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Solar Sharc® PV coating website now launched

Cambridge, UK 11th January 2018. Opus Materials Technologies Ltd, an industrial coatings specialist, has launched a new website for Solar Sharc The website tells the story of Solar Sharc Solar Sharc&M costs, they are reducing the perceived benefits of investing in solar energy. Solar Sharcl ageing. As well as delivering numerous operational and commercial benefits, Solar Sharcrilemma (energy security, equity and environmental sustainability). Although Solar Sharc as automotive. Opus Materials Technologies is already in advanced-stage negotiations with major players in the renewable ...


Schneider Electric accelerates fight against climate change at One Planet Summit

London, UK is Agreement, and following COP23, President of France Emmanuel Macron is organising the milestone summit to convene those involved in public and private finance to deliver ambitious and achievable actions that will contribute to limiting global warming and its impact. Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Schneider Electric said: To mark the occasion of the One Planet Summit, Schneider Electric is accelerating its ambition and commitments for climate that supports the company 1. Before 2020, outline a specific trajectory based on the assumption that E ...


Bioremediation Fungus Yields its Secrets

Vienna, 29. November 2017 – Thanks to genes acquired from bacteria, a fungus can degrade an environmentally harmful hydrocarbon - and comes under considerable stress in the process. These remarkable research findings, which were published recently, were obtained by a group from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). The results were made possible thanks to the very latest equipment for genome and transcriptome analysis, the use of which is also open to third parties at the BOKU. Cladophialophora immunda may be a fungus but it is no mere mushroom! This ascomyce ...


Nationalpark Hohe Tauern: Naturschutz im Einklang mit regionaler Wertschöpfung. Wie Natur geschützt und dennoch genutzt werden kann

Naturschutz im dicht besiedelten Mitteleuropa ist eine Herausforderung. Damit er nachhaltig sein kann, muss er im Einklang mit legitimen Bedürfnissen der Menschen erfolgen. Der Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, der sich über die drei österreichischen Bundesländer Kärnten, Tirol und Salzburg erstreckt, gilt für diese feine Abstimmung international als Beispiel. Denn tatsächlich ist es dem Nationalparkmanagement dort erfolgreich gelungen, das größte Naturschutzgebiet in Mitteleuropa zu schaffen, dieses Millionen von BesucherInnen zugänglich zu machen und den Naturraum für die regionale Wertschöpfung zu ...


Some Optimistic Details About Football

Each of the boys are mad about football and therefore it has come to be probably the most preferred game amongst all other sports. Sport specialists say that they''re the football players will be the ones with robust extremities and improved intellectual considering. They are several of the constructive items that football consists. If you are a football lover I''m certain you can like this article and if you are not you can commence loving football following reading this article. • In a game of football the player desires to adhere to and execute the rules in the game. ...


Former Deputy Mayor of London for Environment says the UK Government must do more to address air pollution from construction sites

Matthew Pencharz commented after the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) finally published the consultation on its new UK Air Quality Plan London. 5 May 2017: Matthew Pencharz, the former Deputy Mayor of London for Environment and current director of Off Grid Energy, is urging the UK Government to do more to encourage local authorities to introduce and have the powers to enforce environmental regulations on construction sites to push the utilisation of clean technologies after the disappointingly unambitious Government Air Quality Plan was published by Defra today. ...


Natural Power adds to Heat Network Consultant status

Natural Power’s Senior Renewable Heat Engineer, Guy Milligan, has joined the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Certification Register of Heat Network Consultants following his training and exam success. He joins his colleague, Steve Smith, who was officially accepted as the first Scottish-based CIBSE registered Heat Network Consultant last year. Guy said: “We expect Scotland to increase its involvement in district heating networks as a key area of focus to help meet Government targets. There will most likely be changes to planning regulations to mandate heat ne ...


Bacteria, deadwood and climate change

With the support of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, an international group of researchers is investigating to what extent the forest floor serves as a carbon sink and how bacteria and fungi interact in this context. The researchers have found deadwood to be populated by a great diversity of life. "The wealth of microorganisms we found in deadwood was astounding", says the microbiologist Judith Ascher-Jenull. It has long been known that soil contains a great amount of such microorganisms. When it comes to deadwood slowly decomposing on forest soil, researchers had previously assumed ...


Quiet Mark reveals UK’s Top 10 Quietest Hand Dryers

London, March 27, 2017: The noise of super-fast hand dryers in public washrooms can be startling – for many small children they are terrifying and a distressing experience. Those with dementia, autism, or hearing problems can also be upset and disorientated by the sudden bursts of loud noise. Even people with stronger sound tolerance dislike roaring hand dryers which are uncomfortable to bear. For facility managers, reducing hand dryer noise is high on the washroom agenda – and Quiet Mark is assisting them to make well informed buying decisions by adding the hand dryer category to its rigorou ...


SolarEdge’s HD-Wave Inverter First Ever to Reach 99% CEC Efficiency Rating

Fremont, USA (January 31, 2017) – SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (“SolarEdge”) (NASDAQ: SEDG), a global leader in PV inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services, announced today that its award-winning HD-Wave inverter set a new record for the California Energy Commission (CEC), by reaching 99% weighted efficiency. Topping the CEC inverter efficiency list, SolarEdge’s HD-Wave inverter is based on a novel power conversion topology that significantly decreases inverter size and weight, while also improving efficiency. Weighing in at only 25.3 pounds and measuring 17.7H x 14. ...


