagara-on-the-Lake is a popular town in the stunning region of Ontario. Marked by a tumultuous past, it served as a refuge for British Loyalists during the American Revolution. Once the hide-out was discovered, Americans soldiers burnt the original town to the ground. It was then reconstructed in the 1800s. Attractions and Activities in Niagara-on-the-Lake Though most people go on holida ...


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