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Save Money & Cut Stress By Flying Private Jets Worldwide With This Membership Card

Jet The World has launched a new report on the benefits of using its Jet Card for private jet travel anywhere in the world. It explains that anyone who signs up for Jet Card membership can enjoy a range of benefits, including no additional fees when booking, short notice booking, no cancellation fees, and no expiration date on hours purchased. More information can be found at: One of the benefits of using the Jet Card membership is that it helps people to save money. Through booking private jets using the service, people can save from $25,000 to $100,000 on costs of ...


Sealed With a Kiss: Hidden Romance in Venice

Venice is regularly voted as one of the most romantic cities in the world, and with its charming combination of canals, cafés and stunning architecture that’s no surprise. But with more and more people visiting the city every year, the romance can easily wear a little thin when you’re jostling with hordes of other visitors to capture that perfect selfie of you and your partner in front of St Mark’s, or fighting to grab that last café table by the waterfront. Don’t be put off from planning a romantic trip to the ‘City of Water’ though. With our top tips for how to find a spot or two of hidden r ...


Three Secrets of Venice to Make You Feel Like a Local

Want to get under the skin of Venice and uncover its remarkable secrets? Want to dodge the crowds and do what the locals do? Look no further with this guide to some of Venice’s truly offbeat attractions… Venice by the Book Good things come to those who explore, and Libreria Aqua Alta, a second-hand bookshop like no other by the waterfront on Calle Lunga, is wonderful proof of that. Stop by this out-of-the-way snoopers’ paradise and enjoy a peaceful hour or so browsing through the eclectic range of Italian and international books in the company of a few fellow bookworms. Out of respect for th ...


Look No Feather for Brilliant Birdwatching Holidays

It’s no secret that birdwatching is one of the most peaceful and relaxing hobbies you can have. So what better theme on which to base a holiday? These destinations are not only exquisite, but boast some of the rarest and most exciting species of bird on any keen watcher’s list. Go Bird Mad in Bermuda The island of Bermuda has to be one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. With its pink sand beaches, azure water and lush greenery, it makes for one of the most incredible destinations in our books. Plus, if you’re an avid birdwatcher, it’s the ideal nature lover’s holiday. With an in ...


Mediterranean Mayhem: The Perfect Carnival Destinations

With so many to choose from around the world, it can be difficult to settle on a carnival destination. One thing is for certain – it’s going to be a party, and Europeans know how to throw them. It''s a tradition dating back to the Renaissance period, when nobles would throw extravagant celebrations to display their wealth and luxurious lifestyles. Traditionally, vibrant and grotesque masks were made to hide the identities of the revellers to allow them to get up to mischief. Modern Carnivals are a fascinating blend of the old and new, celebrating the past and present. I’ve thought ...


Discover the Incredible Attractions of the Family-Friendly Canaries

For a family holiday full of sun, fun and happy memories, there is no destination more ideal than the beautiful Canaries. The weather is glorious, the flights frequent and not too long, and the culture is child-centric, with plenty of facilities to keep your little ones safe and entertained. Whether you’re going to Lanzarote or Tenerife, there’s also a wealth of family-friendly activities suitable for all ages which will ensure your holiday is one none of you will forget. What to Do Children will never be bored in the Canaries with so many exciting things to do. Horse-riding is always extrem ...


Finding the Heart of Authentic Sicily

For many people, the phrase ‘group tour’ immediately instils a sense of horror. It conjures images of a crowd of people being shepherded around the busiest tourist spots, unable to hear any of the information provided by the tour guides and feeling a bit cheated. We at Prestige Holidays understand this fear, which is why we have designed our Sicily group tour with the traveller in mind. Our itinerary will take you off the beaten track, making sure you experience the authentic Sicilian culture and cuisine, immersing you in the vast history of the island and revealing some of its best-kept secr ...


Salute the Sun and Sea: The Iconic Art Installations of Zadar

Zadar is located on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, one of Europe’s best destinations. The city is steeped in natural and cultural history, but it’s also known for its highly interesting art installations that are inspired by nature. These two installations, The Sea Organ and The Sun Salutation can be found on Zadar’s waterfront. The Sea Organ The Sea Organ is an experimental twist on a musical instrument. The motion of the sea waves pass through 35 organ pipes built under a set of large marble steps, creating the enchanting musical sounds you can hear. There are whistles embedded in the d ...


Nin: The Most Romantic City in Europe

The Dalmatian city of Nin in Croatia is known as the ‘most romantic city in Europe’, and not without good reason! People visit here for fun and rejuvenation, and you can’t help but feel amorous when you’re so relaxed! Even as you come in to land at Zadar Airport you’ll start to realise just why it’s so easy to fall in love in Nin. The History Nin is the oldest royal city in Croatia and is over 3000 years old. It is known as the Croatian Bethlehem and has possibly the world’s smallest cathedral. The natural landscape itself is a unique home to rare plants and animals, providing over 2000 hab ...


The Gardens of Rome

For first-time visitors to Rome, the temptation to try and see and do everything is almost irresistible. Italy''s capital is spilling over with more than 3,000 years of history, and from the priceless art of the Vatican City to the Pantheon and the mammoth ruins of the Colosseum and Forum, the city provides a truly mind-blowing cultural experience. But even the most admirable attempts to do justice to the many iconic landmarks on a Rome tour will benefit from a little down time. Exploring some of the lovely gardens and green spaces of the Eternal City not only offers a welcome resp ...