Focus on innovation and project execution for offshore wind farms in northern Europe

The interconnection between the Veja Mate offshore wind farm and the BorWin2 platform in the German North Sea has been successfully plugged in The project was awarded to Prysmian Group by TenneT, the Dutch-German grid operator Milan, 17 January 2017 - Prysmian Group, world leader in energy and telecom cable systems industry, announces that the interconnection between the Veja Mate offshore wind farm and the offshore grid connection system BorWin2 in the German North Sea has been successfully plugged in. The project was awarded to Prysmian by TenneT, the Dutch-German transmission system opera ...


US EPA recommends SCS Global Services'' Certifications and Standards

SCS Global Services is pleased to announce that its suite of indoor air quality certification standards for the built environment are now recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its Recommendations of Specifications, Standards and Ecolabels to federal purchasers. SCS has provided leadership in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development for more than thirty years. SCS Indoor Advantage and Indoor Advantage Gold were included among the standards recommended for certification for a wide range of low-emitting fur ...


3M helps customers meet new Montreal Protocol requirements

Bracknell, UK, 6th December, 2016 – 3M, the science-based technology company, has announced its support for the latest update to the Montreal Protocol agreement, which directly impacts future use of fire suppression systems based on hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). In October 2016, delegates from 197 countries reached a landmark deal to phase-down use of the fastest growing greenhouse gases, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), commonly used in fire suppression equipment. Some regions – including the USA and Europe – must start cutting use of HFCs as early as 2019. Giving that fire suppression systems have ...


Stable and reliable ANAMMOX process provided by Mutag BioChip™ biofilm technology

The abbreviation ANAMMOX stands for ANaerobic AMMonium OXidation. Within the scope of this process which takes place during the biological treatment of wastewater and sewage, ammonium nitrogen (NH4+) and nitrite (NO2-) are being symproportioned to molecular nitrogen under anoxic conditions. The bacteria used for this purpose, the so-called planctomycetes, are characterized by a very slow growth (reduplication period: approx. 28 days at 30°C) and during the ANAMMOX process they consume the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Moreover, they do not require any dissolved oxygen in the wastewater ...


Rezatec enabling cities to become more resilient to environmental and social changes

Harwell, Oxfordshire, 05th October, 2016. Rezatec announced today the launch process for a new set of geospatial data analytics to improve the resilience of the world’s cities to changing environmental, economic and social pressures. The Rezatec resilience service delivers data analytics via a web-based portal to infrastructure and urban asset managers providing mission critical insights to support highly-targeted improvements and mitigating actions against subsidence, flooding, climate change and human-related urban landscape changes. There is an escalating global need for cities to become ...


Pioneering British business uses satellite data analytics to detect and predict water pipeline leaks in Australia

Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK, 23rd August, 2016. Rezatec, a fast-growing and pioneering UK-based geospatial data analytics company, is reaching new global markets, commencing an innovative project with Australian water and sewerage utility, Unitywater. This project aims to bring water-saving analysis and insight across the globe to help Unitywater reduce water loss, improve operational efficiency and reduce below ground asset management costs. Unitywater provides water supply and sewerage services to customers in Moreton Bay, Noosa and Sunshine Coast areas, located on the east coast of Australia, ...


Biofilm carriers / MBBR carrier media and their respective diffusion depth

In the sector of biological wastewater treatment, it can increasingly be observed that biofilm carriers are applied in so-called Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR). In such systems, the carriers are being mixed inside the reactor and kept in permanent suspension. The system does not require any return sludge recirculation and hence, slowly growing microorganisms which have established on the carriers are retained in the system together with the carriers themselves. The availability of high-performance biofilm carriers, which have been developed during the recent years, is certainly one of the ...


Remote Monitoring in Industry and Meteorology!

The HOBO RX3000 is a sophisticated, extremely flexible monitoring system, offering a multitude of configurations and add-on options. This Remote Monitoring System excels through cloud-based data access, plug-and-play operation, compatibility with a wide range of external sensors and easy data sharing with others through the Internet, as well as its ability to send alarm notifications via text and email. The HOBO RX3000 features a double-weatherproof enclosure designed for long-term use – even in harsh environments. Critical electronics are sealed in a secondary enclosure, and weathertight sens ...


Remote Monitoring in Industry and Meteoroly!

The HOBO RX3000 is a sophisticated, extremely flexible monitoring system, offering a multitude of configurations and add-on options. This Remote Monitoring System excels through cloud-based data access, plug-and-play operation, compatibility with a wide range of external sensors and easy data sharing with others through the Internet, as well as its ability to send alarm notifications via text and email. The HOBO RX3000 features a double-weatherproof enclosure designed for long-term use – even in harsh environments. Critical electronics are sealed in a secondary enclosure, and weathertight sens ...


Die Jaguar Korridor Initiative

Nicht viele Leute können von sich behaupten, dass sie schon einmal einen Jaguar in freier Wildbahn gesehen haben. Wer allerdings an einer geführten Tour bei einem etablierten Touristikunternehmen teilnimmt, dessen Chancen vergrößern sich gleich um ein Vielfaches und der langgehegte Traum könnte schnell zur Realität werden. Besonders viele solcher Jaguar-Touren werden in der brasilianischen Region Pantanal angeboten. Dort können die anmutigen Tiere nicht nur bestaunt werden; es ist auch möglich, ihre Lebensweise zu beobachten. So faszinierend wie die Großkatzen sind, so bedroht ist allerdings ...


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