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Digitalization, automation and electrification from a single source

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) is to present its comprehensive competence as a supplier for electrical and electronic (E/E) components, modules and system modules with the ?SymonE? system demonstrator. ?SymonE?, thus making the interaction of data, signals and electricity the focus of this year?s trade fair stand by STW at the Agritechnica in Hanover. Together with Dintec, a longstanding system integration partner in France, a battery-operated test vehicle has been developed on the basis of a conventional commercial vehicle for STW and partner products, which allows the possibilities and ...


An extension to the ESX family of mobile central control units: The new small control unit ESX-3CS

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) is to present a new member of its ESX family of mobile central control units at the Agritechnica 2017 in Hanover. Freely programmable, compatible with regard to input and output types to other members of the ESX family, and supported through the comprehensive STW toolchain, the ESX-3CS rounds off the third generation of successful ESX control units at entry level. With the introduction of the ESX-3CS, STW is also showing a new housing concept. Developed and produced for use in adverse conditions, the ESX-3CS extends the 32-bit ESX control unit family by a small c ...


Modular-based pressure transmitters in brake systems

The technological leader for tractors - AGCO GmbH with their premium brand Fendt ? now also uses pressure sensors from the M01 module kit by Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) in the pneumatic and hydraulic brake systems of their large tractors. The technical requirements are high, and, particularly in brake systems, a loss of accuracy, functional failure of the pressure sensor or even breakage of the pressure sensor is not acceptable. From a functional safety point of view, the requirement is at least Performance Level c (Pl c). This also includes a pronounced capability for self-diagnosis, ...


BCX - intelligent switching, monitoring and control of power

With the BCX family, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) is presenting a new generation of on-board control units for mobile machines which combine the distribution of energy in the cabin with monitoring and control functions. The BCX family unites the advantages of the tried and tested ESX control units and flexible power distribution in one device. Through the separation of active and passive electronics, customer-specific versions can also be implemented inexpensively and rapidly. Customizing through a flexible product concept The BCX family is based on a flexible housing concept and an active c ...


Extendable STW displays for mobile machines

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) is presenting the first extension boards for their VSX display family at this year?s Agritechnica in Hannover. The VSX displays in sizes 8?, 10? and 12? are available today in the Basic, Advanced and Professional equipment versions. The Professional version allows the realization of additional functions through the extension boards. At the Agritechnica, STW is exhibiting the first extension boards which can be used in displays for safety-relevant applications for additional inputs and outputs, or which also supply wired and wireless interfaces. Besides a high lev ...


Encounter of the fourth kind

At the Agritechnica 2017 in Hanover, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) will be presenting the first representatives of its fourth generation of controls for mobile applications. The ESX-4CS-GW stands out as a freely-programmable communications gateway due to its new processor architecture, and is supported through the innovative STW development environment openSYDE. At the same time, STW is introducing a new housing concept.  The ESX-4CS-GW is the first product of the new, fourth generation of control units at STW: As a communications gateway, it not only offers 6 CAN interfaces, but also a 4-por ...


The F02 - a reliable pressure sensor for agricultural technology

Future trends are moving towards self-learning and autonomous systems. For this reason, the requirements placed on electronic components used are increasing regarding functional safety, because no human can correct electronics errors. In the past, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) recognized the significance of functional safety already at an early stage, and brought out an array of products onto the market, which are suitable for applications with increased functional safety. These include control units, such as the ESX-3XL, displays in the VSX family, or pressure transmitters such as the digiSE ...


Industrial switches for high-availability networks

Switches serve as pilots of data traffic in Ethernet networks. At SPS IPC Drives 2017 in Nuremberg, Lapp is presenting its own models for the first time under the name ETHERLINE® ACCESS. Their performance characteristics are impressive, even to demanding users in industry. Accordingly, the critical reconfiguration time needed for communication to be re-established after an interruption is only 20 milliseconds with 250 active components in the network. Besides this, the switches are fully equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and redundancy features. Lapp has decided to offer its own switches b ...


New servo cables for Europe and North America

An important feature of servo cables is their low-capacitance and low-attenuation design as this enables them to bridge long distances without any loss of power. The two new cables are exemplary in this regard and they will be presented by LAPP at the SPS IPC Drives 2017 trade fair in Nuremberg in hall 2, stand 310.  ÖLFLEX® SERVO 7TCE: The servo cable is suitable for servo drives from many leading manufacturers and has UL TC-ER and Flexible Motor Supply listings. The internal structure is complex with a core insulation made of XLPE and an outer sheath made of a special thermoplastic elastomer ...


Unintentional aesthetics

"The architectural designs of Konrad Frey are characterised by the fact that their form is a consequence of function", says the Graz-based art historian and architectural theoretician Anselm Wagner. But there is more to the designs of this architect who was born in Vienna in 1934 and later worked in Graz and London – they represent solar-house architecture in the best sense of the term. As early as 1972, Konrad Frey designed Austria's first solar house together with Florian Beigel. The design was based on his scientific research into the use of solar energy as of the late 1960s. ...


