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Annual General Meeting of IVU AG in Berlin

Berlin, 1 June 2017 – This year’s Annual General Meeting of IVU Traffic Technologies AG validated the setting of the course for the 2016 financial year. In light of the good quarterly figures, the Executive Board and Supervisory Board reiterated their optimistic outlook for the current year. The shareholders underscored their confidence in the course of the Berlin IT specialist for public transport and approved the actions of the managers by a large majority. In the first quarter of the year, IVU impressed with much stronger figures compared to the previous year. While revenues rose by 19% to ...


The Weirdest Owner Driver Jobs Ever!

For most small business entrepreneurs, especially in the haulage and logistics industry, it is wise to choose a niche in the market for the sake of simplifying your business model. For example, focusing on one product type such as medical linens, office supplies or restaurant supplies helps you target customers and businesses and lets you choose the right vehicle that suits all your jobs. However, the appeal for many drivers striking out on their own is the exact opposite of this advice. The freedom to choose whichever assignment comes your way certainly keeps it interesting. Here are a few ...


Defining the Industry Sector

In our ever-evolving world of transportation and courier work it has been deemed necessary to refresh the definition of our particular industry sector. The question that has arisen in recent years, and the one being tackled by The Taylor Review, is how do we legislate for employment practices in our world of new business models and customer demands? Given the growing the growing number of owner-driver operations and those engaging in ‘gig work’ the need for equal representation and an audible voice regarding this important matter is more important than ever. The Taylor Review The Taylor Revi ...


Councils Give Incentives to Green Vans

The highly anticipated Government whitepaper on improving the UK’s air quality is almost here. Earlier this month a teaser ‘draft’ of the final product was published offering those in the logistics industry a tiny glimpse into the thinking and direction the Government hopes to go. Although there are no finite rules or regulations cited in the document, it should give cause for a sigh of relief from most self-employed drivers and smaller organisations that fund multiple courier jobs. Time for Action The final document outlining the Government’s action plan for improving the UK’s air quality is ...


The KPIs your Prospects Look At when Choosing a Haulage Company

As a manager in one of the UK’s many haulage companies, do you ever wonder what customers see when they look at your business? Or what makes them choose you over your competitors? Well, the truth is that when prospects are choosing between haulage companies there are some key factors that always play a major part in that choice. Identifying what these are is what will put you ahead of the crowd in the market place as you’ll know exactly where to target your marketing to secure more business. Keep an Eye on KPIs Put yourself in the place of your customer for a moment: you know that cost, se ...


Overcoming the 4 Biggest Challenges of Haulage Companies Today

There are some big challenges facing the haulage industry today, from making hundreds of empty return journeys on a regular basis to the rising price of fuel, from shortages of drivers to keeping up with changes to legislation. All of these issues can leave large costs for your company. But there are some really great ways to solve them: joining a freight exchange, run by platforms such as Haulage Exchange, is perfect for sharing out the burdens with fellow professionals, and allowing you to share in the profit. Here’s how you can overcome those hurdles, and keep those journeys ahead smooth: ...


New CNG Fuel Delivers Cost Savings & Environmental Benefits

Many HGV operators will be welcoming the recent introduction of a new renewable biomethane fuel from Solihull-based CNG Fuels, the UK market leader in compressed natural gas. In much the same way as taking part in a freight exchange can offer great efficiencies, drivers who utilise this new fuel are set to benefit from savings in time, energy and cost. A Sustainable Background Announced by CNG Fuels last December, this fuel has already gained significant traction in the market with big name retailers such as John Lewis, Waitrose and Argos having made the decision to sign up their long-dista ...


New Pod-Styled Container Haulage Now Available with Lutz Moving Place

Moving Place, a home content haulage company based in Lutz, Florida have released their latest method of transporting household goods a pod-styled container. With affordable prices and ability to transport home content anywhere in the U.S, Moving Place pod-styled moving is a full start-to-finish service that assists families in relocating effortlessly. More information is available at Just released, the Moving Place pod-styled service enables people relocating to book a truck, and to then pay for the space that they use. This system keeps costs to a minim ...


Looking to Be an HGV Driver? This Is What You Can Expect

In haulage, jobs are not exactly thin on the ground; in the UK, it’s estimated that there is a current shortage of around 60,000 HGV drivers, and this could be as high as 150,000 by 2020. Those are some staggering figures that will have a heavy impact on the industry’s ability to deliver top-quality services, but most staggering of all is why there are so few people keen to take up jobs in this sector. Being an HGV driver carries a hefty load of perks and benefits, and the government is doing more to promote this… Considering making a move to a different wheel? If not, maybe you should! Why ...


Is Your Haulage Business Doing Well? Find Out With These Metrics

When you look around you at work you can see that everyone from drivers to managers are working hard, but the question for on-going success is… are they working efficiently? Most haulage companies will have already made efficiency changes around fuel saving, the age of their fleet and route management. Some will have even gone a step further by joining a haulage exchange scheme to reduce unprofitable journeys and thereby increasing their efficiency. But how do you find out what effects these changes are having on your business, and could you do more? To answer that question you are going to ...


