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The 2017 Commercial Fleet Awards

In November of this year, heavyweights of the transport and delivery industry will come together at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel for the glittering black-tie gala event – the Commercial Fleet Awards. The awards not only recognise the integral role the industry plays in keeping the British national economy on the move, it''s also a very valuable networking opportunity for anyone working in the many related sectors of this wide-ranging industry. Bigger and Better than 2016 The 2016 edition of the event drew more than 600 attendees and this year''s is expected to ex ...


FTA Calls for Fairness Regarding Unsafe Vans

In a move that will no doubt be welcomed by the majority of its members – particularly self-employed owner driver operators – the FTA (Freight Transport Association) has called for the Government to charge individual owners of unsafe or unroadworthy vehicles for their non-compliance rather than penalise the entire sector for the unscrupulous actions of a few. Government Consultation As it stands currently, UK taxpayers cover the cost of enforcing the compliance of dangerous vehicles on the road, but a recent consultation by the Government proposed that it should instead be charged to van op ...


Owner Driver Tips: Buying a Courier Franchise

For the owner driver working in the courier industry, whether to buy into an established franchise or go it alone is a decision not to be taken lightly. Investing in a depot-based or courier franchise of an established brand can offer an instant leg-up to success in a crowded market, but there are plenty of things to consider before taking the plunge – not the least of which is the financial commitment. What is a Franchise? In a nutshell, there are two different kinds of courier franchise: a depot-based operation, where you run a number of vans and drivers, or a simple courier operation whe ...


Need to Know: Using a Van for Owner Driver Jobs

For anyone planning to enter the world of delivery work, the rewards are many – especially if you''re considering self-employment as an owner driver. Jobs in the industry can take you all over the countryside, you''ll enjoy autonomy, variety and, the ultimate lure for many, the freedom of the open road instead of being chained to desk from 9-5. For self-employed couriers, taking on owner driver jobs means that, in effect, your vehicle is your mobile office and indeed your livelihood. But gone are the days of the Del Boy and Rodney Trotters, with their rickety old rust buck ...


Courier Van Review: The UK''s Best City Vans

For an independent courier driver, the single most important investment you''ll ever make in your business is the purchase of your vehicle. Your van is your office, meeting room, despatch, depot and sometimes even your lunchroom, so being able to rely on it to be both comfortable and functional is vital to the smooth running of your business and your peace of mind. If you work on owner driver jobs delivering in an urban area, a smaller type ''city van'' that does well in tight spaces is probably appropriate for your needs. So if you''re just starting ou ...


Courier Tips: The Benefits of Installing a Dash Cam

While there are any amount of apps and gadgets on the market to make a courier''s life easier, there''s one that no professional driver should be without these days: the dashboard video camera – colloquially known as the ''dash cam''. An Investment Worth Considering Around three million motorists in the UK are estimated to have installed dash cams, with those used for commercial applications making up the majority of that number. When you consider the benefits of having irrefutable video proof of incidents and accidents on the roads, as an owner driv ...


Explaining Truck Euro Emission Standards

We all know that working in the haulage and logistics industry cannot be glitz and glamour all the time. Those moments when you have to address the exciting world of emission standards can put a little damper on the high life. All joking aside, haulage companies must stay compliant with all Euro emission standards or run the risk of some hefty fines. So it is worthwhile delving into the details of this directive to make sure your fleet is within regulation standards so we can all get back on the road again. The Good News Back in 1988, Europe introduced their first heavy-vehicle emission stan ...


Top Tips for New Hauliers

As our world continues to shrink and expand in a variety of ways, industries, such as shipping and logistics, are having to stay one step ahead of the game. Our industry as a whole is seeing this evolution on all fronts but none so apparent as on the human resources front. Haulage jobs are appealing to a much more diverse group of individuals. Hauliers of today are required to be technologically savvy, patient and have a skill set that can quickly assess and react to any given situation. The job still isn’t for everyone, but here are a few tips that will aide in your success if you do decide t ...


How to Be a Better Night Driver

Imagine driving one of your long haul routes along long stretches of road with no traffic. Imagine a route with calm surroundings, minimal irate drivers and few distractions. This dream can be a reality if you plan on driving at night. However, ‘planning’ is indeed what it takes to make this change in schedule successful. If you heed certain warnings and make appropriate preparations you can literally carve hours off your travel time in some instances. Before you give into the temptation consider these few tips to ensure both your own, and other traveller’s safety. Rules of the Night Drive B ...


Inspirational EFV Incentive Programmes Piloted in Amsterdam

As one of the most prolific creators of carbon footprints, haulage companies and freight forwarders have to take a substantial lead in becoming environmentally conscious. Not only is there a greater public demand for large companies to take responsibility for the side-effects of their industry, but haulage and logistic operations are seeing the technological and financial advantages of become environmental champions. Amsterdam has recently piloted an incentive programme to encourage the use of Electric Freight Vehicles for all haulage work. The positive outcomes from this scheme could easily ...


