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IVU and BestMile Launch Autonomous Mobility Solution for Public Transport

Berlin/Lausanne/San Francisco, 12 December 2017 onomous vehicles in traditional transportation systems. IVU and BestMile have launched the Autonomous Driving for Public Transport project aka order to allow for the integration, real-time routing and dispatching of both vehicle types. The benefits of autonomous mobility do not lie solely in autonomous vehicles, but mostly in what they can offer when they are operated and managed collectively in an integrated transportation ecosystem. BestMileg transport operators and cities to offer innovative services adapted to their specific transportati ...


Stop Press: Safety Permit Scheme Coming in 2020

The start of the Mayor of London Under the original proposal, HGVs were due to be assessed with a first in these vehicles. However, opponents have argued that direct vision was an insufficient measure, and the Mayor of London has responded to these concerns. Drive for Improved Road Safety The Safety Permit Scheme is anticipated to be in place from 2020 and forms a central part of the Vision Zero initiative, a joint scheme between the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL). Its implementation is intended to enhance road safety for all road users, including drivers on haulage jobs, ...


All About Agency Workers: Top Tips for Freight Forwarders

Many haulage companies experience a lack of drivers at some point throughout the year he most important legalities involved in dealing with temporary work agencies. What is an Agency Worker? An agency worker is a driver How Can Agency Workers Help You? It The Legalities In 2010, the Agency Workers Regulations came into force. These regulations set out how the relationship between the third party (you) and the temporary work company must function. For example, agency workers are entitled to make use of the same amenities and facilities Once a temporary hire has completed twelve weeks ...


Winter Preparation on England’s Highways

In winter, delivery work can become a nerve-wracking test of a drivern store for us. Keeping Us On the Move Like Father Christmas Keeping the UK Necessary Risk According to roads minister Jesse Norman, ob as efficiently and safely as possible. Good Advice Highways Englandlic and road travellers to be able to complete their work safely. In winter, delivery work is painfully slow, but slowing down is the best advice these winter warriors can give to drivers who have to be on the roads. Attempting to pass these slow-moving gritter vehicles is also a major no-no. The temptation to overtak ...


Doing Our Bit for the Veterans

This year Holding the Line Bedfordshire Haulage Ltd provided security support to the veterans marching in this year This local haulage company is just another prime example of the industry Charity on the Move The opportunities for a haulage company to become involved in charity work are endless. Stories of individual lorry drivers identifying and addressing a need in the community are abundant. Larger shipping and logistics companies frequently back their employees The PDF (Professional Drivers Foundation) also helps to ensure assistance if one of its members falls on hard times. Looking ...


Why a TMS is the Best: Benefits for the Courier Industry

The advent of the cloud-based transport management system (TMS) is creating a virtual revolution within the courier industry. Now, no matter what their size, courier companies can utilise this innovative software to not only provide a better, faster and more accountable service for customers, but to also lower costs and improve their own bottom line. Small Business, Big Service For the most part, larger firms are already using TMS solutions, but it would also be beneficial if more small- to medium-sized enterprises integrated a TMS into their operations; this would go a long way towards crea ...


Literature for Logistics Leaders: Our Top Picks

For anyone working in logistics management, it''s a never-ending learning curve to keep up with the innovations and technologies that keep our industries moving. Networking, seminars and ongoing education are, of course, key to staying ahead of the game, but there is also a plethora of industry-related books that relate to logistics and supply chains, making for very interesting reads. While logistics management may not sound like the basis for a best seller, the following books have plenty to keep you inspired Changing How the World Does Business Sub-titled "FedEx'� ...


How to Go Green in Daily Business: A Case Study

Few industries have been affected more by the increasing awareness of our collective carbon-footprint and the rise of climate change than the transport and logistics industry. Armed with the right information, most exchange partners have already taken steps in the right direction to minimise their environmental effects, and many are now finding that winning transport contracts can depend on their participation. Past Studies The idea of ‘going green’ isn’t a new one, but taking the plunge to turning theory into practice is still met with some hesitation. A study from 2007 proved the benefits ...


ULEZ: Preparing for Life Inside the Ultra Low Emission Zone

With the final date confirmed for the introduction of London''s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), it''s time to start getting informed, so that you can allow ample time for your fleet to ensure compliance across the board. What the Ultra Low Emission Zone Means for Hauliers London''s Mayor Sadiq Khan has confirmed that the date for the commencement of ULEZ is 8 April 2019. Once it comes into effect, any vehicles that operate within the designated zone will be required to pay a daily charge. The ULEZ charge is on top of the Congestion Charge that’s already in place ...


Green Initiatives for Your Freight Forwarding Business: A Case Study

For those who work in transport logistics management, one of the highest-profile issues is the growing need to find greener ways to operate. In order for the industry as a whole to remain sustainable, it’s necessary for every part of the supply chain to contribute. This includes freight forwarders, who are responsible for organising the documentation and logistics of deliveries from port to door. The need for sustainability is a modern one, and being eco-friendly is not always, by its nature, economically friendly – or easy. One of the more helpful ways of tackling the issue is to offer the s ...


