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Are You Europe''s Best Truck Driver? Take on the Scania Driver Challenge

Thereho quite literally keep the wheels of the economy moving. So if you The Competition is On The Scania Driver Competition (SDC) invites truck drivers of all ages, experience and gender to throw their hats in the ring for the 2018-19 edition of the contest. If you do decide to enter, you Scania has been running a series of international events since 2003, when they instigated the first one in response to the European Commission Need to Know If your interest is piqued and you think you The focus will be on three key areas: The competition aims to find the ultimate driver who can p ...


How the Rise of the Gig Economy Has Changed the Face of Courier Insurance

The buzz phrase on everyonetional factors that need to be considered by those transitioning from traditional full-time or contract work to this kind of employment. One such aspect is that of insurance. Insurance and the If you work on a full-time basis for a delivery firm they Insurance companies have been fairly quick to jump on the bandwagon and recognise that the gig economy is no fly-by-night fad. More and more people are seeing this as a legitimate and often very lucrative way to work, so the smart companies have adapted in order to be attractive as an option to consumers and get their ...


Protect Your Car With This Phoenix AZ Auto Care Specialist Nano Ceramic Paint Coating Service

A leading Phoenix, AZ based car detailing and auto care specialist has announced it can provide customers with high quality ceramic paint coating. This helps to protect the cars paint from contamination, and gives a deeper shine, providing better protection against the Arizona sun. More information can be found at: In Arizona, the sun can get so hot that it causes car paint to fade over time. With d.i. Auto Care, customers can get professional ceramic car coating in Phoenix, with high quality nano ceramic paint coatings to protect thei ...


HUBER+SUHNER showcase e-mobility solutions for harsh environments at IZB 2018

Pf With charging times for electric vehicles a major talking point for industries and governments alike, a key highlight at the booth will be the state-of-the-art RADOX(R) High Power Charging (HPC) system. The technology allows the increase of the power-throughput of a charging cable to 500 kW and grants fast and effective charging - with charge times of less than 15 minutes (80% State of Charge). At the same time, it offers a smaller cable cross section compared to the traditional high-powered cable option due to its slim, flexible, lightweight, easy-to-handle benefits. "There is no do ...


Don’t Miss A Trick When Selling Your Van: Courier Driver Top Tips

Fraud is frustratingly common when selling goods online, and can cause major problems if you Dodgy Payment Services Sneaky tricks have left many a courier driver out of pocket, and if you don The idea is that the buyer Be Aware For a courier driver to avoid a payment fraud the first tip is to be realistic; if an offer seems too good to be true, then there A buyer refusing to speak to you over the phone is also something that should ring alarm bells. A common excuse is not being allowed to take calls at work. Just be wary that if somebody is communicating exclusively via email it may not ...


Buying Courier Goods: Spot and Avoid the Common Ploys

If you The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has confirmed that fraudsters have used a number of online vendors to attract buyers, and manage to do this by means of false advertising and lack of communication. Common Trickery Some fraudsters claim to be third party escrow providers, which suggests that they will hold payments until both parties (buyer and seller) are happy with the deal. This often encourages the courier driver to pay in advance before they are able to actually collect the vehicle, as they are convinced that their money is in safe hands. Avoiding Fraud There are sever ...


Get The Best Phoenix Scottsdale Home & Business Window Tinting For High UV Protection & Low Energy Costs

d.i. Auto Care, a professional auto detailing company based in Phoenix, Arizona, announced a full range of mobile window tinting services for residential, commercial and automotive clients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and other locations in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The company offers professional window film installation in various levels of transparency, from 70% down to just 5%, depending on the needs and preferences of each client. More information can be found at [Professional window tinting]( ...


Love Lorries: Changing Public Perceptions of the Transport Industry

Lorries are an integral part of the transport industry, which in itself is an integral part of society. Despite this, the general public seem to lack respect for these fantastic machines and the people driving them It You As a result of this, lorry drivers are sometimes treated with disrespect due to the bad perception. They are faced with refusals to use lavatories, harsh parking penalties and a host of other nuisances that they could certainly do without. However, the industry bodies behind some recent campaigns hope to alter this distorted image of the country National Lorry Week This ...


Call for Clearer Legislation to Cover Courier Drivers

Government policy and practices haven Read on to learn about calls for better legislation, why that A Wake-Up Call Transport industry reform has been a long time coming and, sadly, it took things to go very badly wrong to kickstart the process in one particular instance. As many companies do, the business involved in the case charged workers for missed shifts. This, combined with a lack of sick pay, meant a courier driver allegedly missed hospital appointments and, it seems, felt pressured to work when he was medically unfit. The man, who was also diabetic, suffered a heart attack after d ...


Eye, Eye, Officer: Police Focus on Drivers’ Defective Eyesight

Visualise this: yound so much more time on the road than your average driver. Luckily, new proposals could help lessen this risk. Read on for more. The Dangers of Poor Eyesight It You might think that poor vision isns who were still driving despite poor eyesight. And this is just a percentage of those who did get tested! A 2012 survey found that almost 3,000 casualties were caused by poor vision in just twelve months, so none of this looks good. In fact, Joshua Harris of campaign group Brake referred to the lack of mandatory requirements quite simply as Crackdown The attention to ...


