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Working and Living in Spain after Brexit: Benefit from the Brexit Transition Period

Brexit has been a reality since 31 January 2020. It is the date on which the Withdrawal Agreement was finally approved by the UK Parliament. However, the Withdrawal Agreement set a transition period between 31 January and 31 December 2020. During this period, UK citizens will keep their rights to live and work in an EU country on the same terms they had until the approval of the Withdrawal Agreement. UK citizens already living in Spain in 2020, or who plan to move to Spain before 31 December 2020, can benefit from the transition period set out in the Withdrawal Agreement and apply for a reside ...


XIMEA''s all-time favorite USB3.1 Gen1 camera

The xiC camera series from XIMEA has been setting new standards for lightweight and fast speed cameras for years offering a compact solution for a wide range of applications. The USB3.1 Gen1 camera family is suitable for multi-camera systems as well as for single camera setups. Thanks to continuous development, the xiC camera series, which was specially engineered to house Sony CMOS sensors, always remains state-of-the-art. Large number of sensor and interface combinations are possible allowing to supply a plethora of versions, including a wide range of connector options. All Sony Pregius? sen ...


New highspeed camera with 26.2 Mpix

Reaching a resolution of 26.2 Mpix (5,120 x 5,120 pixels) and up to 150 fps, the newly introduced CB262 from the xiB-64 series expands the product portfolio of XIMEA GmbH from M The models of the xiB-64 series with selected Luxima, CMOSIS and GPixel sensors range from variants with 1.1 Mpix resolution and over 3,600 fps to 65.4 Mpix at 76 fps. The xiB-64 series combines high speed and high resolution in a compact package (60mm x 70mm x 40mm). The ability to transfer image data directly into the PC''s main memory (DMA) enables both high-capacity data storage and further processing of ...


The PCI Express interface for cameras flexes its muscles

The latest product from XIMEA GmbH is the MX377 camera with one of the largest sCMOS sensors available today. The Gpixel GSENSE6060 with 37.7 million 10?m pixels offers imaging performance on par with the best CCDs (finally) in a highspeed CMOS architecture. Existing CCDs have thus far remained the go-to technology for scientific measurements, in spite of being unable to match the pace of CMOS innovation. The MX377 camera delivers scientific imaging capabilities with high dynamic range and low noise ? at high speed. The MX camera line utilizes a multi-lane PCIe interface which is able to deliv ...


Subminiature industrial camera with 18 Mpix and USB3 interface are released

The new model MU181 is a part of the xiMU series of subminiature cameras enhanced with the ever popular USB3 interface. It started with models based on 5 Mpix sensors using USB 2.0 interface and now XIMEA made the first units with On Semiconductor CMOS sensor providing 18 Mpix at more than 20 Fps accessible for the general public. All subminiature models of the xiMU series have the same front side housing format of 15 x 15 mm and can be equipped with S-mount lenses (M12) or C-mount through attaching a simple adapter. In case of the MU181 model the back side comes in two versions, one with USB ...


Aviation Industry in Ukraine? Challenges and Opportunities

Although the beginning of 2020 was marked by the worldwide spread of the COVID-19, which also had a strong impact on the aviation industry in Ukraine, its consequences for civil aviation will need to be assessed over time. The popularity of domestic and international flight in Ukraine has significantly increased in the past year. According to a report by the Head of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, air transport increased by 18,4% in 2019 compared to 2018. More than 335 thousand flights were serviced through Ukrainian airspace. In the meantime, the administration has outlined the ...


Foreign Workers in Israel? Immigration of Professional Experts

The procedure for obtaining a work permit for foreign employees in Israel is complex and can be lengthy. Ecovis in Israel supports clients with an immigration package that includes: A list of the different permits to be obtained A detailed description of the steps to be taken to obtain the permits Ongoing legal service In Israel, employment of non-professional workers in certain sectors is subject to a government-set ceiling. In construction, for example, the government sets quotas for foreign workers according to agreements with other countries, such as China. If for a certain type of work an ...


Local councils choose Vivacity Labs for Active Travel insights ahead of funding deadline

London, UK; 5th August 2020: Vivacity Labs, the UK-based transport AI company, has been chosen by dozens of UK councils to improve their Active Travel insight for people returning to work during the COVID-19 crisis. The company’s artificial intelligence anonymously captures, classifies and tracks live transport usage, 24/7, via sensors placed in major towns and cities. With this data, local authorities can not only monitor cyclist and pedestrian numbers, but can also understand behaviour patterns, such as social distancing, dangerous undertaking manoeuvres or cyclists using pavements, which ...


Terry Hiles Appointed As New ADLV Chair Following AGM

The ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification, has announced a new board following recent elections and the retirement of founding Chair Malcolm Maycock. The new Chair person is ADLV’s former Deputy Terry Hiles, who assisted with the incorporation of the Association back in 2014. Steve Pinchen, has been appointed as the new Deputy Chair, with Kevin Curtis remaining as Technical Director. Colin Paterson continues as Secretary and Head of Marketing. Commenting on his appointment Terry Hiles said, “Many thanks to Malcolm for his sterling efforts over the first six y ...


Contactless payment is establishing itself as a new standard in the DACH region

br /> New evaluation of Concardis merchant transactions: today more than 70 percent of cashless payments cross-sectoral are contactless The trend towards contactless payment is also continuing after the reopening of bricks-and-mortar retailing Before the shutdown the proportion of contactless card payments was 55 percent, rising to 68 percent after most shops closed Evaluation of payment data five weeks before, during and after the shutdown respectively Contactless payment is establishing itself in the DACH region after the reopening of bricks-and-mortar retailing. During the shutdown impos ...