Why Choose a Rome Tour?

In order to really travel and not merely ''pass through'' a destination, discovering the authentic spirit of a place is a vital part of the experience. One way to achieve this is to seek out some of the lesser-known nuggets of history and culture and not simply rely on the rote narratives that are inevitably rolled out. When in Rome, yes, you guessed it, you should indeed do as the Romans do! Which is look beneath the surface of the well-known iconic landmarks to find out some of the more engaging facts of their history. How do you do this? We think the best way is to joi ...


Our Favourite Spots in Rome

For anyone with a passion for archaeology, history and art, all roads must inevitably lead to Rome. The Eternal City is eternally fascinating to those with a desire to come face to face with the 3,000-year span of history that has shaped the world. The sheer size and scope of the culture of the Italian capital is best consumed in easily digestible chunks to reduce the risk of becoming overwhelmed. The ideal way to get a meaningful (and memorable) overview is to join a Rome tour, led by an experienced guide. While there are countless itineraries that can be enjoyed, one that includes the foll ...


The Top Spots for Sinking Steins in Munich

It’s a universal truth that Munich is a world capital of beer: the spiritual home of the Bavarian brew and chief seat of Oktoberfest, steins are the obligatory tools of the trade in this corner of the world, making it the number one choice for a long booze trip and weekend clubbing holiday. If you’re planning an epic stag do or you’re just in desperate need of a classic lads break, then here are my suggestions of the best beer gardens and breweries you need to be slotting into your ultimate Bavarian bar crawl. Hofbräuhaus One of Germany’s most famous and oldest breweries, Hofbräuhaus deserve ...


City by Day, Camping by Night – It’s Possible in Munich!

You could be forgiven for thinking that for a great outdoors camping trip you need to head to the great outdoors. But one of the best places I know to camp at is not in fact in the middle of nowhere, but in Munich. Yes, you heard that right – Germany’s second largest city may not be your first choice, but should you choose to stay at a site such as Thalkirchen, a nature reserve 4km from the centre, you quickly realise that you really can get the best of all worlds: a countryside vibe with lakes to swim in and green spaces to run across, whilst only 15 minutes from the bustling city centre wi ...


Visit Catania in One Day: A Tried and Tested Itinerary

Catania is the second biggest city in Sicily and spending a day exploring what it has to offer is simply a must. After glimpsing the city below from your plane window you’ll want to jump straight in to your Catania airport transfer and get going. There is so much character and history to admire in this beautiful city, but these are the sights we think you really must visit if you only have a day to explore. Centro Storico Heading to the old town centre is an excellent way to begin a day exploring Catania. The Baroque buildings and short streets around here really illustrate its historic cha ...


5 Must-Sees in Catania

As soon as you touch down in this east coast city you will want to jump in one of the taxis from Catania airport and get straight in to the heart of Sicily’s second largest city. And we don’t blame you! There is so much character and history to admire in this beautiful city – we’ve picked just a few of our favourites things. Taxis from Catania airport cease being simply a necessity once you begin seeing the incredible sights the city and the overwhelming Mount Etna have to offer. Parco dell’Etna The area around Mount Etna is a designated National Park where the most breathtaking and enchant ...


Views, Vaporettos and Venetian Masks: A Teen Guide to Venice

Venice is famed as one of the world’s most romantic destinations, but that’s not to say it’s only for couples. The city is a place for everyone; it makes for fantastic family break, particularly for those bringing teenage children in tow. Almost like visiting a living, breathing theme park, its unique qualities are sure to entrance even the surliest of teens. That’s not to mention the ease by which you can get from Venice airport to Venice – despite being built on water, the city is super-easy to navigate, making it great to explore without coming to any extra hassle! Here are my recommendati ...


Where to Go in Australia: A First Time Traveller’s Guide

Travelling to Australia for the first time is such an exciting prospect that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Whether it’s the distance, the sheer size of it, or the fact that it’s so far away that many standard insurance policies don’t even cover it so you have to take out specialist Australia travel insurance, planning your trip can seem a bit daunting. But don’t let the scale of your forthcoming adventure faze you, all you need is a little forward planning to make this the ultimate trip of a lifetime. And the very first thing you need to do, when planning your Australian geta ...


LGBT-Friendly Australia: 3 Cities that Celebrate Queer

With it’s world famous Mardi Gras and vibrant LBGT-scene, Sydney is a well known and always popular destination for a gay vacation, but Australia actually has much more to offer than just this one gay hotspot. Here’s my recommendation for the three most LBGT-friendly cities Down Under. 1. Glitz and Glamour in Sydney There’s no avoiding it, Sydney is a mecca for the gay community around the world with its thriving, lively LBGT scene all year round reaching a crescendo of colour and outrageous outfits at the annual Mardi Gras. If you’re looking to join in the fun head for Oxford Street in th ...


Three Wonderful Walks to Discover in Munich

Munich is a wonderful city bursting to the brim with beautiful Bavarian architecture, authentic street cafes and more galleries and museums than you can count. The best method of soaking up as much culture as possible is to take it all in by foot, wandering through the medieval streets at your own pace. These self-guided walks are perfect for the solo traveller who wants to stray off the beaten tourist track. Maximilianstrasse One of Munich’s most popular attractions, this incredible street can take from half an hour to several hours to meander down, as your attention is bound to be caught b ...


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