Popular budget car hire services opens in Penang Airport

Clients who frequent the J.C. Rent-A-Car Penang budget car services in Malaysia can now avail of the affordable car rates when they visit Penang which is a popular tourist destination in the country. The company continues to be a very popular car rental company. Customers get really low rental fees for the small cars, sedans, and mini-vans which make up the 38-car fleet of [J.C. Rent-A-Car Penang]( The company has different rates for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals for all their cars which clients can suit to their needs. J.C. Rent-A-Car Penang&# ...


NEW! LogTag Data Logger TRED30-16R with Display !

The brand new temperature data logger TRED30-16R (successor to the well known TRED30-7R) with its audible alarm, exchangeable external probe, Start-Stop function and a user replaceable battery meets nearly every customer requirement. Its comprehensive display and integrated statistics memory allow displaying the current temperature value as well as reviewing minimum, maximum and alarm duration for the last 30 days. A smart audible alert ensures alarm events are easily noticeable, even after weekends or public holidays. This is a clear advantage for a number of applications: monitoring of col ...


Auto Repair Expert Manassas, has launched a new website and a new feature for customers living in Manassas,Virginia Expert auto repair and service Manassas has embarked on a new milestone for their business they launched a new website to have an elevated platform to render better access to services for their customers. Expert auto body repair Manassas puts their customers best interests at heart. With expert auto repair and service Manassas now online, folks who require their automobile preservation skills can now contact them online and have their automobiles covered swiftly and effectively. This is a promise as the staff of Auto Repair Manassas has all the tricks of th ...


Overhead Powerlines Trial for E-Trucks in Germany

In 2016 Sweden became the first country in the world to actively test a prototype ''electric road'', using electricity to assist HGVs travelling on public roadways – the so-called E-Trucks. This year, Germany has become the next country to begin testing their version of a similar system, with continuous trials expected to run into 2018. The trials are seen as an important step in a long-term vision to make haulage jobs throughout Europe more environmentally friendly, by achieving zero carbon emissions. The Power of the Open Road The German trials are taking place along a ...


Optimising Your Fleet for Fuel Efficiency

With fuel prices unstable, and more often than not going up rather than down, it’s important to make sure that your fleet is running as efficiently as possible. Whether this means employing a programme of freight exchange to ensure that your trucks make as few unpaid journeys as possible or running regular maintenance checks to make sure they are running at their most efficient, it’s important to keep on top of fuel consumption. How to Promote Efficiency A well-maintained vehicle can actually improve fuel mileage by as much as double, so the first place to start if you want to make effici ...


Nominate Your ‘Trucker of the Year 2017’

Is there a driver you know who always goes above and beyond their duty to make sure that your client’s goods are delivered on time and in great condition? Is there a haulier about whom you seem to get more than usual positive feedback, or someone who does a lot for charity or good causes? Well now is the time to recognise these heroes of the road because the chance to nominate drivers for the Trucking Magazine’s prestigious Trucker of the Year award has begun. This year Trucking has teamed up with Transport Café and Truck Stop News, with sponsorship by Staveley Head, to find the very best o ...


Moscow, Moscow: InterLogistika 2017

For anyone working in the logistics sector, InterLogistika is an important annual event. Bringing together experts from haulage companies and leaders in the logistics industry, the event, held annually in Moscow, comprises an exposition of products and equipment from the world''s most prestigious truck manufacturers, alongside several days of ''thinktank'' discussions under the banner of Forum InterLogistika. Partnered by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, the Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a number of other high profile entities, InterLogist ...


How Tyre Pressure Affects Fuel Consumption

For owner drivers and haulage company bosses, there''s no hotter topic than the cost of fuel and the rate of its consumption. Fuel (in whatever form it comes) is, quite literally, the lifeblood of the transport industry; the issue of how to get the most out of a vehicle or entire fleet''s mileage is the eternal question. With fuel costs on the rise, small and medium sized transport businesses wage a continual battle to reduce overheads, improve performance and keep clients happy. Implementing practices like taking on return loads can go some way to reducing empty mileage ...


The Importance of Choosing a Quality Truck Dealer

Whether you''re an independent owner-driver or the operator of a large fleet, investing in a vehicle (or vehicles) is one of the largest financial outlays you''ll undertake for a transport business. With that amount of money at stake it''s most definitely caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), so there are a number of things to be aware of to ensure you''re doing business with a reputable HGV dealer. Meet and Greet It goes without saying that the ideal scenario is to visit a dealer in person before making any decisions about purchasing a truck. Of cour ...


How to Fuel Success in the Haulage Industry

No matter what fuel-saving programmes you put in place, from vehicle maintenance and good driving to employing a freight exchange scheme to reduce unpaid journeys, diesel is still one of the most pressing costs on haulage companies. While your haulage business might not be ready yet to avoid diesel expenses altogether and go for an e-truck, there are ways to minimise fuel costs by ensuring you buy your diesel wisely. Buying in Bulk The cheapest way of buying diesel is to buy it in bulk, but this presents several problems which would be hard for smaller operators to overcome. To buy in bulk ...


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