WSFB Akademie powered by processlineübernimmt das Steuer einer bewährten WSFB-Beraterausbildung

Es ist soweit: Im FrJennifer Reckow, ebenso Expertin im Change Management und Geschprocessline GmbH Die Change-Ausbildung powered by processline vereint den erfolgreichen Ausbildungsansatz ihres Gr FRAU RECKOW, SIE PL JR: Der Begriff ?Berater? ist leider nicht gesch Zus 1) 2) die Kompetenz zu haben, diese Aspekte zu bewerten, 3) daraus die richtigen Methoden und Ma 4) den Prozess aus Change-Perspektive professionell zu steuern. WAS MUSS EINE CHANGE MANAGEMENT AUSBILDUNG DENN GENAU VORWEISEN, UM ALS QUALIFIZIERT BEWERTET ZU WERDEN? JR: Eine qualifizierte Change Management Weiterbildung sollte ...


Ongoing successful cooperation

The ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) segment regularly evaluates its suppliers and awards prizes to those which come out on top. MBFZ toolcraft GmbH has recently received the coveted ZEISS SMT Supplier Award for the second time. In 2019, the family-run company, which has facilities in Georgensgm Outstanding team performance ZEISS had originally planned to hold an award ceremony with its suppliers in May 2020. However, due to social distancing measures in place as a result of COVID-19, the award was presented online by Dr Andreas Dorsel, Head of Operations & Technology at ...


Forewarned is forearmed

To prevent electrostatic effects, plastics are usually prepared accordingly during the production process ? but this is also possible at a later stage: ROWA Lack now offers a number of antistatic lacquers that meet a variety of customer requirements. Electrostatic charge, primarily caused by friction between two objects, can lead to sudden electrical discharges as well as other, mostly unwelcome effects. Such discharges can have serious consequences, in particular in explosion-proof areas, and are consequently to be avoided at all costs. On account of their high electrical resistance, plastics ...


Solid study: up-to-date report by Ceresana about global market for adhesives

With this study, Ceresana has already analyzed the entire market for adhesives for the fourth time: more than 14.7 million tonnes were consumed around the globe in 2019. Vinyl connects the World The most important type of product in 2019 were vinyl adhesives with a demand volume of over 4.3 million tonnes. A wide range of vinyl-based adhesives is available on the market. Products on the basis of polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) are among the most important types. Polyvinyl acetate is among other things used to produce Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), another type of adhesive that is utilized for porous mat ...


UltraSoC and Canis Labs partner to secure the CAN bus

CAMBRIDGE, UK – 27 May 2020 UltraSoC and Canis Automotive Labs today announced a partnership that addresses one of the most serious cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the automotive industry: the lack of security features within the CAN bus, which is commonly used to interconnect in-vehicle systems such as brakes, steering, engine, airbags, door locks, and headlights. The partnership between the two companies will yield hardware-based intrusion detection and mitigation techniques for common exploits on the CAN bus. These include automatic hardware anti-spoofing; defence against bit-level atta ...


UltraSoC and Canis Labs partner to secure the CAN bus

CAMBRIDGE, UK steering, engine, airbags, door locks, and headlights. The partnership between the two companies will yield hardware-based intrusion detection and mitigation techniques for common exploits on the CAN bus. These include automatic hardware anti-spoofing; defence against bit-level attacks such as the Bus-Off attack and bit-glitching; and resistance to denial of service (DoS) style attacks. The collaboration centers on the deployment of Canis Labs When combined with UltraSoC Aileen Ryan, UltraSoC CSO, commented: Ken Tindell, Canis Labs CAN is a hugely successful interconnect p ...


ADLV Urges Fleets to Maintain Online Driver Checking as Lockdown Eases

The ADLV (the Association for Driver Licence Verification) is urging fleets to maintain frequent online checking of driving licences as the UK lockdown eases. With rapidly expanded delivery fleets on one hand and a sudden increase in returning car drivers and volunteers on the other, the number of licence checks required has grown markedly. However, says the Association, it is important that pre-virus standards are maintained to avoid future road safety, compliance and regulatory failures. Says ADLV Secretary Colin Paterson, “Whilst some of the concessions to drivers and tra ...


Neural Technologies becomes the world’s first Fraud Management System to Automatically Connect to RAG's Industry-Leading Wangiri Fraud Intelligence Ex

Neural Technologies, a long-established sponsor of the Risk & Assurance Group, and a leading international provider of Revenue Protection, Digital Transformation and Data Analytic solutions to the telecommunications industry, has integrated its Optimus Fraud Management System (FMS) with the blockchain that powers RAG's Wangiri fraud intelligence exchange. As a consequence, all Communication Service Providers (CSP) using Optimus Fraud Management will be able to seamlessly add and retrieve information about Wangiri fraud attacks to and from the industry's most comprehensive real-ti ...


Pre-owned device values stay strong amidst Coronavirus pandemic: more than $535 million returned to US consumers in Q1 2020

29th April 2020 – HYLA Mobile, the world’s leading provider of software technology and services for mobile device returns management and reuse solutions, today released data on mobile device trade-in trends for Q1 2020. HYLA’s data reveals that despite the Coronavirus pandemic causing significant disruption to the supply and distribution of new and pre-owned devices, it has not had much impact on pre-owned device values. In fact, according to HYLA’s exclusive data, pre-owned smartphones have held their value from Q4 2019 and returned more than $535 million ($535,785,783) to U.S. consumers thro ...


We love our costumer

Long gone are the days when you had to walk from one store to another looking for interesting car accessories. Now, with internet retail getting better every year, online shopping has become a common practice. However, in one can expect to find even more! Introducing our exciting collection! Here at , we aim at providing a pleasant shopping experience which is absolutely impossible without a rich selection of goods. That Make sure to take a look at our largest category of products, , where you will find more goods than in other sections. However, we can also offer interesting wares in other ...


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