We’ve Got a New Permanent Secretary of the Dept. Of Transport!

Prepare to be wowed, I come bearing exciting political news this month: there is a new Permanent Secretary at the Department of Transport! That’s right, on 18 April 2017, Bernadette Kelly took over the role from Philip Rutnam. If you are unsure of what a Permanent Secretary does, allow me to explain. About Bernadette Kelly First things first: who is Bernadette Kelly? Before becoming the transport industry’s adviser, Bernadette Kelly had been the Director General of Rail Group since September 2015 (in my book, that puts her in good standing to tackle the challenges of her new role). She joi ...


Smart Workplace Safety Tips: Working With Lorries

Let’s talk about safety. While I won’t scare you with awful statistics about lorry-related accidents, I will stress the importance of safety in the workplace. When working in an environment with multiple lorries, you put yourself at risk and, unfortunately, accidents can happen. To keep you and your colleagues out of harm’s way, follow these simple guidelines. Distancing Workflow and Loading Docks from Pedestrians • Separate routes How do you minimise the risk of there being an accident? Ideally, you segregate all transport vehicles and pedestrian areas by having two separate routes (one f ...


Release of the New CART Security System

The seriously underreported – yet devastatingly harmful – problem of cargo crime is about to meet its match now that haulage companies are being armed with the latest CART Security Guide. The Cargo and Transport Security Guide is the final result of an extensive collaboration between key industry leaders including DIPS (Distribution Industry Partnership Scotland), the RSA (Royal Sun Alliance) Insurance Group, Motorway Buddy and NaVCIS (National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service). By drawing opinions from these professional organisations, the group was able to tap into their vast collective ...


A Woman’s Place is Behind the Wheel

It is with delight that over the years I have been writing more and more about women in haulage. Shamefully, it was not that long ago that a female was a rare sight in the transport industry. Things are changing fast – women now play vital roles as managing directors, logistics coordinators and HGV drivers in companies up and down the country. Now in its 10th year, the Freight Transport Association’s annual Everywoman in Transport and Logistics Award is approaching and the nominations have come in fast and furiously! The event, held in June, is a gala evening focusing on recognising the dive ...


New Speeding Fines in Place - Re-think the Need for Speed

The vast majority of hardworking lorry and van drivers carry out their work within the letter of the law, but for those who may be tempted to exceed the speed limits on UK roads, recent changes to legislature mean the consequences are now far more severe. While for small infringements the changes are not too substantial, drivers caught exceeding the limit by more than 10mph are in for a very expensive lesson. UK Road Speed Limits Anyone who undertakes haulage jobs for a living (and in fact anyone who uses the road) should be familiar with the UK speed limits, although it''s easy to ...


FTA Urges Logistics Industry to Embrace Innovation

In April 2017 the FTA (Freight Transport Association) released a statement urging their members to remain innovative and embrace changes in technology (for operational systems and compliance issues) if they want to stay on top of their game in a competitive industry. Speaking to some of the FTA''s 16,000 members at the Commercial Vehicle Show, held in Birmingham, their Deputy Chief Executive, James Hookam, said that failing to do so could prove extremely costly to both independent operators and large fleet businesses. Increase Efficiency to Increase Profits As in any other indust ...


Get The Best Chicago Home & Office Moving Interstate & International Services

H2H Movers, a Chicago professional moving company, announced a full range of services for clients looking for promotional commercial and residential moving, long distance moving, furniture assembly and other services. More information can be found at Long distance moving requires considerable time and financial investments, especially when it comes to business relocation. While a number of home and business owners use their own vehicles to move furniture, equipment and other objects, working with a professional moving company saves consi ...


Fleet Driver Training: The Benefits for your Company

An Introduction to Fleet Driver Training Fleet driver training is pivotal for any business that operates a driver fleet. It can ensure that your operations run more efficiently and safely by minimising the risks that your drivers can face while out on the road. Things such as fuel costs, accidents, or even insurance premiums can not only rack up the bills, but they can adversely affect the image of your brand as your drivers represent your company whilst on the road. After all, your company has a duty of care that extends to all drivers who ferry goods on your behalf. Whether you commission ...


Courier Van Extras and Modifications

The day to day demands of courier jobs can take their toll on your van. Whether it’s inclement weather or heavy and loose loads, you’d do well to protect your investment. Ranging from strong interior linings of wood to sturdy roof bars, or even some rear parking sensors, any of the items in this list will be an invaluable addition to your van, and will keep you on the road for longer. Van Linings A lining is perhaps one of the most major modifications you can make on your van. However a premium lining with give your van the durability that stock interiors won’t be able to offer. There are ...


Government Grants for Plug-in Vans: Are You Eligible?

Let’s talk about maximising your income and minimising your expenditure. Make your courier jobs as profitable as possible by getting a plug-in grant which covers 20% of the van’s cost. Interested? You should be! The Plug-in Van Grant First things first: what is the plug-in van grant? Basically, you could get funding from the government towards the cost of a new electric van. The amount of the grant is automatically deducted from the basic price of the vehicle (including vehicle excise duty, number plates and VAT) when you purchase it. What it boils down to is this: the grant covers 20% of ...


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