APEIRON Strengthens Management Board with Industry Expert Peter Llewellyn-Davies as New Chief Financial Officer

APEIRON Biologics AG, a Viennese company focussed on cancer immunotherapy, appointed Peter Llewellyn-Davies as new Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer. The biotech and financial expert Llewellyn-Davies is considered an internationally experienced and recognized transaction specialist. After marketing approval of APEIRON’s immunotherapeutic against neuroblastoma the appointment of this strategically important role should prepare the company for its next phase of growth. APEIRON Biologics AG, a private biotech company based in Vienna, Austria, which develops immunotherapies to f ...


STEGO Participation at SPS IPC Drives

One of the leading European trade fairs for electrical automation is held annually in Nuremberg. SPS IPC Drives continues to develop positively with a growing number of visitors and an extended exhibition area. The right occasion for STEGO Elektrotechnik to commit to exhibiting in Nuremburg for the first time. "The setting of the SPS fair in Nuremberg is ideal. This is where the industry involved in manufacturing switch cabinets meets. We can meet with potential new customers and maintain existing contacts." As commented by Martin Sitter, STEGO Marketing and Sales Director, on the at ...


Women’s voices against prejudice under the monarchy

They were born in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, migrated, wrote manifold texts going against the grain of mainstream society in the 19th and early 20th centuries and have been widely ignored by literary history: with the support of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, the German studies scholar Alexandra Millner researched migrant women writers and assembled them in a database. In the Habsburg Monarchy, it was uncommon for women to get or actively seek good education, become writers and find a readership for their works. It came as a surprise therefore when Alexandra Millner from the University ...


Women’s voices against prejudice under the monarchy

In the Habsburg Monarchy, it was uncommon for women to get or actively seek good education, become writers and find a readership for their works. It came as a surprise therefore when Alexandra Millner from the University of Vienna found a considerable number of women writers, no longer known today, who were extremely productive during the time of the Dual Monarchy in a project Millner conducted with the support of the Austrian Science Fund FWF. These women had experienced migration, frequently wrote against the grain of mainstream society and sometimes enjoyed a large readership. In her previo ...


Modular diversity? Extended range of connector housings for the ODU-MAC®

Mühldorf a. Inn. ODU?s flagship product, the ODU-MAC® with its well-established spindle locking, is now also available in sizes 2 to 4, all meeting tightness class IP65. The robust metal outdoor solution with its ergonomic quick-release fastener system thus opens up a new field of application. The ODU-MAC® can be used wherever the locking solution requires a high degree of tightness in a small space. This tight standard solution manages at least 30,000 locking cycles, after which the spindle screw can be easily replaced. As this just requires a single screw, the replacement process can be quic ...


New hope for butterfly children

The Greek term lysis means "dissolution" and is familiar from words such as "electrolysis". In the case of the genetic disease epidermolysis bullosa it refers to severe skin damage. Sufferers are called "butterfly children" because their skin is as sensitive as the wings of a butterfly. Currently, treatment is limited to wound care, and the ailment cannot be cured. Potential treatment via genetic therapy is under investigation in clinical studies, but even if the studies show promise, the treatment will not be applicable to all variants of the disease. Now there i ...


Neue Hoffnung für Schmetterlingskinder

Der griechische Begriff "Lysis" bedeutet "Auflösung" und ist bekannt aus Wörtern wie "Elektrolyse". Im Fall der Erbkrankheit "Epidermolysis bullosa" bezieht er sich auf die Auflösung der Haut: Die Haut wird empfindlich wie ein Schmetterlingsflügel, Betroffene werden "Schmetterlingskinder" genannt. Die Behandlung ist derzeit auf die Versorgung der Wunden beschränkt, eine Heilung ist nicht möglich. Behandlungsmöglichkeiten mit Gentherapie werden gerade in klinischen Studien geprüft, sind aber selbst im Erfolgsfall nicht auf alle Varianten der Kra ...


Consortium Develops Superconducting High Current Busbars

Superconductors offer practically loss-free transmission of large quantities of electric power and soon will be available for feeder busbars for energy intensive industrial processes. In Germany, Vision Electric Super Conductors (VESC), Kaiserslautern, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and the Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK), Dresden, are developing a superconducting modular busbar system for commercial applications. The consortium plans an industry-compatible busbar demonstrator with a current rating of 20 kA and a length of 25 meters. Commencing at yearend the &q ...


Enabling Industry 4.0: Baumüller at SPS IPC Drives 2017

Baumüller, the automation expert from Nuremberg, is presenting its exhibits for its main theme "Enabling Industry 4.0" at SPS IPC Drives in hall 1 at booth 560 from November 28 to 30, 2017. The trade fair visitors will be able to see how Baumüller makes the smart digitization and networking of machines and systems possible for its customers with intelligent components and solutions, thus creating the successful connections and interfaces for Industry 4.0. At the trade fair stand, Baumüller will show how Industry 4.0 generates added benefits through increased efficiency for the mechan ...


From spectacle to trauma alleviation

Voodoo means deity or spirit. – Voodoo practitioners in the Dominican Republic usually speak of ''misterios''. People possessed by such beings are at the heart of the voodoo religion. Under the influence of Hollywood clichés, one associates voodoo with mysterious rites and horror stories. But many religions include the concept of being possessed by spirits in various ways to this day. The difference lies in how religions deal with this phenomenon. Whereas Christian and Muslim priests seek to banish possessing spirits, voodoo is about accepting them and integrating them into ...


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