How Blood Tests Will Put Drowsy Driving to Bed

Itches on, and some recent developments could have a serious positive impact on road safety. Tiredness and the Driving Business There should be no doubt that sleep deprivation poses serious risks to road users. Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that getting just one to two hours less shut-eye in a 24-hour period doubles your risk of an accident. And, as with anything to do with road safety, the dangers aren Businesses realise this, of course, and have procedures in place to minimise risk to courier drivers. As Chris McClellan of RAM Tracking notes, Progress in ...


How Higher Fines are Making our Roads Safer

It can be easy to see fines as just a pain in the neck; something to have a moan about or (more cynically) as a revenue raiser for the government. But, as anyone involved in courier work knows, fines are just one of many ways the authorities try to keep our roads safer. They encourage good behaviour on the road, which is something that especially benefits professional drivers who spend a lot of time at the wheel. Read on to find out how recent changes to the law are already having a positive impact. Changes Spring 2017 saw a series of changes to how those who break driving laws are dealt ...


Keeping Courier Businesses on the Move: Technology Matters

The impact technology has on any business in todaylogy, in particular, has made a real difference to many aspects of courier work. Tracking packages in real time is vital, especially for those companies dealing with transporting medical goods, blood, organs and other vital components. More and more companies are offering a time critical service in order to stay competitive, and to deliver customer satisfaction they need to have access to appropriate information and the whereabouts of packages very quickly. It is not only the technology used by drivers out on the roads that makes a differenc ...


A Day in the Life: What Life’s Really Like for a Courier Driver

Working as a courier driver can be hugely rewarding. For anyone considering a career in the transportation business, here is an introduction into the kind of work involved and an insight into what you can expect your typical day to consist of. Introducing Delivery Work While you canok forward to excellent training opportunities and career progression. Depending on the company you work for, you could be doing shorter runs around a local area or you might be travelling longer distances. There is no doubt that whatever area of delivery work you choose your days will include lots of variety. E ...


Telematics Talk: On the Trail of the Trailer Tracker

Keeping track of your fleet Tracking and Telematics Both GPS and onboard diagnostics are crucial sources of data for fleet managers. When they work well, you barely notice them. But when they go wrong, they can cause chaos. Ctrack understands this, and the telematics company has worked hard to produce reliable, hardy devices that get the job done. Their latest product takes this to new levels, offering haulage companies a way to reduce stress and increase efficiency. Reliable and Simple Firstly, this new battery-powered telematics device is compact, ergonomic and hardy. Its antennae are ...


Introducing the Early Introduction of Longer Semi-Trailers

The haulage industry is ever-changing and always evolving. Changes come in many forms, from revolutionary new technology and innovative gadgets to incremental improvements in practice. Some of the best improvements, though, come from the simplest ideas What is it? This one What are the benefits? So, now you know what an Costs The reasons for this should be obvious to any experienced fleet manager. Quite simply, if you take on a transport contract to move a set number of goods, having a lengthier trailer means you can move more goods with each vehicle. This in turn helps you save on ...


Best Ahwatukee Mobile Auto Glass Expert To Call For Windshield Replacement & Repairs

The popular D.I. Auto Care is offering a mobile, insurance approved auto glass repair and replacement service to anyone in Phoenix who wants their car windows fixed right, quick and completely stress free. More information is available at The D.I. Auto Care is the auto shop most in Phoenix and the surrounding areas in the Valley turn to when they want their auto glass repairs, window tinting or detailing done right and at great prices. To make sure that no one has to risk their safety driving around with a chipped or cracked window ever ...


Introduce Students to the Drama of London’s Performing Arts

There is no better place on earth for entertaining Performing Arts students The power of the West End is international, and there But where to start? Where to visit? Here are a few of the most dynamic sites around, and they are from all around London. National Theatre Of course, the National Theatre! Set in memorable Brutalist architecture on the South Bank, this gold standard is not only a great place for views of the river but, with three theatres, and restaurants, it is a hub of creative convergence. Shows, exhibitions and talks constantly revolve Be sure to make the most of the tour ...


Get The Best Phoenix Scottsdale SUV Detailing Ceramic Coating Mobile Solutions

d.i. Auto Care, a professional car detailing company based in Phoenix, Arizona, announced an updated range of mobile interior and exterior detailing services for clients in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and the rest of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The company uses high-quality products to ensure thorough interior and exterior cleaning, paint repair, upholstery restoration and many other services. While most car owners clean their vehicles regularly, [professional auto detailing]( is essential to ensure thorough dust, dirt and odor removal, and t ...


Looking to the Future: Trials Begin for the New MAN E-Truck

Several large HGV manufacturers are looking towards ways in which they can help commercial transport customers build a sustainable future while still maintaining a sufficient influx of delivery contracts to improve profits. One of these involves converting a fleet to electric vehicles, and MAN has reached a milestone in doing just that. Delivery Contracts Made Greener The new MAN eTruck is a revolutionary vehicle powered by an electric motor which is located in the centre of the frame. The lithium-ion batteries (which can power a 26 tonne vehicle for 120 miles) are placed beneath the cab, ...


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