Ford Have Donned Their Thinking Caps for This New Product

For those of us who spend our days hauling loads from A to B (often via numerous other letters in the alphabet), staying updated on the latest gadgets and apps can help make life on the road a little easier during long periods away from the home fires. These days, we can see our next rest stop, figure out where to fill up with cheap fuel and plan our routes down to the finest detail at the touch of a button. This is all very convenient. However, when something comes along that isn''t merely a handy accessory, but that could potentially revolutionise road safety, that''s def ...


Making Daily Management Greener: A Case Study

Whatever the sector you’re working in, there’s no doubt that logistics management requires excellent forward-planning and the ability to constantly find better, more efficient ways of carrying out operations. However, something that has been playing on my mind recently has been how managers in the freight forwarding industry can continue to lead while simultaneously operating in ‘greener’ ways. There are no easy answers of course, but I think that we can all agree that environmental sustainability has to become a central part of our long-term strategic thinking. I’m confident that we can ris ...


Championing a Greener Mindset: A Case Study

Green practices in logistics management processes have been something of a favourite topic of thought for me recently. We’re all familiar with terms such as ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘greenhouse gas emissions’, but how often do we actually translate thought into action? And how often does that action last? If you’re looking for your company to be bold and go green permanently, then this case study, featuring a British supplier of time-pressured solutions for emergency scenarios, will hopefully provide the impetus for you to achieve radical, long-term change. In 2013, they were given ISO 14001:20 ...


The Great British Freight Off

I don’t know about you, but my guilty TV pleasure in autumn is always TheGreat British Bake Off. As I watch the finalists battle it out in the last episode, I’m consistently struck by the similarities between freight forwarding and baking. Now, this may sound strange, but don’t laugh! Just bear with me. A Recipe for Success In the same way that you’d follow a strict recipe and mix all of the ingredients together to make a delicious cake, an efficient freight forwarding operation requires a step-by-step process, in which each ingredient comes together. Imagine that your operations manager is ...


Remembering Our Lads: Poppies & Lorries

I come bearing a heart-warming story, which will make you proud to be part of the logistics industry. In a wonderful display of patriotism and support for Britain’s armed troops, a Yorkshire haulier company has created a new special delivery vehicle in honour of 2018’s Remembrance Day on 11 November. Supporting Our Boys The haulier company YDL, which is part of the APC Overnight network, has decorated a tractor unit with huge red poppies in a show of support for the 2017 Poppy Appeal. The decorated vehicle will soon be lighting up the streets of Yorkshire and the North East as it delivers ...


Sweet & Salty Snacks that Couriers Should Pack

Driving for a living is challenging, and maintaining a healthy body is one of the most important tasks of a successful courier. Jobs will keep you on the go for several hours every day with very few breaks. As a result, it is important to sustain the energy required for this kind of work with nutritious snacks. To resist the lure of the convenient fast food establishments, be sure to pack healthy snacks that are both tasty and easy to consume. Where to Start So, how do you go about getting the best nutrients in the most portable fashion? Single servings with a strong focus on protein are alw ...


Reduce Stress with Success: Relaxation Techniques for Couriers

Carrying out courier jobs is not for everyone. It takes a particular set of skills to be truly successful in the transportation field, with patience and a fairly calm attitude being a top priority. The stakes are quite high when you are on the job, especially if you are self-employed, and losing your cool behind the wheel will only contribute to your stress. So, just how do you keep in the ‘zen zone’ during rush-hour traffic with a tight schedule to keep? Here is some practical advice, along with a few nifty tricks. Use Your Crystal Ball Plan, strategise and coordinate every step of your wor ...


Food for Thought: The Amazon Key and the Courier Industry

Amazon has done it again with an innovative, yet controversial idea that has stirred up lots of debate. Their latest business advancement plan could potentially change the nature and description of courier jobs as we know them. Amazon is proposing a new service whereby their delivery drivers will be able to access a customer’s home to place their order safely inside. The industry’s and the public’s initial reaction has been a collective raised eyebrow. However, upon further consideration, it seems that Amazon may be trailblazing towards the future and dragging all the naysayers along with them ...


Introducing Pamela Dennison: The CILT’s New Mastermind

In important news for anyone with a vested interest in the Northern Ireland transport industry, a new National Regional Officer has been appointed to the renowned Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).The appointment heralds a new era, with haulage companies and transport professionals lauding Pamela Dennison''s progressive leadership as a bold move into the future. Who is Pamela Dennison? At just 32 years of age, CILT''s National Regional Officer is set to breathe fresh life into not just a new role within the organisation, but into the industry as a whol ...


Smart, Simple and Savvy: Mobile Apps for Hauliers

Drive a lorry? Got a smartphone? If you''re not using apps to make your life on the road easier, safer and more enjoyable, you''re missing out. However, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of choices out there for Apple and Android phones, so how do you separate the incredibly useful from the inevitably useless? If you work for one of the larger haulage companies, there may be some used as standard throughout the fleet, but there''s always something new... no matter how up-to-date you think you are. We''ve got the low-down on some of the latest tech ...


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