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Technology and the Courier Driver

From smart phones to GPS tracking systems, technology is revolutionising the way courier work is carried out. But just because the big delivery companies can afford the very latest software, it doesn’t mean the average independent courier needs to be left behind. By utilising the technology you already have (your smart phone can be your most useful business tool) you can offer the same, if not greater, level of service than the industry’s major players. Make the Most of Your Smart Phone Today’s smart phones can be loaded with apps which will not only plan the quickest, most fuel efficient r ...


Clean, Green Reforms Open Up Opportunities for Drivers

There has been some good news for self employed van drivers making a living from courier jobs, with the Government’s recent announcement on reforms to the licensing rules. In an attempt to reduce emissions to zero by 2050, but in recognition of the important role vans and couriers play in the economy, the Government has said it will increase the size of vans covered by the B-category licence from 3,500kg to 4,250kg. The category B licence is the same standard licence that covers drivers of cars, making it easy for individuals to set up a business as a self employed van driver undertaking co ...


The Tallest Available 300'' Aerial Bucket Truck in NYC is For Rent at Alpha Platforms

Alpha Platforms has introduced a New 300 Foot Bucket Truck for New York City. The Company offers aerial lifts services in New York City and beyond. The launch of the new foot bucket is aimed at improving their service delivery. Experts [Alpha Platforms]( are highly experienced, and the introduction of the new boom lift will make it possible for them to satisfy many customers in many industries such as construction workers, window cleaners, and furniture hoisting. The launch of the bucket truck with up to 300 foot long makes it possible ...


Safety Tips for Novice HGV Drivers

Manoeuvring a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) is very different to commuting in your family car. I don’t doubt that you’re a competent driver, but if you’ve recently joined the haulage industry or are considering becoming a forwarder, you might benefit from these HGV driving tips. Safety is key when you get behind the wheel and there’s always room for improvement. Getting into the Truck To avoid falling while exiting your vehicle, remember to maintain a 3-point contact. You should have either two feet and one hand or both hands and one foot touching the vehicle. Warning Lights Warning lights com ...


Newbie Knowledge: Understanding Lorry Types and Weights

Considering a career in the transport industry? As a driver, you’ll be expected to get behind the wheel of different vehicles, so it’s essential to understand the various lorry weights and types. Get your head around it all with this short and sweet guide. Different Lorry Types Lorries are divided into two main categories: Light Good Vehicles (LGVs) and Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs). They’re then subcategorized by weight and number of axles. • LGVs Weighing 3.5 tonnes, these lorries have 2 axles and no rear side windows. • HGV: Smaller 2-axle lorries Identified by their two axles, they weig ...


The Latest Gadget in Telematics: Street Angel

As I’m sure you know, road safety is fundamental to the haulage industry. It’s the responsibility of haulage companies and freight forwarders to maintain the competency of their drivers and ensure their well-being, while also providing their clients with an efficient service that guarantees the safe delivery of goods. After all, how else are you going to earn their trust and get more haulage contracts? You’ll agree that achieving these goals depends largely on the safety of your Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs) throughout their journey. Well, as it turns out, the company Camera Telematics thinks th ...


Belle Vue Coach Hire Comes to Liverpool

Ever-popular Belle Vue Coach Hire has announced an expansion of its market leading and award winning coach hire services now available for clients in Liverpool who need reliable, convenient and affordable transportation for their private or corporate excursions, parties and events. Belle Vue [Coach Hire Liverpool]( is an acclaimed and award-winning business with extensive experience offering a bespoke coach hire management service that caters to any group travel requirements with a modern fleet of over 70 vehicles and hundreds of approved suppliers op ...


Belle Vue Coach Hire Comes to Birmingham

Ever-popular Belle Vue Coach Hire has announced an expansion of its market leading and award winning coach hire services now available for clients in Birmingham who need reliable, convenient and affordable transportation for their private or corporate excursions, parties and events. Belle Vue [Coach Hire Birmingham]( is an acclaimed and award winning business with extensive experience offering a bespoke coach hire management service that caters to any group travel requirements with a modern fleet of over 70 vehicles and hundreds of app ...


What Can Courier Exchange Do for Me? Ask Dortudor Dot Com

After retiring, Mike Tutor wanted a change and – in answer to a local advertisement for courier jobs – began a second career. We look at the journey he has taken in this new venture and why he credits Courier Exchange with playing an important role in the success of his business. Humble Beginnings Mike’s start in courier jobs came when he responded to an advert in a local newspaper searching for drivers. Mike joined the company and worked for them for a year, a period in which he learnt the essentials of the industry. The company advised him on what van to buy and gave him all the knowledge ...


Grow Your Courier Business Without Buying New Vehicles

Many small business owners will be familiar with the desire to grow their business without having to commit to the serious expense and responsibility of new staff and equipment. Today I’m looking at sub-contracting as a solution; how it can enable a business to grow, complete more courier jobs and increase profit. Go2Day’s Story Today, Go2Day Ltd has a fleet of three 3.5 tonne curtain-siders with tail lifts and assists with an eight-vehicle fleet for the recycling company Ecosystems. However, when Andy Littlewood began it was with a rented long-wheel based transit van in 2005. He kept the ...


Towing Safety Tips

This month I thought I would provide some safe driving tips. I know that couriers are under a lot of pressure, and when you have a long day ahead of you with a lot of travel you just want to hit the road. Be careful not to get swept up by the hustle and bustle, though – if you overlook these simply safety checks you may be putting yourself and other drivers in harm’s way. Remember, road safety should always come first. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of key questions you should always ask yourself before getting behind the wheel. Are Your Vehicles Roadworthy? The first thing to check ...


GPS repeater technology ensures end-to-end visibility of cargo in transit, says FalTech GPS

Every day, vast amounts of cargo are transported around the world by land, sea and air. One way to keep track of shipments as they make their way around the globe is by use of GPS-enabled tracking devices. Knowing the exact location of a highly valuable consignment of prescription drugs, for example, would surely make any logistics professional sleep better at night. A tracking device can be fitted to almost anything, in an open or a covert way. While there are many, many available options and variations on a theme, there are essentially two types of trackers – passive and active. Passive ...


New technology for greater transparency and more secure processes in the warehouse

The consumer electronics industry’s interest in the ongoing optimization of the security measures in the supply chain is high. “As a manufacturer of premium cameras, security is our top priority,” confirms Christopher Brawley, Managing Director for Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH. This is largely due to the value of the goods; for example, the sales price of the newly launched medium-format GFX 50S runs several thousand euros. “There is no general solution that is right for every industry and every customer. Instead, we are convinced that every process step can be improved through new ...


SKY chooses Bwtech''s NetChart solution for end-to-end optimization of its LTE network

Using NetChart, the operator was able to have an end-to-end view of its network, from the Access part to the Core network. Brasília, August 1, 2017 - SKY is the largest satellite pay TV operator in Brazil and operates a LTE network in 23 of 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District. After analyzing the various solutions available in the market, SKY chose Bwtech to implement an end-to-end vision of its 4G network and to help improve its network performance. On a single platform, SKY engineers can quickly and easily monitor all network elements, from the Access part and Backhaul, to Core el ...


Worldwide freight exchange has increased a thirty-fold in the last half century!

Products and raw materials of all kind cover thousands of kilometers every day. By ship, rail, truck or airplanes the world of commerce turns continuously. The global trade is booming like never before. Consequently a lot of customs specialists are necessary. Global freight exchange – the role of customs authorities A customs duty is a fee levied for cross-border freight exchange. Within Germany the exchange of goods is mostly free of charges. This applies for the states of the European Union, too. Goods liable to consumption taxes are an exception. Those are subject to so-called indirect ta ...


Get The Best NY Boom & Spider Lifts For Window Cleaning & Construction With This Company

Alpha Platforms, a New York aerial lift platform rental company, announced an updated range of services for clients in the construction and window cleaning industries. The company offers high-mobility boom and spider lifts capable of up to 300 feet in height reach and 130 feet in side reach. More information can be found at []( Aerial access is essential for various construction projects, and high lift mobility can significantly increase work efficiency. Furthermore, platform quality is crucial to ensure worker safety, making it import ...


NASA orders on-board computers and software for real-time data, connection management and e-ticketing from IVU

Berlin, 5 July 2017 – Real-time data, connection management and e-ticketing for all of Saxony-Anhalt – NASA GmbH (“Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt”) is working on this scenario of the future. One important component is the recently concluded contract between NASA and IVU. The company ordered an integrated solution comprising a background system, on-board computers, and ticketing software for its state-wide system from Berlin-based IVU Traffic Technologies for multiple transport operators. NASA’s order covers 570 sets of equipment for buses and trams, including the on-board c ...


Combustion engines vs. electromobility – where will the journey go?

A topic that every car driver is engaged in, but of course the logistics sector, too. How will it go on with the contemplated driving ban on Diesel vehicles in cities? And will combustion engines really be a thing of the past in the year 2030? We sum up the current situation as well as future visions in an overview: Combustion engine vs. electric motor One crucial characteristic is that electric motors don’t need a conventional transmission in contrast to a combustion engine. It already reaches its maximum engine torque shortly after switching it on. Additionally an electric motor is able to ...


Annual General Meeting of IVU AG in Berlin

Berlin, 1 June 2017 – This year’s Annual General Meeting of IVU Traffic Technologies AG validated the setting of the course for the 2016 financial year. In light of the good quarterly figures, the Executive Board and Supervisory Board reiterated their optimistic outlook for the current year. The shareholders underscored their confidence in the course of the Berlin IT specialist for public transport and approved the actions of the managers by a large majority. In the first quarter of the year, IVU impressed with much stronger figures compared to the previous year. While revenues rose by 19% to ...


The Weirdest Owner Driver Jobs Ever!

For most small business entrepreneurs, especially in the haulage and logistics industry, it is wise to choose a niche in the market for the sake of simplifying your business model. For example, focusing on one product type such as medical linens, office supplies or restaurant supplies helps you target customers and businesses and lets you choose the right vehicle that suits all your jobs. However, the appeal for many drivers striking out on their own is the exact opposite of this advice. The freedom to choose whichever assignment comes your way certainly keeps it interesting. Here are a few ...


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